USA Elections: Hillary – first woman; Donald Trump fractious

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Where we are at now – with only six months to go. Hallelujah.

Hillary has become the first woman Presidential nominee for a major party in USA history. So good on her. Her ferociously Fixed chart with three Scorpio and three Leo planets certainly gives her stamina and endurance.

She’s also got tr Pluto back to sextile her Venus and her Sun/Jupiter midpoint for this month which will put her on a high and a charm offensive. That repeats in December.

There are some uncomfortable rumblings in the background with tr Uranus opposing her Solar Arc Mars Pluto which is running now right through till early October.

October looks uncertain and not exactly chipper for her but that may be the polls (curse them) running against her which may mean nothing since they have been consistently wrong everywhere for the past five years. Across the election she has tr Uranus trine her Saturn which could arguably be her making a constructive change.


Donald Trump has hit his sticky months and no mistake. Tr Uranus is square his Saturn at the moment as well as tr Uranus square his Mars/Node, repeating in September. Then tr Uranus moves to square his Sun/Mars, Mercury/Pluto and Venus/Saturn midpoints from June 25 to early Sept. Into October he has tr Uranus square his Mars/Uranus midpoint. All of which look high tension, volatile, explosive, mouthy, unhappy, under considerable mental strain. This month especially with tr Pluto also opposition his Sun/Pluto and his Mercury/Saturn he looks depressed, out of sorts and over stretched. He’s lost his powerhouse tr Pluto square Jupiter which boosted his confidence enormously earlier in the year.

His Solar Return from June 2016 for a year looks riddled with financial uncertainties with Neptune in the 8th opposition Jupiter square a 5th house Saturn. Perhaps some of his iffier past business dealings coming out into the open, certainly evasive about tax. Plus a pressured Pluto in the 6th suggesting an over-heavy workload with perhaps health implications.


Bernie Sanders (speculative birth time, astotheme) has an insecure, irritable tr Uranus conjunct his Mars this month and repeating in September. He has a disappointing tr Saturn opposition his Jupiter/Uranus in July and tr Saturn opposition Jupiter/Saturn in August; both of which look like losses. Across the election he has tr Neptune square his Jupiter/Saturn which is pessimistic, feeling abandoned, and tr Saturn square his Virgo Sun – so he’s not happy with whatever result comes through. Though he also has tr Pluto trine his Sun mid July to early September which will make him feel he’s making a bit of a difference.

8 thoughts on “USA Elections: Hillary – first woman; Donald Trump fractious

  1. Kate, Perhaps you would enlighten us as to your interpretation of the transits affecting Trump’s chart. It’s why I type out in full what they are so it doesn’t just sound plucked out of a hat, or a confirmation of my own views which are fairly near to zero as far as US politics are concerned.
    My applause for Hillary becoming the first woman nominee would have been similarly phrased had it been Carly Fiorina who made it through.
    The Hallelujah was ironic and a comment on only six months to go in the obscenely long and expensive marathon to which America submits itself every four years. Or even more frequently since there’s a two year run up. So the next one, Lord help us, starts in 2018.
    The ‘curses on the polls’ was not an indication of support for Hillary – more pointing out the possibility that any candidate’s frame of mind can be misinterpreted from the astrology for a variety of reasons.
    Astrology isn’t there to confirm anyone’s biases. Sometimes the good guys get lousy transits and the bad ‘uns get a helping hand from the starry fates.

  2. Fractious? Really!
    The only unruly, angry, and violent people that are on the news each night are the illegal aliens and anarchists being paid for by George Soros. Hitlery is an unindicted criminal elitist. How does a Bernie Sanders voter ever support Mrs. Wall Street/K-Street. This just shows how shallow your support for Bernie really was.

    And Marjorie your comments are best when you leave your bias, prejudices, and partialities out of the interpretations.

  3. Julie, your “first felon” is probably Trump. Wait till we get to see (if we ever do) his tax returns. And that’s just for starters. Astrologically, since this is an astrology site, I AM WITH HER.

  4. I voted for Bernie in the primary, but I’ll vote for Hillary in the general. It looks like Elizabeth Warren
    is gaining momentum as a veep choice for Clinton. I’m a bit concerned about a two-woman ticket
    not going down well among white males, but according to your analysis of Warren’s stars, Marjorie,
    it could be a winner. Such suspense! What are we going to do for entertainment when this is all over?

  5. Rumors rumors, Hillary has been charged in the court of public opinion with inflated allegations. If it’s the emails, they are a civil matter and not felonies. If it’s her foundation, look, as clear as day, for all to see her numerous tax returns. People unite please.

  6. I’m now excited about this election. I’m a huge Hillary Clinton supporter and I feel very happy that I helped her get the nomination by donating to her presidential campaign and by voting for her in the primaries. I can’t wait to vote for Hillary Clinton again this November in the general election.

  7. Hi Marjorie
    Have you seen the footage of Meryl Streep imitating Donald Trump? It raised a smile. Streep and Elizabeth Warren share a birth date.

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