Iggy Pop – from wild man to meditator



Iggy Pop, Godfather of Punk – singer, songwriter, musician, producer and actor, is still going strong aged 70. Vocalist with the Stooges, he was known for his outrageous and unpredictable stage antics; and did his fair share of drugs.  His advice now: ‘Don’t lose yourself. If you take enough dope, you lose your body, your mind or your life. Conversely, if you do everything everybody else tells you to do, you’ll be miserable and lose your self-identity. At some point you gotta figure out the balance.’ He has even given up smoking and now practises quigong, a holistic moving meditation.

Born 21 April 1947 11.34 am Muskegon, MI, he grew up in a trailer park with parents who nurtured his interests in music. He’s an earthy Sun Moon in Taurus square Saturn and Pluto in Leo – so he’s got endurance and sticking power. His upfront Mercury Mars in Aries is in a showbizzy opposition to Neptune; his Venus in musical Pisces is in a frivolous trine to Jupiter in money-magnet Scorpio with Venus also square Uranus – he’s been married three times.

His chart doesn’t reflect his wild man stage image but he’s definitely designed for a public career. His creative 5th Harmonic does have a strongly aspected Mars Uranus which would bring out his high-voltage maverick streak.

Tr Uranus is conjunct his Sun and square his Saturn this year into 2019, so rocking on his axis somewhat.


5 thoughts on “Iggy Pop – from wild man to meditator

  1. I could never forget when I first saw Iggy in
    Las Vegas, at a very small venue called
    Kalamity Jane’s. He was amazing, coming
    on stage with, ” I’m gonna rock n roll your
    a**hole!” and he did…plus, a whole lot more After the show, I waited out back
    hoping he would sign my double-sided poster of ” Brick By Brick”. Believe it or not,
    the only other person waiting behind the venue was a reporter I’d met earlier that night. Everyone else was waiting out front?
    Duh, I thought to myself. Anyways, I got my
    poster signed, ended up with this reporter
    for for years, spent a year in Budapest…all because I absolutely HAD to see Iggy. Thank you Mr.Pop! Simply, Nadine

  2. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Iggy perform ‘Lust for Life’. It was on Channel 4’s ‘The Word’ where he pranced about the stage like a maenad wearing only a pair of see-through polythene trousers with the zipper undone. It was sheer bliss.

  3. Dear Majorie,

    Thanks for this!
    I’ve been listening to Iggy since December 1975, when you couldn’t give his music away.
    He was a homeless junkie who had been committed to a psychiatric hospital for his drug

    Thanks to David Bowie and the influence of the Sex Pistols, he was given a second

    The rest is history. Kurt Cobain cited “Raw Power” as his all-time favourite album, as did
    Johnny Marrs.

    Forty-three years later, he has had the very last laugh.

    Well done.

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