George Soros – sharp about money, keen on liberal causes

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Billionaire George Soros, one of Hillary Clinton’s major donors and a supporter of liberal causes, became known as the man who ‘broke the Bank of England’ after his bets against the pound were instrumental in ejecting it from the Exchange Rate Mechanism in the 1990s and made him $1 billion.

A leak of documents from his philanthropic network has sparked a fairly muted row in the media about:- 1) his support for the Palestininians to challenge “Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies in the international arena”; 2) his interference in East European country elections; 3) giving financial help which supported groups that fuelled the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri after a young black man was shot by a white policeman; 4) him benefitting from Clinton’s push for the Panama Free Trade Agreement, which opened the country up as a tax haven; 5) giving former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental group millions of dollars to create a “political space for aggressive U.S. action” on global warming. He’s also had a business relationship with Donald Trump lending him money for hotel construction.

He was born in Budapest, Hungary on 12 Aug 1930, and has the super-confident Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Cancer; with Jupiter opposition Saturn square Venus on one side and square Uranus on the other – so part of that innovative, utterly-determined, bubbling-with-initiative Depression generation. His Leo Sun is trine Uranus in Aries, sextiling onto a focal point Mars in Gemini.

His Leo Sun is conjunct Hillary’s Mars Pluto Saturn, so not the easiest of relationships for close co-operation. Though if her birth time of 8.01am is accurate then his Jupiter falls in her 8th house of joint finances which will no doubt be an attraction. His Neptune is conjunct her MC, so something unclear about his influence on her career, slippery, maybe scandal-prone.

Their relationship chart again has a Neptunian flavour with high-finance Jupiter Neptune conjunct the composite Sun trine Uranus, sextiling onto a pro-active Mars. Though there’s also an argumentative Mars square Mercury; and an emotionally cool Venus Saturn conjunction. Definitely money-oriented.

The relationship looks tense and stressed from Dec 2016 and through 2017 with tr Pluto opposition Mars and square Mercury; with tr Uranus opposition the composite Venus at the moment and again early in 2017. But they’ll definitely be on a roll together by 2018 with tr Pluto trine the composite Jupiter and Uranus. Though with a hint of disappointment following that. High financial hopes which peter out.

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  1. He has been the biggest power behind all of American politics since 1994, probably more than any of the financiers, because his purse strings are in so many non-profits nearly everything, including the Press. He complained of having less influence than he had hoped in the first Obama administration but a great deal in the second Obama administration. Those of us who donated to thinking the money would be only used to oppose the Iraq War found out that he usurped the organization with a 5 million donation and used it for his own purposes.

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