Hong Kong – standing out against tyranny


Hong Kong demonstrators against the new deeply unpopular extradition law to mainland China have given Chief Executive Carrie Lam her greatest crisis so far. Many hundreds of thousands were out on the streets demanding the amendment be withdrawn with violence breaking out as the police respond. The government is still backing the bill and although now delayed it is expected to pass on June 20th.

She was sworn in on 1 July 2017 at 9am and since then has had several run-ins with pro-democracy activists. Her Term chart has an argumentative Sun, Mars, Mercury in a ruthless opposition to Pluto square Jupiter – so was always going to bring rolling and high-risk situations.  Tr Saturn is at the moment exactly in a bad-tempered opposition to the Solar Arc Mars, moving back soon to a blocked conjunction to the Term Pluto – and repeating on those influences off and on into 2020 – with the Eclipses also rattling it up this year.

But she’s a stubbornly unyielding Sun Venus in Taurus square Pluto and trine Jupiter, so giving way won’t be an option.

The Hong Kong chart doesn’t look settled ahead. The 1 July 1997 12 am chart of the handover from UK to China has a grinding tr Pluto conjunct the Solar Arc Midheaven in 2019/2020, suggesting a forced change of direction. With the 8 degree Cancer Sun being zapped by the Eclipses this year, especially the up and coming July one.

False hopes and overly high expectations will be dashed in 2020, financially as well as politically, as the Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct the Jupiter; with more ructions come 2022 as the Solar Arc Mars is square the Uranus with tr Pluto in hard aspect to both as well which is a considerable whammy of disruptive and violent influences so that will be a key make-or- break point.

It’s difficult not to say impossible to see the Chinese backing down. But it’s also an indication of the strength of young Hong Kongers feelings about China – and short of turning the former colony into North Korea something’s going to have to be worked out.

See also December 30 2018 post.


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  1. Again, Saturn is in Capricorn as it was during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Saturn in Capricorn cycles appear to be significant when it comes to the people clashing with totalitarian regimes.

  2. “”

    Review of history. The mold was set in the late 1800’s and the Brits had little forsight to the implications of returning HK back to mainland China.

  3. I never understand why we, hongkonger, had to “return to motherland”. When I was kid in the 80s, literally all of us want to remain under Brit’s sovereignty. People my generation is hating all the “building Democratic China” protest in 80s. HK can never be free til China became democratic society – what a stupid assumption!

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