Hillary & Tulsi – fire makes water boil


Hillary Clinton’s bizarre attack on the also-ran Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard for being a Russian asset, without offering any proof, only managed to improve Gabbard’s fund raising. While the congresswoman from Hawaii has some oddball and unsavoury associations (pro-Assad etc) and does spout Russian bot language at times, she would seem an unlikely Putin plant. And Clinton throwing the spotlight on her just raises her status.

Gabbard was born 12 April 1981 in American Samoa and is a toughminded, uber-ambitious and determined Sun Venus Mars in Aries opposition Pluto and trine Neptune. She’s in an extremely challenging phase with tr Pluto square her Mars and then her Sun/Mars midpoint this year bringing acute frustrations; and tr Pluto continues to square her Sun and Pluto in 2020 – so she’s under tremendous pressure.

What will be interesting to see how it shakes down is that at the election tr Jupiter Pluto are exactly square her Sun and Pluto which could bring her a major boost. Plus she has a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Libra which is catching the tr Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius trine over the Inauguration.

She’s certainly a tricky mix with Hillary. Both are controlling women with strong Mars Pluto Venus contacts in their charts; and Aries is not a good mix with Scorpio –  fire and water.

Their relationship chart is horrible reeking with hostile dislike and bitterness. There’s a composite Mars square Uranus, Saturn, Pluto – and it doesn’t get much worse than that. Their connection will slip and slide through 2020 and beyond.

With odd murmurs that Clinton may throw her hat back into the ring – and she’s tone deaf enough to do it – be interesting to see what tr Uranus opposition her Scorpio Sun does in the final days of this December and through January.


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  1. I’m with Chris on this as I too have links with Hawaii and know this background. It’s all about her own ambition and is only a Democrat because of the state’s Democrat voting preferences. Her endorsements by white nationalists WILL eventually weaken her in that state.

  2. I have to agree with Chris Romero. Clinton didn’t mention Tulsi by name but funny how everyone knew exactly who she was talking about. Additionally, Gabbard once belonged to a cult that ate the leaders toenails. So hell no.

  3. A slice of a (cult leaders)Carnegie Endowment report puts the issue in focus :
    “The post–Cold War consensus in the United States—its primacy in a unipolar world, insistence on no spheres of influence, and commitment to democracy promotion—is baked into its foreign policy DNA. In today’s poisoned climate, where Russia is seen as the cause of many problems in the world, changing that consensus will be an uphill struggle.”

    This is the cult of Sam Power( Clinton prodigy and a distant relative) and others .

  4. There was nothing bizarre about Hillary Clinton’s observation regarding Tulsi Gabbard. Hillary wasn’t pushing a “conspiracy theory,” she was simply stating the obvious. Tulsi Gabbard has been a very controversial figure seen the day she stepped into politics.

    I’m originally from Hawaiʻi, I still have friends living there and they are as familiar with Tulsi Gabbard and her background as I am. We all detest Tulsi Gabbard with an immense passion. Most of Tulsi’s family are Republican (which would probably explain why she tends to have a lot sympathies to the GOP).

    Tulsi only ran as a Democrat because Hawaiʻi is a solidly Democratic state and there is no way in hell she would have won as a Republican. However, ever since she’s been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, she has been nothing but a problem. Tulsi Gabbard has voted with Republicans on numerous occasions – despite the fact that she represents a heavily blue district in a heavily blue state and there is nothing advantageous for voting with the Republicans (they have no power in Hawaiʻi). According to one source, she supposedly had a 60% voting record with Republicans – however, I haven’t fact checked that yet…so, I can’t confirm whether or not that’s true.

    Tulsi Gabbard was also been highly critical of everything President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did during the Obama Era. She blamed them for the “regime changes” in the Middle East and in North Africa…despite the fact, that neither of them had anything to do with the uprisings in Syria, Libya, and Yemen – those were brought on the citizens of those countries. Tulsi has also promulgated many outrageous and outlandish conspiracy theories about the Obamas and the Clintons over the years too. For example, Tulsi suggested President Obama and Hillary Clinton were accepting “bribes” from foreign nations.

    Tulsi also took it upon herself to meet with Assad (a dictator who has GASSED and tortured his own people) claiming she was there on the quest for “peace” (uh huh…because the world knows just how “peaceful” Assad can be as long he’s getting his way and his citizens obey him). She’s made multiple excuses for Vladimir Putin and has even defended Trump on numerous occasions. For example, Tulsi was one of the very few Congresspeople not to support Trump’s impeachment inquiry in the beginning despite the fact that the Democrats had tangible evidence of him trying to make deals with Ukraine for his own personal election gain.

    And how about Tulsi Gabbard’s sources to many of her outrageous claims. Tulsi has been called out multiple times on CNN and MSNBC for some of her “sources” in the interviews she’s given with them. Whenever, the hosts would remind her that her sources (most of which come from controversial and questionable figures) have not been validated and her claims have been debunked…she would always get defensive and actually insult the hosts on-air. For example, I remember she accused one host of being a “mouth piece” for Kamala Harris. Really? And people think this is ok for a Presidential candidate to act like this in an interview?

    Tulsi has gotten so ridiculous that most credible news networks rarely have her on anymore. She mainly appears on The Young Turks (which is far-left network run by Cenk Uygur and that network been accused of promoting their own conspiracy theories) and FOX (yes, Faux News) with Tucker Carlson (he has her on his show all the time from what I’ve heard).

    Tulsi Gabbard has also been publicly endorsed by a number of notorious White nationalists, White supremacists, and Neo-Nazis (many of whom revere Vladimir Putin and see him as a White nationalist). Tulsi was just recently endorsed by former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke. It was also reported by Forward (a progressive American Jewish magazine) that Neo-Nazi publisher and president of the National Policy Institute (a White supremacist think tank) has apparently endorsed Tulsi Gabbard as well. Granted, Tulsi Gabbard claims to have rebuked their endorsements. However, many People of Color and Minorities (myself included) are not satisfied by how cavalier she’s been about this – she only offered weak objections to their endorsements…and that’s a red flag. When she appeared on The Stephen Colbert Show (a late night talk show), she was asked by Colbert why she thought these White nationalists were endorsing her. Tulsi literally shrugged her shoulders and responded by saying “you’ll have to ask them” and then offered a slight chuckle and half smile (I found her indifference to that question infuriating).

    There are a number of other horrible things I’d like to mention regarding Tulsi Gabbard. She used to be strongly opposed to same-sex marriage and LGBTQ+ Rights (even though now she says she’s had a “change of heart” and supports these things now [although, I and many others are not convinced]). Tulsi Gabbard, who was supposedly raised as a Hindu (actually, many South Asian and Indo-Caribbean people I know here in Florida who are REAL Hindus consider Tulsi Gabbard a “pseudo-Hindu” [a fake Hindu] because she and her Mother follow that ridiculous “Science of Identity” CULT that was founded by Chris Butler [a White man]), is a supporter (and defender) of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh – a Nazi-inspired, fascist paramilitary group in India that promotes Hindu nationalism and has been known to vehemently oppose Islam and any Muslim influence in India. Tulsi has been urged to denounce this group and she has yet to do so.

    Anyway, this is the tip of the iceberg with regards to Tulsi Gabbard. She’s not the “progressive darling” many of her ridiculous supporters are trying to paint her as. The “progressives” (and it’s only a minority of progressives who actually like and support Tulsi Gabbard) who support Tulsi Gabbard are only supporting her because she endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2016. However, Tulsi Gabbard was not an early supporter of Bernie Sanders – she only endorsed him because she had a falling out with DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (who was supporting Hillary Clinton) at the time.

    All in all, Tulsi Gabbard is like a snake in the grass…and Hillary Clinton had every right to call her out. In fact, I thought Hillary Clinton was too easy on Tulsi Gabbard; she could’ve said a lot worse about that little witch…but she restrained herself from doing so.

    There may not be any tangible “proof” at the moment that Tulsi Gabbard is being groomed as a Russian plant….but I totally agree with Hillary Clinton’s observation. Tulsi’s actions and behavior are enough to raise red flags and suspicions.

    And for any of you who think Hillary Clinton is just being a trouble maker (which would be ridiculous for any of you to think that given that Hillary Clinton has accomplished more in her life than anyone on this thread – Hillary doesn’t need to be “jealous” of some rookie Congresswoman younger than her own daughter) by making such observations, then I suggest you take a look at Tulsi Gabbard’s official Twitter account. Take a look at some of the people who are currently supporting her and following her. There are people with swastikas as their default photos. There are people with that “Pepe the Frog” (a White nationalist symbol) as their default photo too. Oh, and I even noticed some of Tulsi Gabbard’s Twitter followers have their entire pages covered in the Cyrillic alphabet (gee, what a coincidence).

    It’s a good thing Tulsi Gabbard will NOT be getting the nomination, (she hasn’t even met the polling requirements to attend the November 20th Democratic debate), because I will NOT vote for her. I will vote for ANY of the Democratic candidates (even Bernie Sanders) in the general election except Tulsi Gabbard. If that “thing” were to get the nomination, I would just write Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, or Amy Klobuchar’s name in on the ballot.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • Wow Chris, really fascinating. If she’s really leans towards the GOP and is masquerading as a Democrat she should be called out! The truth will out.

  5. Hillary Clinton is no longer a power in the Democratic Party. She lost the easiest race any Democrat has undertaken in decades due to her “fixing” the primary against Bernie with bogus superdelegate counts (over and over again, he won the state but she walked away with the most delegates because of cronyism), because of her acceptance of enormously inflated Wall Street “fees,” and because of a general revulsion women felt when she stayed in her marriage after the Lewinsky caper. So many Democrats voted on low-ballot races but not the presidency because they couldn’t stomach her. She would have been better than Trump, but she was always looking for a way to strip the common voter of his/her power, and ensure election results by machinations behind the scenes. She would be a fool to try to run again. Talk in New York is that she’s trying to make certain that Chelsea wins Nita Lowey’s Congressional seat in Chappaqua (Chelsea lives in New York City). It’s a weak field, but whoever wins will have a better chance at beating Trump than Hillary.

    • @ Deborah,

      Hillary Clinton IS still very much a power in the Democratic Party because she still has a BASE. I happen to be a part of that base. Judging by all the nonsense you just posted, it’s quite obvious you’ve been following the ridiculous conspiracy theories promulgated by the Bernie Bots.

      And for the record, Hillary Clinton has more accomplishments and achievements under her belt than ANY of the candidates running – even Joe Biden (who I’m supporting this election).

  6. I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding about who would constitute “an asset” for Russian, Soviet based, Intelligence.The key point is, one does not have to be willingly working with Russians to be an asset. An asset can be someone who is manipulated by an agent to advance their cause in a way or another.

    Tulsi Gabbard definitely is considered an asset by Russians. The numbers related to Russian bots, trolls and even “legitimate” media amplifying her message online were staggering compared to other Democratic Congress people before she ever became a candidate. This is, actually, how I first learned about her.

    And, something one should always remember when talking about Tulsi and looking at her extreme Aries/Fire is that she was raised within a cult. She went to cult ran schools, and was first away from that environment for her Military Service. I love my Aries, but someone with a chart like this isn’t going to be a sophisticated thinker, unless that energy is directed by upbringing. Even without knowing where Tulsi’s stellium lays on her chart (and I would’t be surpriced if hers was an actual Midday Chart with the whole shebang falling to 10th house), it seems she lack the capacity to truly form an opinion of her own. Her ambition and determination remain a vessels for others.

  7. Gabbard has repeatedly made it clear she is not pro-Assad – she considers him a vicious tyrant. She is pro negotiating with Assad and was against US involvement in Syria in the first place. However she is also against Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds. The “pro-Assad” meme is something put about by her political rivals that has somehow stuck.

    Vis-a-vis Clinton, Gabbard has been trenchantly critical of both Clinton’s 2016 campaign and her time as Sec of State, hence Clinton lashing out against her.

    • “However she is also against Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds.”

      Explain me how come, being so concerned for Kurds, she missed The House vote thid week condemning the panicky withdrawl of The US Troops from Northern Syria, then. Wasn’t on bipartisan House mission to Jordan this weekend, either.

      I will give her the benefit of a doubt and say she does not understand being manipulated. She did grew up in a cult. But she is manipulated.

  8. Why in Ned would Clinton suddenly lash out – that’s what gets me. Clinton has enough rumours surrounding herself, why re-direct the attention? The two women are fundamentally different but it’s not enough to claim one is a Russian plant.

    • She is a Scorpio, so I doubt this was “sudden”. She has probably been on her for a while. After all, this lady used to be the most influential FLOTUS in modern history and Secretary of State. She hears things. Immediate reasons would probably be that Tulsi infuriated many people in Democratic Debate this week by being completely tone deaf.

      Also, Clinton’s Campaign was just cleared from any intentional wrongdoing on “but her e-mails” case (which was basicly bunch of Boomers not understanding cybersecurity). Her staff has had field day with this, too today on Twitter.

      This is also my main reason for believing she will not be running. She wants to steer the campaign towards her preferred candidate, though.

      • “She hears things.” Well said Solaia. Hillary doesn’t talk out of her ass. She may be tone deaf(“basket of deplorables”) and not good at retail politics, but she speaks truth. She’s getting Intel details about Tulsi. Her criticism is warranted.
        I long for the day Putin gets what’s coming to him!

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