Harrison Ford – should have gone to specsavers



Actor Harrison Ford nearly landed on a Boeing 737 passenger plane when he brought his own solo-piloted craft into a California airport and mistook the taxiway for the runway. He crashed a vintage plane in 2015 into a golf course; and was seriously injured in a Star Wars set accident the year before. And there have been several accidents before that, including the car crash when young which scarred his face.

Born 13 July 1942 11.41 am Chicago, Illinois, he has lucky Jupiter conjunct his midheaven and a Cancer New Moon also in the 10th, so certainly designed for a high profile career.

He doesn’t have a specially accident-prone chart except in recent times as his Solar Arc Saturn made the conjunction to his Mars over the 2014 accident; and Solar Arc Uranus will conjunct his Mars in three years’ time – hopefully he’ll have given up or been forced to before that hits.

At the moment he’s also got tr Uranus square his Sun and Moon, which can be jolting and maybe that’s why his concentration slipped.

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