Greta Thunberg – a butterfly sets off an avalanche



Young people in more than 100 countries have walked out of class today to demand action on climate change. Greta Thunberg, the sixteen year old Swedish schoolgirl who started the international movement, has been nominated as a candidate for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

She was born 3 January 2003 to an opera singer mother and an actor father. She has described herself as having been “diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), and selective mutism; and says she can’t let things go once she has seen them. In December she addressed the United Nations Climate Change Conference and in January 2019 was invited to talk at Davos where she berated business leaders for putting profit before the future security of the earth.

She has a Sun and Moon in Capricorn; with an ultra-determined and unyielding, prone-to-depression Saturn in Gemini opposition Pluto. She has a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in intense Scorpio in a volatile square to Uranus. Her Jupiter in flamboyant Leo is in an idealistic and can be impractical opposition to Neptune and a confident trine to Pluto.

Her Saturn Pluto and five Fixed planets – Mars Venus, Jupiter and Uranus Neptune – will give her staying power and obstinacy. Her Capricorn Sun and Moon gives her initiative.

At the moment her Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct her Uranus which can be highly-strung though also inspired. She’ll have her down moments this year as well. It won’t ever be that easy for her with her underlying psychological issues. Tr Neptune will start an undermining square to her Pluto from this year and moves on to square her Saturn by 2022, aspecting the midpoint in between which will be droopy; and in 2021 her Solar Arc Saturn opposes her Sun which is downbeat and stuck.

She’s got guts but it’s a beyond-huge project she’s taken on.


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  1. Interesting that you have left out Chiron which is one degree from her SUN. Not sure why.. This is a significant addition to any commentary on her presence as she is one of those Chiron mavericks that we in astrology know so well. Zane Stein says of these people, ‘they are definitely originals and frequently originators. They are full of spirit and able to reach people on all levels. They do disregard many rules and they ignore people who say it can’t be done. They go through life forming two groups of people, those who like them and those who don’t!” This is definitely true of Greta – she is a polariser.

    Some examples of people with this combination – Jean Cocteau, Shirley Temple, Jeff Bridges, Mareleen Dietrich, & Doris Day. Say no more !
    Also the point made earlier about ERIS by Anthony, its trine to Pluto and Jupiter in the fire signs – a creative leader, who must watch her limits though. Burnout ..
    Also her progressed Sun and SA Sun are about to go into Aquarius and that will see some big shifts from her – more inventive, bigger world stage..?
    And her Prog Mercury is almost exactly aligned with Chiron right now. Truly original thinkers and have concern for others thinking and can reach out to others with words and ideas. That’s what she is doing right now. !

  2. You guys should check out “Eris” (Warrior Goddess) in her chart – part of a grand trine in Fire signs, involving Pluto and Jupiter. The Venus/Uranus square has a lot to say for itself too, while the Sun and Moon in Capricorn giving her an incredible base to stand on. However, she’s just part of the big transformation that’s happening now of course. Just hope the old guard don’t resort to a “scorched earth policy” as a final desperate act… which is what global warming is after all I guess! <:(

  3. This interpretation I find mean spirited and small minded. This girl is taking on the world. literally, so her chart will work in different ways for her. I really hope she does not read this interpretation of her immense bravery.

    • I am happy to be proved mean spirited and wrong but I do have an idea how the world and in particular the media work. The latter are famous for building people up, feting then and then destroying them. And I am actually only echoing the thoughts of certain experienced environmentalists who are wary of issues being coopted by big corporations who have the bottom line as their main concern.

      At the end of the day Gunter Thunberg is a vulnerable child. Her long term physical and emotional well being should be people’s primary concern. Early exposure to fame can be very dangerous for children as Hollywood has shown over and over again.

      • Apologies that should be Greta Thunberg not Gunter. The autospeller got me again.

        I suppose the point I am trying to make is there is something creepy and vaguely abusive about adults who put all their own failed dreams, hopes and ambitions on the slender shoulders of children.

  4. I am afraid that the image of the Children’s Crusade of 1212 keep coming into my head. The participants in that movement were lauded by the movers and shakers of that era who then sold many of them into slavery. The fact these children are being feted at Davos nd by NGOs in bed with the corporations and the financiers who rely on the debt money system and ever increasing consumption for their profits makes me suspicious along with quite a few environmentalists who have been campaigning about climate change for decades. The feeling this is just about setting up means of coopting and financialising Green issues so that the super rich can just get wealthier while the poor can be subjected to ever tighter social controls. The ardour and commitment of children for causes is admirable but they are also young, naive and ripe for manipulation as Chairman Mao realised in the 1960s. The pricking of my fingers tells me something evil this way comes which I dont like at all. As one astrologer said Pluto/Saturn can be about as bad as it gets, particularly when Neptune is powefully placed.

    • Hugh, you appear to be incredibly diverse with your historical accounting. Fantastic. I read some sources online this morning over 1st coffee. First impression to me was that those kids were incredibly naive – believeing God would take care of them…leading to a disastrous ending. It would be “unconsciounable” that God would abandon “children”. Well, the universe is not fair and “God” has to stay on the sidelines.

      Today’s movement does tilt at windmills – but taking a different view from child exploitation, a healthly employee is a more productive employee. Clean up the environment, governments can provide tax credits based on corporate results of “cleaning”. This is but one avenue to consider.

      It is admirable that young people take the lead in this situation. It could be a butterfly causing an avalanche. Is your opinion mean-spirited and evil? Definitely no. It is a reflection of human nature: evolution of the fittest and survival of the fittest. Only time will tell …and perhaps astrology…toward the results.

  5. I have to say, that autism will help to shield her too, in a way, because it will shield her from some of the snarky comments by “well meaning” adults I’ve read, as well as adulation. And yes, I know this, because I’ve been close to highly intelligent, highly functional autistic people, and it was always that way. Things you thought would hurt them didn’t. Fortunately, most insincere people are insincere in a way that relies on manipulation that does not work with autistic people. I’d say at this point it’s up to her parents to regulate her public appearances – it’s people in general, not what people think – that can overwhelm autistic people.

    I also have a younger relative who was born just a couple of days after her. Main known difference to Greta’s chart is Pisces Moon. But certain natural leadership qualities are there with our young person, too. He is concerned about environment as well, in his case, oceans (Pisces Moon). He is actually planning a career in water preservation right now.

  6. I just mean in terms of the effect on her mental health. There’ll be no closure in this contest and many setbacks and she’s likely to take them very much to heart.

  7. General observations: “She’s got guts but it’s a beyond-huge project she’s taken on” If not her, then whom? Who will have the backbone to tell her to go play with dolls? Also, if not the children, whom will the adults in the room listen to? Cats? Dogs? Shareholders?

    Mother Earth?

    • Maybe it’s my 5th house Moon, but I’ve been constantly impressed by the children born in the early 2000’s not in dissimilar social context (Nordic Countries) to that in which Greta was born and raised. What’s really setting them apart from us, their Gen X parents is that they are not only socially conscious (because we are, in a way), but they are also almost fearless in a way. I think that while Nordic Gen Xers still carried with them some of that culture of shame that’s probably most recognizable to non-Nordics from plays by Ibsen and Strindberg or films by Ingmar Bergman and now from some Nordic Noir novels and TV series, these kids simply are not bound by that anymore. They make ethic driven choices on very different bases than we did.

      • I think the Scandinavian countries are miles ahead of the rest of the world and I think we should most certainly be emulating them in so many ways. It’s no surprise the children in this part of the world are running with the baton regarding important changes.

        We in the UK have the enviable position of having one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe, holding one of the highest rates of binge-drinking in the world, our schooling is falling way behind compared to other leading countries, we have one of the biggest gaps between the rich and poor, we came 35th in the 100 rated countries of safest places to live BELOW Quatar, Romania, Italy, and UAE (4 Scandinavians dominated the top 10 with Iceland at no.1 place,) and we have the lowest pension rates in the advanced world. For a first world Western country, we’re a disgrace. If I were a politician, I would want to emulate the success of other countries, starting first and foremost with the Scandinavian model. If people thrive in those set-ups, so do the children, and it clearly shows.

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