Hillary & Bernie – chalk and cheese

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are entirely different personality types.

Hillary is very Fixed with Sun plus Venus Mercury in intense, secretive Scorpio; magnified by having Mercury Venus square a formidable Mars Pluto Saturn in Leo. So die-or-die determined, unbudgeable, built for the long haul, good in crises, a forceful speaker both on a platform and at close quarters. She’ll certainly be very defensive and controlling with all that Pluto and Scorpio. My impression – from a distance – was that she gained a fair few credits for her time as Secretary of State (apart from Benghazi) when she seemed tireless and not a publicity-seeker. One commentator described her as ‘more of a workhorse than a show pony.’

She’s a Water/Fire type – so more passionate and excitable than is allowed to show.

She’s certainly got a strong 9th Harmonic which often goes with a lust for money; as well as the obsessive-dream 11H; and leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H. Europeans weren’t as fussed as Americans about the whole Bill/Monica and why-didn’t-Hillary-leave-him thing. In France it wouldn’t even have made the papers let alone an indictment.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand is fairly Mutable – with a Virgo Sun and Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus in Gemini – so more flexible but also more inclined to blow around in the prevailing breeze. His chart is Earth, Fire, Air and lacking in Water which is strange since he puts himself across as the compassionate one.

He’s also got a sociable and charming Venus in Libra trine Jupiter and opposition Mars Moon in Aries. That might make me wonder about a) superficiality (Venus Jupiter); and b) insensitivity (Moon Mars opp Venus). It’s not that I think Hillary is remotely sensitive but although she’s deeply secretive, in some ways she is what she is. While with him I might wonder whether there’s more hidden behind the reasonable facade than appears. He can certainly talk well with Mercury in Libra trine Uranus, sextile Pluto – but is also quite controlling. He’s also got a strong 11H and 17H.

Politicians (generalising wildly) are all flawed one way or another and you generally can’t tell till they are in office how they’ll cope.

May, and indeed June, will shake a few things out of the tree for Sanders and Trump, so be interesting to see what transpires.

4 thoughts on “Hillary & Bernie – chalk and cheese

  1. David, Quite agree. Heavily watered charts can sometimes make for overly self-protective and frankly selfish individuals, wrapped up in their own concerns. But equally an emphasis on Air or Earth/Air can be cool and lacking in empathy in a different way.
    The missing element is often either a stumbling block; or as Carl Jung would have it, the key to transformation if it is fully realised through insight and effort.
    Hillary lacks Earth so not well grounded in her body, the practicalities of life. To some degree it can be balanced out by house positions. But the missing element is always marginally unstable since it is unfamiliar.

  2. While water signs may feel emotions more deeply I am not sure this makes them more compassionate than other signs. To feel compassion and act on it you have to be able to stand back and see what is really going on.

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