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Harmonics was first brought to prominence in the west by John Addey, though David Hamblin’s Harmonic Charts and Michael Harding/Charles Harvey’s Working with Astrology are the two most readable and useful books. Otherwise Bob Marks has a helpful outline. http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/harmonics32.1.html

It’s an under-researched area, especially in numbers above 9, so sometimes the interpretations don’t fit with ongoing experience from a wider spectrum of charts – there is latitude for original thinking. And like all of astrology there’s usually a plus and a minus side. The 5th Harmonic can lead to a productive career where disparate elements are pulled together to create a successful lifestyle; or it can turn into a control-freaky desire to impose an individual’s worldview on others. 9H can be humanitarian and community-minded or a financial con-artist.

As more is learned it becomes clear there is a reasonable similarity between numerology interpretations and harmonics. And Vendla, who is a serious and skilled numerologist, drew me up a list up to 22, which does usually check out against the examples which crop up here.  Though these can be amplified from Hamblin and Harding/Harvey’s writings (Below).

Interpreting the harmonic chart is a question of seeing which planets are drawn into aspect (tight orbs of only 2/3 degrees) in that harmonic, which aren’t in aspect in the natal chart. So it gives a deeper dimension of meaning when the natal chart isn’t giving you a full reflection of the life and talents. I tend to look for configurations in the Harmonic chart e.g. Grand Trines, Grand Crosses, T Squares, which marks them out as a strong influence in that individual’s life.


1: The pioneer; Originality, innovation, ambition, determination. Also loneliness, egotistical, vain, dominating.

2: Cooperation, sensitivity, kindness, harmony. An entertainer at heart or at least artistically oriented (painting, music, writing). Also: Irresolute, deceitful, gossiping.

3: Charm, ambition, determination, artistic and verbal skills. Also cold, can be deceitful.

4: A fated number. Forever contradicting and in opposition to authorities. May have to start over and over again. Practical skills, organisation, strength, courage and perseverance. Also: Intolerance, dogmatism, ruthlessness.

5: Always on-the-go. Inventive, freedom-lover, fast-thinking, “sexy”. Also: Lack of concentration, irresponsibility, sensationalistic, self-indulgent, deceitful, “the player”.

6: “The Cancer number”; Sweetness, parenting, protecting home and family. The flipside is conventionality, stubbornness, unyielding, want of domination.

7: Seven is traditionally regarded as a spiritual number, endowed with a different kind of imagination, often artistic skills. Need peace. Perfectionism. A seeking soul. Also: too sceptical, too critical, sarcastic, cold, self-centred, attracted to alcohol/ drugs and occultism.

8: A fated number. “Karmic debt”. Soul wounds, bad luck or loss may follow this number, which also gives an abundance of strength and stubbornness in the face of difficulties. The road to success is often bumpy and hard, and if it comes easy, or at all, it will not necessarily bring happiness.

9: Strength, determination, the humanitarian. A philanthropic or artistic attitude to life is required, because if lacking, the number will “fail” to work constructively and could bring forward aspects such as frivolousness, immorality and irresponsibility.

10: “The wheel of Fortune”. Contains the innovation and creativity of the number 1, but even if 10 stands for prosperity and abundance, it also contains the seed of both rise and fall, of the good and the bad.

11: So called Master Number, which means that it is a difficult number to live up to. The positive aspect of number 11 is idealistic and inspired imagination. The negative aspects are fanaticism and unreasonableness, but also dishonesty, greed, self-indulgence and even perversion. From a different position, 11 warns against hidden trials, disloyalty and betrayal from others.

12: The sacrifice. Being sacrificed or becoming a victim to other persons’ (or entities’) plans, ambitions or intrigues. 12 warns against being a victim of circumstances, or dragged into other people’s affairs where you will be the one suffering the consequences. 12 may also make a conscious sacrifice. Also: Creativity, writers.

13: Upheaval, change and rebirth. This number is associated with exploration, genius and breaking with the orthodox. It warns against the unknown and the unexpected. It requires adaptation to change to be successful.

14: Movement. This number contains an (over)excited and nervous energy. It is connected to all kinds of communication, through the media, across national borders. Money, business and speculation is strong, but there is always a risk of loss connected to the constant movement in this number. Warns against natural disasters of all kinds.

15: A magic number according to the old masters of numerology. It rules magicians, alchemy, black magic, want of erotic experiences, actors and eloquent speakers. In my personal experience this is the actor’s number. It is a “tricky” number, not always lucky, and sometimes it can be associated with illness.

16: Destruction. This number warns against all kinds of catastrophes. Disappointments, humiliations, threatening dangers, accidents, disasters. Life as you know it might change completely. Sometimes this is self-inflicted, sometimes it is not. A special sensitivity is present, often artistic.

17: Hope and faith. Despite its fated core number 8, which represents trials, difficulties and obstacles, the 17 promises victory, inner enlightenment and “immortality” in the sense that those with a strong 17 may create their own mark on history and gain both in wealth and fame, which sometimes continues after their death. (Steve Jobs)

18: Strength, sometimes great material success, but also conflicts and enemies, “war & revolution”, fire and explosions, including from natural elements. (Serial killers)

19: This number is regarded particularly lucky for personal success, happiness and prosperity. However, the position of the number may change its meaning. 19 in traditional numerology is not a lucky number, it’s a ‘karmic’ number in the sense that the person is forced to develop their individuality. (Mel Gibson)

20: A major upheaval that leads to an awakening which changes the ambitions, ideals, goals or plans for one’s life. Not a good material number, but is considered good for spiritual development. Delays and obstacles.

21: Is regarded a very positive number, yet it tests one’s determination and will give victory after a long struggle for whatever is the right way to go or the right thing to do for the person in question. As far as I have seen, 21 is a creative number, and is often found in connection with writers and authors (like the number 12).

22: So called Master Number, which means that it is a difficult number to live up to. The positive aspects of number 22 is powerful imagination and/or strong leadership. The negative aspects are despotism or immorality. From a different position, 22 warns against lack of discernment, of being overconfident, relying on the wrong persons, and being deceived. (Elvis Presley)

15 thoughts on “Harmonics – the spiritual essence of numbers

  1. Just wading through Harding & Harvey’s book – which I bought mid-90s. It’s a struggle and I think this post will be useful. Thanks Marjorie

  2. Nice work, thank you Marjorie. When you look for configurations, would you include points like the ascendant or planets only?

    Mine are fairly underwhelming, especially the 7H which may explain why the family’s artistic talent skipped me altogether 😀

  3. Thank you for the list! The ones that really pop out for me are 3rd (even if one wasn’t to look at this…), 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 18th and 22nd Harmonics. The strong formations tend to involve Sun, Moon, Chiron and Mercury. Also, 7th and 21st have Venus on my Ascendant. My life story: I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I wrote my first short story when I was 6, but the life always seems to get in the way. Many of the events seem faithed, as I’m not looking for trouble. Rather, I can smell trouble miles away and stay away from it. But I know I have some serious karmic debt, and try to act accordingly.

  4. Oh ok … thanks Marjorie

    Just checking how I would interpret the mercury/jupiter/chiron grand trine (air or fire)? Communicate/big/wound or heal? lol

  5. Thanks so much Marjorie, especially for the quick response.

    In all the times I have googled ‘how to’ I could never work out what I needed to do and your last paragraph on ‘how to’ interpret was concise and easy to follow. So I skipped along to astro.com started at H2 to H10 so far (natal chart came up for H1).

    To my surprise (so far anyway) Harmonics 2 to 10 (except for H7) show very tight grand trines between mercury, jupiter, chiron every time with a couple that include a kite i.e. mars/jupiter or uranus/chiron. Is that normal?

      • Just as well, Marjorie; I actually found an envelope configuration in my 3rd, lol! Talk about typical Gemini/communication aspect 😀 Which is the most important configuration to look at and do you count the houses the planets are in? I’m sure I read somewhere that you can’t look at planets in their houses under the harmonics chart, which really confused me and left me with even less to comprehend, so I gave up. Looking at my harmonics. Not happy about the Grand Crosses in my 8th/12th (although I do write) 🙁 ;
        T-Squares: 3x5H, 10H, 15H, 3x16H, 19H
        Grand Trines: 6H, 7H, 18H
        Grand Cross: 8H, 12H
        Kite: 9H

        • Actually, looking at my 16H with those 3 T-squares, it also has 2 Grand Trines and I think 2 Kites! In the harmonic of Destruction. WTH?! Well, it was lovely knowing you all… (she says, before an ocean liner fell out of the sky, down on top of her while walking her dog, Rosie, in the park). Think I’ll have to take out some shares in a bubble wrap company from now on.

          • Become a wrecking ball operator, lol, and put destruction to good use. Or an insurance adjuster, where you deal daily with catastrophes. You have to stick around for Rosie’s sake!

          • Jo, This is why you need to read Hamblin/Harvey/Harding as well. At some point when I have time (sigh) I’ll try to amplify Vendla’s number interpretations with additional astro- thoughts from the enlightened ones. 16H can give enormous stamina and perseverance so it’s not all bad.

          • Have put those 2 books on my Amazon wish list (hope they come down in price; think they’ve gone out of print which explains the current costs. Not much better on ebay either.)
            It doesn’t look like the heavy planets play too much my configurations:
            Kite: Pisces Neptune (top) sextiles Capricorn Venus/Taurus Uranus which trines a focal point Virgo Moon. I think there is a 2nd kite there, but its focal planet is a Virgo Sun.
            Trine 1: Cap Venus, Taurus Uranus, Virgo Moon.
            Trine 2: Cap Venus, Taurus Uranus, Virgo Sun. (this is the trine that I think makes the 2nd kite)
            T-square 1: Pisces Mars, Virgo Sun, Gemini Jupiter (apex)
            T-square 2: Pisces Mars, Virgo Moon, Gemini Jupiter (apex)
            T-square 3: Pisces Neptune, Virgo Sun, Gemini Jupiter (apex)
            T-square 4: Pisces Neptune, Virgo Moon, Gemini Jupiter (apex)
            So, 2 earth Trines, 4 mutable T-squares, and a kite with a mixture of the two. I don’t think I’ll be looking over my shoulder too much for doctor death lurking in every crevice wondering when my life will brutally end like Princess Diana’s/JFK’s! I’m sure little Rosie would ward them off with her bark if she wasn’t frightened of her own shadow! I’m her bodyguard 😀 I think the above configurations hint more at my artistic side and some of the deep frustrations in expressing it accordingly as well as too much sensitivity – my self-esteem does tend to be tied in with those problems. Was just a bit surprised it was my strongest house next to 8 and 12, which on an astro chart would hint at the interior/water houses?

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