Hungary – not heading anywhere good

Hungary’s Viktor Orban has tightened his autocratic grip by exploiting the coronavirus crisis to pass legislation allowing him to govern by decree for an indefinite period of time. He’s already at loggerheads with Brussels over his refusal to take in migrants as per the EU quota scheme and his stamp-down on the media, the judiciary and academic institutions. This latest move has raised disquiet within the EU and given that Hungary is the fourth largest net recipient of the EU budget after Poland, Romania, Greece, there should be considerable leverage. But it appears not to make a dent on Orban’s inexorable passage towards total dictatorship.

Orban, born 31 May 1963, 2pm (memory), is a slippery and controlling Sun Gemini square Pluto Uranus in Virgo; with his Uranus in an explosive, brook-no-interference conjunction to Mars in bombastic Leo. In turn his Mars is in a hard-edged and tough opposition to Saturn in can-be-cold Aquarius squaring onto a stubborn Mercury in Taurus. He’s also got a Yod of Jupiter in Aries sextile Sun inconjunct Neptune – so can be delusional, following a dream.

There’s not much showing on his chart instantly apart from tr Saturn in Aquarius in 2021/22 blocking his Fixed planets. Then there’s a confident uplift or a pro-active push from Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Sun in 2023, followed by a dead-halt Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct his Pluto (birth time being accurate) in 2024 with sharp reversals and setbacks also in 2023/24 from tr Uranus square his Mars and Saturn.

His Term chart, 10 May 2018, always did look fairly brutal and repressive with a Taurus Sun in an over-confident opposition to Jupiter and trine a ruthless Mars Pluto in Capricorn. There’ll be a few financial panics this year understandably from tr Neptune square Venus; but the pressure really builds in 2022/23 with a trapped, enraging, frustrating tr Pluto conjunct Mars which could spark violent opposition; with instability in 2023 from tr Pluto square the Uranus and tr Uranus conjunct the Sun. But as usual with demagogues there’ll be an undeserved streak of luck from Jupiter.

The modern Hungary chart, 23 October 1989, has tr Saturn square the Scorpio Sun exactly now; with a blocked and angry tr Pluto square Mars all year; and an undermining tr Neptune square the financial Venus also this year. 2021 will see jolting changes and challenges from tr Uranus opposition the controlling 10th house Pluto.

The Hungary EU Accession chart, 1 May 2004, indicates disappointment and an undermining of ties from 2021 through till 2023; with tr Saturn exactly square that Midheaven at the moment. There’s also a blocked Solar Arc Pluto opposition Saturn in late 2021/22 – so it may come to a total impasse ahead. The relationship chart with the EU also points to 2021 being a flare-up point extending into 2024.

It’s always head-scratching when countries with as rich a cultural history as Hungary manage to get themselves embroiled with control-freak dinosaurs, determined to put a deadening hand on the lifestyle.

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  1. “It’s always head-scratching when countries with as rich a cultural history as Hungary manage to get themselves embroiled with control-freak dinosaurs, determined to put a deadening hand on the lifestyle.”

    I think the problem with Hungary is that that the people who’ve created beautiful culture in the country are also the most nihilistic ones I know. And this is why the best people in the country are seldom openly rising against the worst. And The Nation always need an outside influence to unify – Ottomans, Austria, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, EU. I don’t know which Hungarian Chart would show this the best, but I somehow think 1872 chart, with a painfully self doubting Virgo Moon (shared with now disregarded linguistic cousin Finland) square Sadgittarius Mercury could explain this basic National Ethos. On the other hand, 1989 chart has that roaring Leo Moon.

    • Hungary has a rich artistic legacy, particularly in the field of Photography. I looked at the 1872 chart you mentioned, with a view to Neptune’s placement and indeed, there are two Grand Trines in Earth with Neptune in late Aries joining an on-the-cusp Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in early Virgo. Plus yet another GT in Earth with that 12th house Moon trining respectively a 4th house Saturn and 8th house Pluto. I thought of the war photographer, Robert Capa who placed his life in constant danger with so many brushes with death – he photographed the D-Day landings, Spanish Civil War among many other conflicts and founded Magnum along with Henri Cartier-Bresson. My husband trained in Photography and rates the Hungarians as second to none in this field.

      • Music, too. Not only composers, but musical pedagogy. I first encountered Hungarian mentality through musicians that were teaching here even before Berlin Wall fell. Substantially, I married to a family that has had deep cultural and even family ties to Hungary since the 1930’s. The disconnect that even the most principled and acutely aware artists in Hungary have had from politics is something you hardly ever see in Europe. I’m actually thinking the best way to describe this is that they were all “woke millenials” 100 years before this became a thing in The US.

    • Hungary is also a key base in Europe for movie locations and facilities. Plus oddly enough cosmetic dentistry which is aesthetic as well as high tech nowadays.
      The 1989 chart is evidently accurately timed at 12 noon so has a power-hungry Pluto in the 10th which would make sense of it attracting control-freak leaders. And the 22 December 1872 chart at 12 am, has Pluto in the 8th (like Germany) and in this case in an unyielding trine to Saturn in the 4th trine the Virgo Moon; with Saturn in a hard-edged square to Mars – so again a dark chart with a leaning away from libertarianism and towards restrictive set ups.

  2. Thanks very much, Marjorie. I notice that Orban’s Cancer/Capricorn nodes at 21 square the Hungary Mars in Libra, and the Aries Mercury in the EU accession chart. As you say, the angry Pluto square Hungary’s Mars is in effect all year. And then along comes Mars in Aries to stir that up further this August and on into the autumn and winter season. As the accession chart has 0 Cancer on the descendant, it will be highlighted by June’s eclipse too. It suggests civil unrest, plus possibly some angry exchanges with EU partners?

    I can only think that the EU is so feeble in its response to Orban because of trade. Germany is, I think, Hungary’s main trading partner. I don’t really know what that might involve, but it may partly explain the “softly softly” approach.

  3. This is very worrying. Baffled as to why the EU’s response to Orban’s tinpot tendencies is always so tepid. Why doesn’t Merkel mobilise the EU to stop him?

  4. Yet another sun Gemini! What is it about the current astrological conditions that is allowing these Gemini men to be in powerful positions worldwide??

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