Gretchen Carlson v Roger Ailes – throwing down the gauntlet

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The lawsuit of sexual harassment against Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox news, by former presenter Gretchen Carlson, who alleges she was fired when she refused his advances, is turning ugly. There are other women claiming sexual harassment from the past, two of them teenagers at the time, and a tranche of Fox employees and former colleagues who say they never had any such experiences. Fox say she was let go because of falling ratings.

Roger Ailes, 15 May 1940, is a heavyweight personality (and shape) with a Sun Uranus Mercury (and Saturn) in Taurus trine Neptune in Virgo; with Saturn conjunct Jupiter in late Aries square Pluto.

He looks incensed and very argumentative this year with Solar Arc Mercury conjunct his Pluto and tr Pluto trine his Mercury (through 2017 as well). Plus he has an undermining, panicky and bad tempered tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on his Solar Arc Mars and Sun/Mars midpoint at the moment and extending into 2017. The next few months look pressured, challenging and trapped. Though with sprinklings of luck and light relief as well.

Gretchen Carlson, 21 June 1966 12 noon (?) Anoka, MN, is a Sun Gemini/Cancer ( exactly on the cusp, though Gemini if 12 noon accurate) in a hard-working and low self-esteem square to Saturn in Pisces; with Mars in journalistic and argumentative Gemini in a challenging square to Uranus Pluto, which will make her acutely reactive to any feeling of being trapped. Her Moon is in Leo; and her Venus in Taurus opposes Neptune.

She doesn’t look too happy in coming months with tr Saturn aiming to oppose her Mars and square her Uranus Pluto in November; and some tough transits to midpoints.

There is as much friendliness in her relationship with Ailes as there are problems. There’s composite Sun Venus and supportive Sun Jupiter conjunctions, linked into workmanlike Saturn and possessive Pluto.  But there’s also a doubt-ridden Saturn Neptune and unsettled Uranus. And an ambitious, though trapped, Saturn trine Pluto sextile Mars. The composite Sun is being undermined this year by tr Saturn opposition and tr Neptune square. With bad feelings intensifying through 2017.

Ailes’ relationship with Fox News (7 Oct 1996) shows major insecurity and upset through this December into early 2017.

Gretchen Carlson’s relationship with Fox News always was quite sticky, mirroring her own chart, with a composite Mars (Venus) square Pluto and trine composite Uranus; and a heady but potentially disappointing composite Sun trine Neptune. She won’t have an easy time ahead with tr Neptune opposing her Uranus Pluto and square her Mars in 2018/19.

Taking on an enterprise the size of Fox News is either gutsy or very foolhardy. Even if she wins, she may find herself very battered by the process.



3 thoughts on “Gretchen Carlson v Roger Ailes – throwing down the gauntlet

  1. Good point, Marjorie. I’m thinking that the cookie-cutter female presenters
    at Fox News wear their heavy make-up, short skirts and spiked heels as some
    sort of armor. It’s a wonder they haven’t all fallen ill from an overdose of lip gloss.

  2. Julie, Oddly enough I saw her for the first time on the first episode of House of Cards 4 last night. It’s amazing how many of those very blonde, perky, innocent-looking ladies have megaton Mars Pluto in their charts and Saturn. Maybe their appearance stems from having to put up a shiny, false front to appease the domineering masculine in their childhoods and later lives. They often have a strong streak of vengefulness when cornered.

  3. Marjorie: Thank you for your wonderfully thorough analysis of the escalating Carlson-Ailes
    battle. I’ve a hunch that Gretchen’s lawsuit is justifiable, but oh boy… about a huge
    risk. Gulp. Interesting about her low self esteem. She has always impressed me as being
    over-confident, if anything. Then again, people are seldom what they appear to be, as
    astrology so beautifully illustrates.

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