Harry and Meghan ahead – a sobering reality check

(Cartoon: The Times Peter Brookes)

Moving ahead it’s tricky to see how the young-ish couple will move back from the debacle since there’s been such a deluge of criticism heaped on them. But there again Sophie Wessex and others recovered from mishaps in the past and went on to be accepted.

Harry is a hot-head with not great judgement with his Virgo Sun square Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius and his Mercury in Virgo square Uranus – so an overly-impulsive and high-wire temperament with a tendency to dreams and illusions as well as addictive-prone. Plus he has a dose of stubbornness from a Taurus Moon and Saturn Pluto in Scorpio. And last but not least he has a head-in-the-clouds Neptune Jupiter in the 12th.

His Saturn in Scorpio will give him a leaning towards obsessiveness as will his 8th house Sun. And his Taurus Sun will make it tricky for him to let go hurts.

At the moment his Progressed Mars is sitting on his Ascendant stoking up his assertive streak; and his Progressed Moon is moving through his 8th house for another almost two years which is a conflicted often anguished time of searching for new values. 2021 will be a difficult year with tr Neptune in a debilitating opposition to his Sun and tr Saturn moving into his 2nd house of finances bringing cash shortages and cutbacks until 2025. Tr Uranus will move across his IC in 2022 which suggests a major upheaval and relocation with a trapped, blocked Solar Arc Sun conjunct Pluto in 2023, and considerable setbacks and discouragement in 2025 from Solar Arc Saturn square his Sun. So not an easy furrow ahead to plough as tr Saturn rolls on through his low profile first quadrant for the rest of the decade; and will push him deeper into unresolved psychological issues between 2021 to 2025.

Meghan has been over-reactive recently with her Progressed Mars conjunct her Mercury and her Progressed Mercury square her excitable Mars in Cancer about a year back. Her Mars coincidentally is conjunct the Queen’s relentlessly dutiful 6th house Pluto for a clash of agendas. Meghan has her Progressed Moon moving exactly now into her 8th house for the next two years which, as it is for Harry, is an emotionally charged time, with power struggles bringing draining experiences and money being one area of contention.

Tr Saturn is about to move across her Descendant from later this month for a three year stretch of chillier close relationships when flaws begin to show and there’s more negativity around. It can also indicate social or public popularity for celebrity types. What will make it more intense is tr Pluto from late February also moving into her 7th to stay for many years ahead which will make for power struggles and tensions in close relationships. Her morale will sag with tr Neptune opposition her Solar Arc Sun from late March 2020 for a year thereafter. She’ll be prone to outbursts with tr Uranus square her Mercury this coming April and will experience a major upheaval with tr Uranus squares her Sun in 2021.

Any joint or commercial set up will move through sticky times from early 2022 till late 2024 with tr Saturn moving through her 8th. It will throw her back on her own resources financially and emotionally and is generally a tight time on the cash front.

Odd other non-astrological thoughts. If you’re in the public eye don’t read the media. Liz Taylor who started as a child star read no magazines or newspapers about herself. Sensible.

The media can be scabrous – they can also be helpful for publicising good causes like Invictus. Diana made a pact with the devil when she got into bed with them to fight her own private vendetta. But making an enemy of them is equally as stupid and equally as likely to blowback. Kate Middleton had fairly horrendous media coverage for years and almost never reacted except over sunbathing pics. Ditto Camilla. They kept their heads down and weathered the storms. The Princess Royal is a class act for coping with (ducking) the media. Her romantic life has been colourful over the years but little has emerged. Charles and sons went to Gstaad to ski and complained about photographers. Anne, I think, went to Norway to ski and I never saw a pic of her.

Not everything you read in the media as hard fact is true but if the comments that Meghan and Harry reacted badly to being ‘ousted’ by the four generation pics of Queen, Charles, William and little George, then I despair. For years we had the whining Princess Margaret kvetching about having to walk behind the Queen and never being first. She had all the money, residences and wealthy friends she could ask for and could have done anything with her life. 99.99% plus of the population never get to be first.

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  1. Hi Marjorie;
    Please could you comment on the astrological synastry between Meghan and Oprah and also Meghan and Michelle Obama. There’s speculation that Meghan might be going into the entertainment business with them


  2. Sorry if this seems too immodest for all you Brits, but I just have to toot my own horn for a moment. I told PC that I thought Pluto=global organized crime, and saturn=bringing to the light of reality, in the sign of real structures of society like governments and corporations. And that these conjunctions and transits are triggering exposures and reconnings. Seems that this is breaking all over everyone today. Lev Parnas exposes a load of this, breaking into public today.

    Get ready for a real ride. Not just the US, the UK will be affected, and not just the antiquated and rather useless royalty. Gossip will be replaced by real reality if you can handle it. Otherwise keep neptuning up your royal’s entrails. Good luck with that.

  3. I’m fascinated by the whole saga. Can’t wait for the next episode. I admit I think Meghan is a silly woman. For the life of me I’m struggling to understand why she couldn’t make it work. What did she think she was getting into? I honestly think she’s idiotic.

    But more than that alarm bells went off when not a single family guest beside her mother was invited to the wedding (her dress was gorgeous btw) – just a bunch of arbitrary celebrities. Too weird for words.

    • ….. and what about Princess Charlene of Monaco (my compatriot). She’s been treated horrendously by people in Monaco. But she puts her head down and just get’s on with it. No drama!

      • Kate Middleton v. Charlene of Monaco v. Meghan is that Kate and Charlene could leave, but the children stay where they are. Meghan, otoh, has no such restrictions on her child

  4. Yes, it certainly is a diversion – I am amazed that this is how the Saturn Pluto conjunction is playing out in the UK so far…. I was going to add if Meghan and Kate’s synastry and composite charts could be looked at too? The crisis seems to have sprung from the dynamic between the Cambridges and the Sussexes. The Sussexes have an ambitious global appeal and agenda that appears to threaten the established pecking order. Playing a subservient, secondary role to the Cambridges was always going to throw up challenges.

    The Sussexes’ wedding chart doesn’t have the Saturn Pluto conjunction as I mentioned, but there is a very tight Pluto Lilith conjunction opposition Moon in Cancer, hence the confusion. I’ve noticed the composite chart you use has a Gemini Asc. conjunct Chiron (ouch). But I have seen elsewhere (the Oxford Astrolger) that the Sussexes’ midpoint composite chart has a Libra Asc. close to the Saturn Pluto conjunction with a late Cancer MC (Astrodienst reverses this with Aries Asc. and a late Capricorn MC). Do you have a preference?

    Btw, the Queen was seen wearing a hearing aid yesterday in public for the first time. Currently there is a tight Mercury (& Sun), Saturn & Pluto stellium on the Queen’s Asc., which is not bad for astrological symbolism.

  5. Saturn Pluto is obsessive and there is something overly consuming about this whole Meghan/Harry imbroglio which is a minor family spat – and less significant in reputational terms for the monarchy than Prince Andrew’s unsavoury associations. Mind you it’s possibly also a welcome diversion for the media who are beyond bored with Brexit, Trump etc. All we need now is a good going political sex scandal to keep the soap opera running.
    There is something odd in the Wills/Kate relationship charts with Meghan – bit of oneupmanship being played out, on both sides. Will elaborate later if only for the sake of illuminating the astrology.

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    Just wondering if you have had an in-depth astrological look at the synastry, composite and progressed charts between Meghan & William specifically, and to a lesser extent, William and Harry? Apparently Meghan feels ‘forced out’ by a jealous and bullying William, and Harry is in turmoil over ‘severing royal connections’ in order to support his wife, generating fresh concerns about Harry’s mental health. Harry & William are virtually estranged. William wanted to meet Harry after the Bradby interview, but was rebuffed. I think there are challenging aspects between Meghan & William? It would be really useful to look at those in greater detail. Meghan Sun in Leo falls in William’s 8th house. Both have a strong Cancer & Libra emphasis in their charts.

    You said something of great importance on January 9th that ‘Saturn Pluto is always experienced as a problem bearing down from the outside. The reality is that the heavy, dark, repressive energy of Saturn Pluto is an internal dynamic in the relationship itself.’ If Meghan specifically feels forced out by an over-bearing, jealous and domineering person from the outside (William, in this case), and does leave the RF, thus escaping William’s sabotage as they see it, it does not remove the Saturn Pluto energy of the wedding and composite chart with Harry. The deeper issues of the Saturn & Pluto energy in their combined charts will still remain. Archie has the Saturn/ Pluto conjunction in his chart. It seems wherever they go as a family, Saturn & Pluto will be close by.

    Be great to have some astrological insight into Meghan & William, and William & Harry.

  7. I don’t think I can take 2 more years of this crap by those two: megzit and harry. even the little doll Archie. these two think they are that special. Not!

  8. I am sick of hearing about megxit and harry. if they want to go let them and if megzit thinks she can make money good luck to her. but please keep the royal funds/money in Englund. get rid of the suxat it titles as well. the people can’t handle 2 more years of this crap. even little doll Archie. these 2 think they are that special! lol!

  9. It has now been two years since Uranus entered Taurus on the Queen’s 0 Taurus Sun. In 2017, Meghan and Harry were married. A black American actress entered the royal family. Last year, Prince Andrew made headlines for the wrong reasons. Now, just as Uranus turns direct at 2 Taurus, Meghan and Harry are leaving the Firm.
    In January 2021, Saturn will square Uranus just as Uranus turns direct right on Melania Trump’s Sun one week before the next Inauguration. Maybe she will leave him the minute they no longer live at the White House.
    The Queen is old enough to have gone through this before. In the 1930s, Uranus was also conjunct her Sun. That is when she suddenly became the heir to the throne after her uncle’s abdication.
    Here in Canada, taxpayers are less than enthused by the prospect of paying millions for Harry and Meghan’s security. This could create a lot more small-r republicans in this country.

  10. It always felt a little inauspicious to me that the day of Harry and Meghan’s wedding (19/5/2018) was the same date as the execution of Anne Boleyn (19/5/1536). Also, without wanting to sound ‘woo’, I have always sensed a certain tragic, sad, ominous energy around Harry.

  11. A comment from the NYT’s:

    “Maureen Dowd claims that Meghan Markle “could have channeled the Obamas, who did a magnificent job of rising above racist taunts and working within the institution to imprint a new image of racial possibility in America.”

    Here she blames the victims of racism for not simply putting up with the racism, instead demanding that she “rise above” it all. But there is virtually no condemnation of the racists themselves. Not those who victimized President Obama, nor those who chased Meghan and her husband out of the country.

    Good for Meghan and Harry for not wasting their lives in that racist swamp that is England, and deciding to give welcoming Canada a chance.

    Meghan and Harry are not to blame for leaving. England is to blame for being racist and cruel.

      • Couldn’t read the first two links but I read the Spike one. Sounds like our factless outraged extreme hyperventilating right wing online media. This is what you read? Really? It’s all like ‘if you don’t agree with me then you must hate me’ sort of, um, stuff.

        -“There’s that Mail piece from 2016, when Harry and Meghan were first dating, that said she was ‘(almost) straight outta Compton’ – at the time Markle’s mother lived in nearby Crenshaw, LA. Hirsch says this was an attempt to link Meghan with ‘racialised forms of crime’, ie gangs.”-

        “Straight outta Compton” is incredibly racist. Same for “heading east on the 10” (to Compton). I think every person in the US knows this is disgusting blatant racism, I’m sure Meghan understood. And do you think caring about global climate change is “virtue signaling”? Tell that to the people who survived (few did) when a wildfire ripped thru the working class retirement town of Paradise California. Or the people living in southern Australia. The guy probably loves the coal industry and Trump. He uses all the catch phrases the extreme right does in this country.

        It’s the likes of Mr. Spike who are ripping societies apart. What ever happened to tolerance, acceptance and compassion? Or even civility when all else fails. Racism is just a mental attitude. It needs to be updated.

        Thank you for letting me comment. I appreciate it very much.

        • Yes, caring about global climate change when you have an enormous carbon footprint and take regular international flights to your huge houses is ‘virtue signalling’

          • Obviously you don’t care. If we all cared we would welcome any voice and any info. Sheesh the bitterness and resentment just drip out of some Brits. Could possibly use an attitude update. Times are changing. You can do this! Best wishes! Look to the stars.

  12. Hi Marjorie,
    Megxit is happening almost exactly 84 years, one Uranus return, after 1936 (Edward VIII and the Abdication Crisis).
    The Uranus Returns before that would have been in 1852, 1768, 1684 and 1600.
    1684 was the period when there were major doubts about James, Duke of York (after whom New York is named and later James II & VII) being fit to ascend the Throne. Likewise, 1600 was when the wisdom of the Scottish James VI becoming King of England was in doubt.
    Not sure if it is Uranus’s position in the sky or related to the Saros cycles, but there is a pattern here.
    Can you and Hugh Fowler advice further?

    • Will have a ponder tomorrow. This kerfuffle has little constitutional consequence in a strict sense. They want to go – good luck to them. But one problem is it throws an unwanted spotlight on certain aspects of Royal finances which are not popular – tax breaks etc which have boosted the Duchy of Cornwall’s equity – from which they appear to want the continuation of a chunky annual income. Never mind Prince Andrew’s hair-raisingly outrageous money-making schemes on the back of a Royal title, let alone his ghastly ex wife who even without a title trades on the Royal connection. It cheapens the brand.
      PS There was a very funny cartoon by Peter Brookes in the Times yesterday, very much on point. I shouldn’t really copy it but have put into the heading.

      • Hi Marjorie,

        The link between Harry, Edward VIII, James II & VII (and James I & VI) seems to me, about being heirs who break the mould in a significant way. And it is worth pointing out that Edward VIII and James II & VII did end up living outside the UK, by voluntary or involuntary exile.

        I don’t know if there were any heir related events in 1768 or 1852.

    • Unmystic Mom I think Uranus Cycles tune in with English and British History in general not just the monarchy.

      For example Uranus Cycle was from 1180-1264 started with a massive Royal Family bust up between Henry II his wife Eleanor and his children Henry, Richard,Geoffrey and John. Some of it is covered by the film the Lion In Winter which is set in Chinon in 1183 when Uranus was in early Taurus. This began a Uranus cycle that saw the Angevin empire dissolve, particularly under King John. It saw the First Barons War and the signing of Magna Carta

      The Uranus cycle from 1264-1348 began with civil conflict during the Second Barons War which saw the first English Parliament called by Simon Montfort in 1265 and Edward I eventual accession to the throne. Again Uranus was in early Taurus. It saw the first unsuccessful attempts to unite England, Wales and Scotland. It ended with arrival of the Black Death.

      Other possible Uranus Cycles are 1516-1599 (English Reformation under the Tudor Dynasty). 1599-1684 ( Stuart Dynasty, Union of Crowns of England and Scotland, War of Three Kingdoms, Execution of King Charles I, English Republic etc), 1684-1768 (Deposition of James II , Union of England and Scotland, and First British Empire largely based in North America), 1768-1852 (Loss of American colonies, Union with Ireland and Second British Empire focused on India). 1852-1936 (British Empires Apogee, Indian Mutiny, First World War, Irish Independence and beginning of Imperial Decline), 1936-2018 (Second World War and Dissolution British Empire).

      With regard to current events it should be noted that the two Boleyn girls Mary and Ann arrived at Henry VIII Court between 1520-1522 when Uranus was in Taurus.

      • Hugh, I have just noticed that the death of William Rufus (2/8/1100, JC) occurred when Uranus was in Taurus. The circumstances around WR’s death were somewhat mysterious iirc: he was killed while out hunting, possibly by one of his own men.

  13. Hello again, has anyone considered that Meghan who just had a beautiful baby, and may be pregnant again; may be depressed. The other stressers being a completely different life, and a change in her home, at least two moves that I can see, make me worry about a mental breakdown.

    • In America on twitter the overwhelming sentiments are pro letting Meghan and Harry have a life. I just typed in ‘Prince Andrew’ and saw the coverage from the British tabloids and even reputable press. Many find it amazing that Brit media are simply unable to find the compassion you speak of. Kim Kardashian is supposedly our anointed fake queen and even she is allowed some space (not a fan but who cares?) British media reminds me of the movie “The Help” where the stuck up southern bells wield their perceived power to hurt others. Good movie. Telling about some of America. Probably most of those southern bells’ children are now MAGAs now. Gotta preserve the old ways of doing things. Highly recommended to see a snapshot of some of america’s low (and high) points.

      After HS graduation a bunch of friends and I went from Chicago (explains why I can be direct. But no one is as obnoxious as New Yorkers and they love it) to New Orleans to celebrate. We drove thru Mississippi to get to some Florida white sand beaches. Along the way we came upon a single car wreck. My friend ran up to the nearest house and asked the lady to call emergency. Her response was “are they blacks?”.

  14. The princes and the Queen are supposed to be hammering this out together on Monday. Would be interested in what Monday’s astrological aspects suggest.

  15. Dear Marjorie
    Hope you’re lying down in a yoga pose, having imbibed several excruciatingly good bottles of French red…….how can these two warrant such hysteria? the poor old Queen, she’s a country woman with no airs (though unfortunately, some heirs) and greatly prefers the company of dogs, as do all enlightened people. Happy new year!

    • Haha – yes, it does seem crazy with much going on that will affect us all so much more profoundly. Like all sensible folk, I too share the preference for the company of dogs, birds and hedgehogs.

      Now for that large gin & tonic….

      • Well, MC and VF, I wholeheartedly agree. We saw a photo in the press after the start of the Andrew meltdown of HM out riding, in her sunglasses. I hope she finds time this weekend for a restorative moment with her beloved horses. And any other creatures of her choice. Probably not human…..

        I suspect part of the hysteria is down to our own experiences of “family”…..and a collective longing for a perfect example, which does not exist. Queen Victoria and Albert did their best to foster this fantasy. But a closer look at their family reveals many strange or scandalous tales. Queen V was often widely lampooned and criticised both in the press, and in the House of Commons. Plus ca change……

    • Happy New Year. There is a good deal of sympathy for her – though Andrew is her fault. He should have been squashed under foot many years since, even pre-Epstein when his financial shenanigans were clear.

  16. OK, wow. Astrologers have been telling us that the Pluto/Saturn conj in Cap will tear down and reform institutions. Then some here actually act *surprised* that the royal family is being shaken up. Some of you seem to be racist and sexist. Using the word “ambitious” as a pejorative for a 30-something american woman is sexist. I never understood the heart of brexit till reading comments on Megan and Harry.

    I suggest some here lighten up your attitudes or this Pluto/Saturn conj will be really hard on you. Change is happening.

    • Ambition does well to be hemmed in by recognition of the greater good. David Whyte has written beautiful poetry about this quality, you might enjoy it. Blessings and Joy.

      • Snewno, Hugh,Jane –Actually I am truly well disposed to commenters here otherwise I would not read or comment (thanks to M to even tolerate my comments). But the Brit tabloids are racist and seem to be accepted. Brexit is racist. Sexist because many Brits (and some commenters here) have these ‘EXPECTATIONS’ about the role of women (and their royals). Patriarchy is being challenged. Both men and women buy into patriarchy. It is being challenged by a system of EQUALITY. I’m an american. I know lots of megans. I will now never misspell Meghan. (<– that's to Hugh).

        Jane, ambition in the old order might 'do well' if constrained, but women are taking their power. Seems jarring?

        Snewno Thank you for being quite kind and just challenging me with questions. I appreciate that!

        My point still stands that massive change is upon us. The very concept of time is changing, broadening. I am actually a kind person but I see change happening in all fields. Yes, it is scary and very challenging. I'm not a spring chicken so I have to put lots of effort into (Pluto) clearing my old mind of useless and old attitudes, including some I'm quite attached to. But everyone I know, and everywhere I look people are being challenged to get rid of old attitudes to make space for new, useful, attitudes. It's easier for us regular humans. Cap is about major structural institutions. Aussies are pushing on their climate denier PM. We americans are doing everything we can think of to not have Trump Inc destroy our country and the planet. This is a battle. We regular humans need to be flexible in our attitudes. AND we need to make space for creativity. What kind of world/country do we envision? In chaos there is creativity. (<– Pluto once again). ENVISION!!

        Let Meghan and Harry lead a new way instead of kicking them as they go. Let's let POC lead for a change. They have seen it all more than we have. In america POC, especially the WOMEN know how to organize and survive…and have fun too!

        Lastly, Marjorie, thank you for this forum and truly thank you for allowing comments that are 'difficult' and 'challenging'. It is a good look on you.

        • Graciously said, Kat.

          Of what possible use in the royal scheme is fifth-in-line Harry? Perhaps he and his adventurous wife shall blaze a modern trail that becomes a movement.

        • Patriarchy? HER Majesty the Queen has been on the throne for 68 years or thereabouts, and before her Victoria and Elizabeth 1 are amongst the most notable monarchs of the past half millenia. Britain isn’t short on the concept of prominent females.
          HMQueen isn’t however ambitious, she’s dutiful – a very unTrumpian concept. Change is one thing but stomping in with a sense of entitlement to cherry pick the bits you want of the monarchy – mainly the cash and the useful exposure for ego-gratification or making gzillions really isn’t going to make you loved and admired. And criticising that is neither racist nor sexist.

          • “Change is one thing but stomping in with a sense of entitlement to cherry pick the bits you want of the monarchy – mainly the cash and the useful exposure for ego-gratification or making gzillions really isn’t going to make you loved and admired.”

            He needn’t be sentenced to a stultifying life because he was born royal. They are already each famous, needing no more exposure, and rich as well. I expect they’ll quit the cash if it’s the sticking point. Who courts being loved and admire when there such interesting and useful work to be done? What’s next is what’s calling them, not what’s fallen away.

            Charles and Wills have roles to wait dutifully for, Harry doesn’t.

          • Patriarchy is not about the gender of those in power. It is more engulfing than sexism. Patriarchy is a system of society. And it is changing. And, in my experience, women can be just as patriarchal (and sexist) as men. Sometimes more so. We are comfortable with that power structure. That institutionalized power structure (CAP) is changing. Catholics worship Mary but are extremely patriarchal. Women at the head of a patriarchal structure does not make that structure less patriarchal.

            Granted I just don’t understand Brit’s identification with the BRF. But your mega wealthy are like ours and those globally. Your Prince Andrew cavorted with our Jeffrey Epstein. That is something we share to both nation’s shame. Andrew was not ‘dutiful’ he was disgusting and probably criminal. Is that in your tabloids as much as Meghan and Harry?

            Andrew exposed the entire BRF to a blackmailing scheme. Was it just ‘boys being boys’? From what I can tell your media kinda gave him a pass while focusing on that bad undutiful woman.

            When I travel, or interact with other cultures, sometimes people notice things about me that I would never see. For instance, in Italy, someone just casually said to me “Americans move like they have huge spaces all around them”. Well, I considered it and it is true. And it cracked the door of understanding other cultures open a bit. I’m grateful for that. And I changed my behavior and attitudes around people physically. We americans ‘stomp’ in. Just our style. We have attitudes about Brit’s style too. Neither is right or wrong. Just a bit different. It calls for a bit of flexibility and compassion.

            My intent is not to criticize. Just noticing. And sending my best wishes for all the regular people who have to go thru this and do the painful work of changing with the times.

          • Totally agree with Marjorie here as our country is run by prominent woman.Also by powerful woman either behind the scenes or out.
            To me, the Queen is above reproach after her devotion to this country and the Commonwealth and bet she devastated as shes bent over backwards for Meghan and Harry.They shouldn’t be allowed to cherry pick the bits you want of the monarchy and cheapen it to a brand and capatalised into pounds and pence.Shame on them.That to me isn’t ambition but greed.

          • Sne. your country is not run by powerful women. Maybe your royals are but not your country. You have 34% female representation in your parlement. You’ve elected Boris Johnson and elected to brexit. How many CEOs are women? Which of the boards of your banks and other powerful institutions are majority women? How many of the paparazzi who hounded Diana to death were women?

            Government and corporations are running your, and all, of our lives. Oil and gas profits are running global organized crime including structures like ISIS and our mutual enemy Putin. No better place than oil and gas to see the structure of patriarchy. It is destroying our planet. I believe (and hope for and pray for) that when women have actual EQUAL power the structure of all societies will change.

            I adore your queen, but she is not my queen. Right now Nancy Pelosi is as close as I get to having a queen. Of course, Trump is our Drama queen. Corrupt disgusting drama queen Trump.

          • It is clearly a hierarchy. Offering the patriarchy as an explanation gives me a queasy feeling.

            Back in the eighties a workmate was trying to test me out. When speaking freely, he introduced me to the idea of a global network run by one group. They had fingers in every pie (specifically banking and media) and in many ways, we were beholding to them. It was an elaborate, comprehensive system that was virtually inescapable. He was fully invested in this concept. It helped make sense of a chaotic world and explained injustice and lack of advancement. As a young man I didn’t know what to do, other than to continually change the subject. I knew that from science; correlation is not necessarily causation, otherwise I didn’t have the skills to refute his assertion.

          • PC Patriarchy as I understand it started roughly 2000 years ago. It replaced a tribal model where the entire tribe would raise children and the paternity of the kid was not known or important. That moved to a model of marriage where the father knew who his kids were and they became heirs. In ancient Greece the citizen men were free to have sex with anyone, but when they married, that woman was prized sort of like a prize horse and kept away from all other men. Christianity was a force for more equality for women in marriage. So it was/is a social structure based on paternity and heirs.

            Dictators (all men) are benefitting from this structure and the people are just getting sick of it. Only the rich and powerful allowed in the game. India, Iran, Hong Kong, US, – all over the world people are demonstrating against this structure. We want a social structure more like an equal playing field. People are sick and tired of endless wars that rash male leaders get us into. We want access to an open internet.

            I don’t know about ‘one group’ like it’s intentional, that seems a bit nuts to me. But I will say that global organized crime is a real thing and people like MBS, Putin, Mogilivitch, Erdogan, chairman Kim, and Trump (probably others) seem to have some connection thru….money. Oil and gas money. Follow the money! Cheers!

          • PC also, it just struck me that Pluto=global organized crime. Saturn=exposing the down to earth reality of this in the sign of solid, real social structures, governments and powerful corporations.

    • Well at least we have the decency to spell Meghan first name properly.

      And for the British this is a constitutional issue.

      The country is a constitutional monarchy and no titles are granted by Divine Right.

      The British monarchy may be a faded brand but we the people of the U.K through Parliament control it. If the House of Windsor don’t start to behave in short order we can take it way from them just as we have done to other Royal dynasties. I am sure those at the palace are well aware of the precedents set within the Acts of Settlement.

      • Sheesh. Here in America our constitution is being broken and challenged by an incredibly corrupt cabal of Trump Inc, Putin, MBS, other major $$ players, and global organized crime. Putin has targeted you Brits too. Putin and Mogilivitch are calling the shots and reaping vast $$ at our expense. Go ahead and get rid of your royals. At least Prince Andrew needs to go. What about his ‘behavior’? Is it only the mixed race WOMAN who deserves your disapproval?

        Big picture man. Pluto/Saturn (etc) in CAPRICORN is the essence of the big picture!

      • Quite naive. The Queen doesn’t “rule” the UK, the prime-minister does. An elected politician, one more shameful after the other for the last 20 years.
        And the Parliament: the House of Lords – 700 privileged individuals that never clocked a clock to work for a living let alongs serve the tax payers; the Members of Parliament – a group of unaccountable criminals pretending to go to work so they can keep their behind nice a comfortable.
        The UK is the most corrupt country in the EU, financially, socially and most certainly morally.

  17. Prince Harry was left an estimated £10 million in Princess Diana’s will so he and his missus are not exactly going to be down the dole office signing on or visiting a food bank anytime soon. Glad handing the public and attending boring events may be tedious but I am sure that there are quite a few people who would be only too happy to wave from the royal balcony for a fraction of the money handed out on the civil list. There is a lot of residual sympathy in the U.K. for Harry because of the traumas of his childhood but even that is starting to wear thin now.

    • But Hugh, being related to The Firm is not really about the occasional wave on a balcony. It’s about never having the luxury of a private life, being perpetually scrutinised and criticised by the Press, not being allowed to make stupid mistakes as we all do, particularly when young. I can only speak for myself, but no amount of money in the world would tempt me to give up my privacy. Maybe I’m too soft-hearted/headed, but one of the reasons for my Republicanism is that I don’t think it is civilised in this day and age to condemn an individual to a lifetime of living in a goldfish bowl with all the attendant mental and emotional pressures, simply because of an accident of birth. For this reason, I feel pity for George, Charlotte and Louis and what they will have to face in the future. I am aware that Meghan chose to marry into this family, but had I been her sister or mother I would have advised her against it.

      That said, I do think if the Sussexes want out, they should give up their title and not use it for financial gain. Nor should the British taxpayer fund their security. I would hope for their sakes they would retire from public life altogether, but that remains to be seen.

      Thank you Marjorie for allowing all shades of opinion on your valuable blog.

    • This is just it, Meghan WAS a (minor) celebrity. Then she became a royal, which is the key difference. Once you take the title and the public funds things change. I did have a lot of sympathy for them but my mind is changing, there is a “having your cake and eating it” element to this.

      I could forgive them for wanting out, everybody makes bad judgements and should be allowed to alter the direction of their lives if their current one isn’t working out. But they have handled this so badly and seem so out of touch.

    • She’s a celebrity since she was a rumoured girlfriend to Prince Harry. Before she was a C-list actress, not even a very good one… She’s was attempting to ascend to fame with a lifestyle blog, sort of a Gwenyth Paltrow wanna be.

  18. Marjorie – the astrology is clear cut…but no matter what the pair does, they are trapped from above amd certainly constrained by “below”.

    Yes? No?

    No matter what, what’s there to look forward to?

  19. They seem to be popular in Canada and it is such a beautiful country. Also, there appears to be a requirement for Canada to provide their security which would solve one of the problems as the UK public are making it clear that they are happy with the couple’s decision as long as there is no taxpayer’s money involved. It is obvious why they are keen to retain their titles but less obvious how this fits into ‘a progressive new role’ . There is nothing progressive about ‘Your Royal Highnesses’ or Duke and Duchess. The terms imply superiority and that others are your social inferiors. It would be impressive if they relinquished their titles and had the courage of their convictions. It might also win back some of the respect they have lost after their behaviour towards our Queen. I do wish them well, though

  20. The Queen owns the cottage and it had asbestos – really –

    it costs a lot to clear that out – the comments here give one an idea why they decided to make this decision

      • MUCH evidence, i.e; ‘bitchy talk’ exists and the more a lie is repeated the more it is believed. Just another stick to beat her with, the woman-over-the-hill trope = worthless candidate. So boring. Think I’d believe her birth certificate as well as the high school year evidence to be quite frank unless stated otherwise.

        But as you are so privileged with such information and totally in the know, why haven’t you presented the FACTS, ST, or do you just prefer bumming around in conspiracy circles and pretending you know things other people are too stupid to dig for? Come on, inform us with some official channels, please…

        • If you can come up with it, Marjorie, will always adjust the reading after looking at the aspects. She’s done it many times in the past.

          Tick tock…

  21. Media is a necessary evil. Even in the era of insta, twitter etc, you still need the traditional media for publicity. it might change in a few years time, but we are not there yet. They give you good publicity (and bad) .. The couple had been mishandling the media for a while … Meg’s relationship with her father, secretive about baby delivery etc.

    Meghan thinks she is a celebrity and doesnt understand the difference between a member of the royal family and celebrity status. She is tax payer funder for a reason and she has to keep up with the expectations of the RF. But, if she is just an actress, she can have secret births and christening. I agree, whoever it is , there is a line between what is acceptable and what is not… Though certain media intrusiveness crossed the line, the couple didnt help themselves by avoiding the media for “normal” things.

    If they feel things are not in line with what they want in their lives, it should be respected. So, their decision to go independent is a valid one. But what is not acceptable, is trying to keep the royal titles, and benefits that come out of it (like tax payer funded security and possibly their Frogmore cottage). In reality, the money spent on them may be next to nothing in the grand scheme of things. But, they should not be using their royal title to earn private cash. How can we be sure that they are not being paid in return for some favours. As an example, will the small time Suits actress received a 750K USD baby shower from her celebrity friends and a free private jet return trip from the Clooneys?

  22. From the United States, which had its own issues with the royal establishment, Harry and Meghan’s breakaway spirit reminds me of my (natal Pluto-Saturn in Leo) generation’s rejection of traditional ways and mores in the late 1960s: Environment, racial equality, women’s rights, consciousness, spirituality, music and art, natural food all seemed more vitaland alive than what we perceived as our parents’ empty rituals, narrow values and materialism.

    Harry and Meghan seem to embody that spirit in this time. I wish them well forming their tribe, although, as you note, this won’t be easy.

  23. Meghan is incredibly, incredibly ambitious for herself, which is no bad thing, but it appears to be at odds with her role in the RF which requires a high level of self sacrifice, of having no voice etc. I always wondered how her personality would fit in with being part of the RF. Would she have been content with keeping her head down, carrying out the type of duties and engagements that Princess Anne does, for instance?

    A lot of the hostility towards Meghan was generated from the situation with her father. I am amazed that she has allowed it to fester for so long, especially since it really damaged her own public image. I don’t understand the thinking behind it – does anyone? But the wedding day chart and her composite chart with Harry does show family power struggles. The Moon in both charts is in hard aspect to Pluto & Saturn.

  24. I think its the worst thing they could have done.The tax payer are going to be well impressed after spending over 2 million on thier cottage. She should have put up and shut up, got her head down worked and played the media to her advantage such as letting the public see her baby after paying for them.It wouldn’t take much to have had the press and public eating out of her hand after thier fairytale wedding
    ( funded by us).They have bit the hand that has feds them.I feel sorry for Harry as he looks like he is led by the trousers now and is coming across as a petulant brat like her.What a shame for the Queen having to deal with thier tantrums such as the reports of being ‘ousted’ by the four generation pics of Queen, Charles, William and little George -the heirs when they rejected a title for Archie.As long as the public do not have to fund them then bye bye and good luck on your own and good riddance as our money is better spent elsewhere.

    • Here we are at the peak of the mighty Saturn Pluto conjunction and British conversation is about Harry and Meghan. Not even the threat of war or the failure of the UK to bring justice to the Dunn family or the continued cloud of scandal over Prince Andrew is important enough to eclipse the Harry and Meghan show of Defiance.
      I guess they symbolise what’s outworn and what’s going to be transformed. So much is being projected on to Meghan. Certainly race is a factor, but it’s not the only factor in them feeling unwelcome. She is also a non royal American divorcee with her own money and independent connections to the world she came from. I think Harry was attracted to this woman BECAUSE of all these differences not in spite of them. I think there are aspects of royal culture that Harry finds deeply wounding, let alone Meghan who actually is only now really beginning to truly see that her family is in many ways, imperiled by the hate festering in the major media outlets and acted out in social media trolling. Baby number 2 will only increase their vulnerability if they are here in the UK constantly having to fight their own corner.

  25. True, but they have tightened the laws in various countries since then in terms of public disorder and harassment and invasion of privacy. If I’m not mistaken it was foreign paparazzi who were following Diana on the day of her death. She and Dodi, I think, had visited the Duke and Duchess of Windsors’ old residence and then the Ritz Hotel, and weren’t exactly trying to be invisible. She invited attention – and had dispensed with Brit security and had a questionable driver from the Al Fayeds and no seat belts. It was an accident waiting to happen.
    And nowadays, as you say, members of the public with mobile phones are almost more of an intrusion and there’s precious little that can be done about that, apart from avoiding places where you’ll be over exposed. See Princess Anne.

  26. Odd other non-astrological thoughts. If you’re in the public eye don’t read the media. Liz Taylor who started as a child star read no magazines or newspapers about herself. Sensible.

    Yes, if this issue only was about not READING things about oneself. But what about the literal physical invasion of your space by media that especially Diana was subject to, and ultimately victim of? This may be my Capricorn speaking here, but I honestly do not see how anything one does with media would justify them to chasing and, in many instances, circulating public figures. I think this is the major issue for Harry, too, who for all his impulsiveness seems a genuinly protective and physically corageous individual.

    This has, if anything, become even more pressing issue in this World connected 24/7. There’s actually an interesting court hearing here in Finland in which Jessika Aro, one of the first, if not the first Western journalist exposing Russian Information Manipulation, seeks a restraining order against “citizen journalists” who’ve been in habit of sticking their cell phones on her face and “curating” 2-3 hours daily streams slandering her daily. The results should come today, and I’m fully expecting the court to rule for Aro, who suffers of anxiety attacks as a result of this behavior.

    And yes, I do believe media should be let to report on socially relevant issues. But the lines between reporting and harassment should be made clearer, as well.

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