Guy Ritchie’s buckled sword – Charlie Hunnam less wounded



Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has bombed at the US and international box office and could lead to a $100 million loss for Warner Bros. David Beckham’s cameo role was trashed just from the trailer but the star Charlie Hunnam did get the thumbs up from critics and audiences.

Guy Ritchie isn’t having a good run with his last movie The Man from Uncle also a box office disappointment. And it doesn’t look any better ahead with tr Neptune moving to oppose his Jupiter and Virgo Sun over the next three years. Born 10 September 1958, a month after Marine Le Pen, he has the same yod of Neptune sextile Pluto Uranus inconjunct Saturn in Aries – with tr Uranus conjunct his Saturn this year, throwing a googly his way, knocking him off balance. It does look a slog ahead for him since by the time Neptune disappears off his Sun, tr Pluto is squaring his Saturn in 2020/21 which is very stuck and discouraging.

David Beckham is unlikely to launch a film acting career off the back of this and with tr Neptune conjunct his Mars in 2018 he looks directionless and less than confident as well. [See previous post Jan 16 2017.]

Charlie Hunnam, 10 April 1980 10.06am Newcastle upon Tyne (astrotheme), England, has a fascinatingly complicated chart. Best known for his roles in Sons of Anarchy and his award-winning performance in Pacific Rim, as well as Crimson Peak, he’s the son of a gangster/scrap merchant, divorced from his business-woman mother early on.

Hunnam has a 10th house Aries Sun in an inspirational and attention-demanding Fire Grand Trine to Mars in Leo trine Neptune in Sagittarius, formed into a Kite by Sun opposition Pluto – so certainly talented, driven, flamboyantly outspoken. He’s also got Mercury in Pisces in his 10th opposition Saturn in Virgo square Neptune; and a yod of Saturn sextile Uranus inconjunct his Sun. Despite the supreme confidence of his Fire Grand Trine he will harbour self-doubts with Mercury Saturn and a Yod focal point Sun, veering from low self-esteem to the opposite.

He looks down understandably at the moment with tr Saturn square his Sun/MC and Sun/Jupiter midpoints. 2018/19 will be challenging and pressured with tr Pluto square his Sun opposition Pluto, but he’s got a great deal ahead of him, with some lucky breaks in 2018 and more so in the early 2020s.

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