Hungary – one foot in two camps comes at a price

The ongoing stalemate between Hungary and the EU shows no signs of abating with Viktor Orban voting to block EU aid to Ukraine and arguing against Russian sanctions while the EU since 2022 has withheld billions of euros in recovery funds because of government interference in judicial independence and lax anti-corruption safeguards.

 At present 78 percent of Hungary’s exports go to EU countries, and 71 percent of imports come from EU member states. Landlocked Hungary is dependent on Russian gas and oil supplies, though that is decreasing and despite their pro-Putin stance they have been paying some of the highest prices for Russian gas. Hungary has the highest inflation rate in the EU and recently their credit rating was downgraded to just one level above junk status.

 Viktor Orban in place as prime minister continually since 2010 is popular at home despite his stance on ‘illiberal democracy’. He is ‘the lodestar for the American and global alt-right. He helped to create Donald Trump, and counts Vladimir Putin if not as a friend, then as a useful ally. He loathes everything about the European Union, while soaking up its money.’

  ‘His greatest success has been in controlling the message. Huge amounts of state money are thrown at Facebook. All but a few mainstream newspapers and TV stations are in the hands of the government. “He is a world leader in informational autocracy – an ideological vote-winning machine.” He’s Gemini.

A commentator says: ‘If the continued cancelation of EU funds proves untenable, Hungary’s voting rights could potentially be withdrawn. Many in Hungary fear that this will push the country into a situation where the government has no choice but to leave the Union, which would likely lead to its ouster and possibly an uprising.’

  Hungary joined the EU on 1 May 2004, along with Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, when there was a Mars in Gemini opposition Pluto in place, hinting that some might find the ties irksomely controlling. The Hungary 23 October 1989 12pm Budapest chart for modern Hungary has a control-freak Pluto in the 10th which suggests it will always attract dictatorial rulers and the ‘enlargement’ Sun opposes the 10th house Pluto setting up an inevitable struggle for the upper hand. Tr Saturn was also conjunct the Hungary 7th house Jupiter dampening its normally upbeat approach to neighbours. And bountiful Jupiter in the 8th hinted that money was a clear motive.

  The EU chart itself plotted against the Hungary chart puts the EU Pluto in Hungary’s 8th so it would always feel like a one-sided arrangement with too few choices open to Hungary.  The EU Neptune is conjunct the Hungary Midheaven inducing confusion about direction.  The relationship chart with the EU describes an over-hopeful, evasive connection, with a love-hate, push pull feel. This year enthusiasm will be at a low ebb but it will be 2026/27 before there is a risk of a terminal separation.

  The Hungary chart itself has tr Pluto square the zero degree Scorpio Sun this year and next; and won’t appreciate the entry of Neptune into Aries in 2025 alongside Saturn which will square the Hungary Uranus and in following years the Hungary Saturn and Neptune. So the latter part of this decade will be confused and uncertain.

Viktor Orban, 31 May 1963,  a controlling chaotic and constantly changing Sun square Pluto Uranus with a hard-edged Mars in loud-mouthed Leo opposition Saturn, will be rattled from this August onwards as tr Uranus squares his Saturn – but his troubles mount exponentially in 2024 as tr Uranus rattles his accident-prone, disastrous-setback Mars/Saturn midpoint and tr Saturn blocks his Sun square Pluto.

  2024 also looks more than unsettled on his recent 16 May 2022 Term chart and his initial PM chart for the start of this run on 29 May 2010.  Both of these charts will be jangled and disrupted by transiting Uranus hard aspects. So political upsets form him first in 2024 before possibilities of a major rift with the EU after Uranus moves into Gemini from 2026 onwards.

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