Germany in economic trouble as the EU struggles


‘German industry is in the deepest slump since the global financial crisis and threatens to push Europe’s powerhouse economy into full-blown recession.’ Even allowing for economic journalists’s tendency to catastrophise there do appear to be problems in the wheelhouse.

It’s not just the German car industry facing a problem. More than 80pc of Germany’s factories are in outright contraction; with manufacturing activity for the wider eurozone dropping to levels last seen in the depths of the 2012 European debt crisis.

The Bundesbank (Central Bank) chart, 26 July 1957 is in a perilous state at the moment with a high-tension, jolting Solar Arc Saturn opposition Uranus earlier this year; worsening towards a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune late this year into early 2020. Plus tr Uranus in a series of jangling squares to the Sun this year and Uranus next. It won’t regain confidence till 2022/23 as tr Pluto trines the Jupiter.

The Germany 1 January 1871 chart has a panicky tr Neptune square Jupiter exact now and recurring on and off till late 2020 which is the classic financial bubble-bursting influence, with falsely high hopes deflating. The recent Solar Eclipse was opposition the Germany Sun and conjunct the Germany Midheaven for a crisis of direction. And tr Uranus is conjunct the Germany Taurus Moon sitting on the cusp of the 8th house of joint finances for an economic upset this year and early next.

The UK chart has the same Capricorn Sun and Cancer Midheaven as Germany so has different crises running in parallel. Tr Uranus into the Germany 8th which usually bring a period of economic instability should be noted since the UK has the same from 2022 onwards. The EU with the same Capricorn Sun and similar chart axis picked up tr Uranus into the 8th earlier this year so their financial insecurities picked up earlier than the UK’s which to date isn’t doing badly. Though clearly there are clouds on the horizon.

The Germany chart picks up tr Pluto opposition their 10th house Uranus for a radical upheaval and change of direction in 2021/22. The Germany chart does not suggest an essentially compliant or cooperative country with Uranus in the 10th and an uncommitted, evasive Neptune in the 7th. And indeed the relationship chart between Germany and the EU has been fraught with tensions and difficulties since the beginning which are coming to a head at the moment with tr Uranus elbowing the composite Fixed Grand Cross of Venus opposition Uranus square Mars opposition Moon, from last year through till 2021; with an increasing sense of separation and crisis from tr Saturn and this year’s Eclipses. There’ll be major confusion and disappointment in 2022/23 between the two, with a paralysis of will about how to tackle problems.   The France/Germany relationship chart as well is showing up a sense of loss, confusion and devastation in 2019/2020; with a major turning point in 2022/23 which could put unbearable pressure on their relationship, stretching it to breaking point.

The EU chart has the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the 2nd house financial Neptune now which is creating an earthquake of panic; with the Solar Arc Midheaven approaching an exact conjunction to the Pluto within three months whichwill grind progress to a dead-halt and perhaps drag dirty-dealing into the open. Plus tr Uranus is starting  three years explosive, cage-rattling of the EU’s central Fixed Grand Cross. This year and early next a highly-strung, nerve-stretched tr Uranus is opposition Neptune and worse the conjunction to the 8th house Moon picks up from July 2020 and squares the Uranus at the same time, running through 2021 as well – precipitating not only a financial disruption of considerable proportions but also triggering a sharp change of plan for the longer term.

Tr Neptune is also square the 3rd house Saturn in 2020/21 which will lead to uncertainty and significant worry. As well as communication and transport difficulties.

Everywhere going into a melting pot.

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