Hillary Clinton – the mask comes off


Going quietly into the night clearly isn’t in Hillary Clinton’s DNA except that now, stripped of all office, she seems happy to show how bitterly resentful she is. The old anodyne comments of her time in office have been replaced by resentful barbs. ‘Old and angry’ is how one commentator described her as she faces a lawsuit for defamation from Tulsi Gabbard whom she wrote off as a Russian asset; and then dismissed Bernie Sanders, who arguably skewered her 2016 chances, saying ‘nobody likes him.’

Hillary’s Scorpio Sun is just finishing the tr Uranus opposition which ran through last year and it will have opened her up and knocked her off the old track. Her Solar Arc Jupiter is also moving to oppose her bitter, do-or-die-determined Mars Pluto conjunction now and through 2020, which will remove some of her inhibitions and tempt her into overly forceful words and deeds.

Both Gabbard and Sanders have Aries planets which trine her Saturn Mars Pluto – Sanders Moon Mars in Aries, and Gabbard Mars, Sun, Venus and Midheaven in Aries – which will rattle her up. Sanders’ Pluto is also in a power-struggling square to her Sun which won’t suit her very Scorpionic temperament at all.

Her relationship chart with Gabbard is horrifyingly bad with a composite Mars square Saturn Uranus Pluto conjunction – and that is being undermined by tr Neptune in hard aspect all year. Her chart with Sanders isn’t much better with a volatile, explosive Mars Uranus conjunction which is being chipped away at also by tr Neptune square the Mars. There’s also a deeply suspicious, slightly paranoid composite Sun Neptune square Saturn.

You’d think she’d save her ire for the Republicans.  A touch of dog-in-the-manger attacking your own side.


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  1. Well it seems there were also alot of treasonous tricks behind the mask as well. She hired a tech firm to hack Trump’s servers during the campaign and his presidency to create evidence of Russian collusion.

  2. I find it very sad that in this day and age people continue to tell Hillary that she should talk about another candidate “more respectfully”. Come on, Britain, first of all, we are Americans and tend to not be nearly as polite as those across the pond, AND – you are talking about a woman that has had to survive the brutality of her husband’s impeachment due to highly toxic reasons of having a relationship with a woman, who, although she was young and naive, was still of legal age and certainly knew she was messing with a married man for sure. On top of that as SOS, Hillary endured unending brutality from the “old white man’s” world where she had to measure up or get out. Please. Do not expect this woman to NOT “fight like a man”! She may not mince words! She has shown time and again that she has 10 x more intellect and insight than more than 75% of the “old white men” she has gone to battle with over the years in US government, including her amoral husband. I respect her and feel strongly that we need to have #JusticeForHillary in the United States.

  3. The two “candidates” have questionable ties. Neither has the US interests at heart. Berniebots think he is gonna give them some big goodie of some kind. Don’t know what Tulsi’s attraction might be because nothing she has said is anything anyone wants. Hillary is not so much vengeful as telling the truth. Both of them said negative things about her waaaaay before she said anything about them.

  4. “Old and angry’ is how one commentator described her as she faces a lawsuit for defamation from Tulsi Gabbard whom she wrote off as a Russian asset.”

    But Hillary Clinton didn’t. She originally mentioned there were “a couple of” candidates who might (maybe unwillingly) do Russia’s bidding when there still were literally two dozen Democratic Candidates in the field. She probably was baiting, of course, but Tulsi Gabbard took the bait. This is Lawyering 101, and Rep. Gabbard should have known better than to call attention to herself. But as I said in the comments of first Tulsi-Hillary post, she isn’t very bright. Nature and nurture, anyone with this strong an emphasis on one sign risks to become single minded and even bigoted. She was raised in a cult and comes across as programmed.

    And no, I’m not the biggest Hillary fan either, but she’s what she is, and nobody should be surprised that when they make a documentary on her and release it on an Election Year when she is not even a candidate, things come out. Maybe that’s exactly why this documentary was made. She is entertaining, in her own way.

    Also, I don’t expect this to be an issue for anyone choosing their 2020 Democratic Candidate. Bernie has his base no matter what (and they are often aggressive on line, more so than supporters of any other candidate), she never crosses Biden and in a strange way she makes other candidates look good too. Liz Warren and Amy Klobuhar seem warmer, people with not much political experience, such as Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang fresh.

    • Nice take Solaia; Civil! I just think she needs to temper the way she criticizes a candidate. Do it tastefully. “Nobody likes him” seems petty for her stature in a political season. Obama criticized Bernie up to since week, but he did it respectfully; not in a disparaging or adversarial way.

  5. Amazing to see all the comments about the truthful, honest politicians.

    Yet how many here have actually worked with politicians, of any party.

    It’s one thing to see the animals on the internet, TV, or hear their wise words on the air.

    It’s another to face them in real life.

    Don’t let your delusions cloud your thinking.
    Once you get bit, it’ll be your blood leaking.

    None of your political heroes care a whit about you.

      • The closest thing I have as a ‘hero’ in politics is Nancy Pelosi. Trump is the perfect symbol of old side toxic masculinity. Times are changing, and we are evolving. Now THAT (evolving) is something we can choose!

        • Woo boy….is it hot in here or is it just me? Whew. It’s like Marjorie stepped in an ants nest with this one. My appeal for calm died fast. Must be the Hillary effect!

          • I’m perfectly calm. Truly and seriously calm. I’m Aquarius/virgo moon from Chicago. Please try to read my comments taking that into consideration. I can be blunt when I feel it is necessary to get a point across, but I love humanity, including people, and I have great fondness for people I meet and people here. Appreciate it.

            Here in the US we are in the middle of the impeachment trial. It has most people on edge. Lots of new, previously hidden, info is coming out rapid fire this week. Today has been a brutal news day (tho I just got back from a lovely coffee with three friends). I’ve been following the russian interference issues since September 2016. I only read investigative journalists who have stellar reputations and have been around for a long time. So I’m very picky about my sources.

            Today, January 24 2020, russian mafia connections are being revealed. I’ve long suspected this and saw it in the stars. I’m not the only one who reads astrology in this way. Trump’s chart is being hit. It almost looks like Putin is abandoning Trump.

          • Oops, a couple of things I was not clear about. Aquarius sun/mercury, virgo moon. “Appreciate it” meant I would appreciate it if you could read my comments with my personality in mind. I really would appreciate that.

    • “Yet how many here have actually worked with politicians, of any party.”

      Timidly raises hand here. Not just have worked for politicians (and “for” is significant here), but been around since I was a child. Arguably not in The US, but at least around my neck of the wood they seem human, too. Mostly pretty average, although I have very contrasting experience of two ex-PMs, one was literally the worst client ever, another one of the kindest people I’ve met.

  6. I actually appreciate Hillary’s transparency of her feelings toward Tulsi and Bernie. I don’t think it will ever hurt their chances, they are where they are. Tulsi is clearly not a Democrat. Bernie, for some reasons, appears to me more of a distraction than a contender. Hillary directed me to things I might have missed or ignored. She would have been a great president, she’s not perfect but someone America needed. Her trail of breadcrumbs could be useful.

    • BREAKING NEWS in the US. Lev Parnas, released an audio of a conversation with Trump.

      ABC news – Trump has said repeatedly he does not know Parnas, a Soviet-born American who has emerged as a wild card in Trump’s impeachment trial, especially in the days since Trump was impeached.

      “Get rid of her!” is what the voice that appears to be President Trump’s is heard saying. “Get her out tomorrow. I don’t care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. Okay? Do it.”

      Sounds very mafia to me.

      Please reconsider looking at Pluto/Sat with Pluto digging up underworld global organized crime and Saturn as the ultimate reality check.

  7. What gives with all the contempt? I bent over backwards to be positive about Meghan at the start since I know how challenging life in the Royal spotlight can be. Just because the astrology doesn’t reflect your prejudices and biases doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

  8. Sorry, but Bernie Sanders IS a “real” Democrat; he is left of center and Hillary Clinton is right of center. Over and over again, in the primaries leading up to the 2016 elections, we saw Bernie Sanders win more votes in a given state, but Hillary Clinton walked away with more delegates because she and her backers manipulated the primaries into an unfair and rigged “superdelegate” system designed to give Clinton a coronation. That corrupt system has now been retired. Sanders’ strong showing was, in part, because so many registered Democrats were outraged by the shenanigans in the primaries. Clinton didn’t need to fiddle with the system to win; I’ve always been mystified by her steam roller approach. Anyway: Hillary would have been a better president than Trump, Bernie would be a better president than Trump, and virtually anyone else in the United States of America would be a better president than Trump. As far as Clinton’s accusations that Tulsi G. is a Russian asset: it will be an interesting trial.

    • You are misinformed. Hillary won around 4,000,00 more votes than Bernie in 2016 primary. He dismissed those votes as being mostly from the south. Guess he thinks black votes count. He and his bros are not ‘left of center’ they are more like extremist MAGAs and overlap in many areas. Bernie is not a democrat. He is a registered independent and refuses to join the dem party, even tho he uses the party resources.

      His cult followers are a lot like MAGAs online and in person. I am just so sick and tired of extremists.

      • I am not misinformed, Kat. Was talking about state tallies. In a significant number of important states, Bernie won the popular vote and Hillary still got more delegates because of the now-retired and -discredited super-delegate system she and her followers established to ensure she’d get the nomination in 2016, even if the popular vote became a problem for her. That’s not democracy. Bernie is not at all an extremist, unless you consider his desire for everyone to access healthcare extreme; that would require fewer tax breaks for the very rich, and that’s been his most controversial position. He’s been in the Senate forever, his constituents like him, and his constituent service record is exceptional. I’m a grandmother with both feet on the ground, not a “cult follower,” and I respect him a great deal. He is, indeed, left of center. Hillary Clinton’s recent accusation that “No one likes him” is wishful thinking and represents a coarsening and lowering of political discourse, which really (now more than ever) needs to focus on issues. I’ve learned a great deal about both Hillary and Bernie through Marjorie’s astrological interpretations and appreciated her site especially during the 2016 primary season. Hillary Clinton’s anger and desire to stay relevant I can understand, but it’s not helpful to the Democrats or even her own legacy at this point.

  9. Kudos to Marjorie for being objective! Calm down folks. All she’s basically saying is Hillary should take a page from Obama’s book and exercise diplomacy. She’s been in politics long enough and clearly hasn’t mastered this trait. Tulsi is a non factor. Not all Bernie supporters are extremists. The party will need the constructive ones to help win so vilifying their candidate during campaign season is foolish; she should know better.
    Impulse can be destructive, but circumspection is a virtue.

    • Troy, Tulsi is a disrupter who hints at running as a spoiler third party. Bernie himself is an extremist and attracts extremists. He is a leftie populist. He may have a few ‘fans’ who are not extremists, but not many.

      Clinton is not Obama. She plays a different role than he does. As I said, she is in a UNIQUE position to run interference for the democratic party and take the heat personally. The ‘calm down nothin’ to see her’ attitude is not a virtue when there actually is something to see. What is always a virtue it the Truth.

      —-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKnX5wci404

  10. Revenge, thy name is Hillary. I voted for her and it goes without saying that she would have been a far better president than Trump (to say the very least), but she needs to chill. Looks like she and Tulsi are destined to duke it out. Totally agree that she shouldn’t be sniping at Democrats.

  11. As for Tulsi Gabbard’s ridiculous “lawsuit” Well…that’s not going anywhere. In fact, Tulsi Gabbard was the laughing stock of Facebook, Twitter, and social media yesterday after the news came out that she was “suing” Hillary Clinton for defamation.

    Please….nobody feels sorry for Tulsi Gabbard. I’m sure Hillary Clinton isn’t worried about her – Tulsi Gabbard is a nobody compared to Hillary.

  12. Marjorie,

    Attacking her own side? I have to disagree with you on this. Hillary Clinton is not attacking her own side. She’s not attacking any of the REAL Democrats. Hillary has only been calling out the populists like Bernie Sanders (who isn’t even a Democrat but running on the Democratic Party ticket because he knows he can’t possibly win any other way) and Tulsi Gabbard (who appears on FOX News all the time, often votes AGAINST the Democrats, promotes ridiculous conspiracy theories, sympathizes with Assad and Putin, attacks the entire Democratic Party, receives endorsements from White nationalists and White supremacists, and trashes President Obama). Certainly you can understand why Hillary Clinton would feel justified in calling out those two characters.

    Hillary Clinton hasn’t attacked any of the real Democrats; she’s very loyal to the party.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • Chris Romero,

      I couldn’t have said it better. Further, Hillary speaks and voice many of the concerns Democratic have. Look back at everything Hillary has said, and each and every one of her concerns has come to pass. Namely, her first utterance, that that there was a right wing conspiracy in the making, and look at where we are now.

    • ^^^^ Marjorie, see Chris’s comment for some context. Hillary is all about democrats. Real democrats. And she is in a unique position to speak out and take the heat. Bernie Bros are a lot like the MAGAs and Tulsi was raised in a cult and still acts like it. She only ran as a D because that’s who can get elected in her district. Neither are really democrats and do not support down ticket democrats. They are the Donald Trumps of the far left.

      • Kat, You are within a hair’s breadth of being permanently blocked. Accusations of extremism and pro-Trumpism are beyond ludicrous. I will not put up with insults. Mend your language or go.

        • no don’t Marjorie-I love your astrological headlines.I find your posts very positive and think you are impartial and love reading them! Cant understand anyone accusations of extremism and pro-Trumpism ? they should read your previous posts !

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