George Nichopoulos – the hand on Elvis’s pulse

George Nichopoulos, the doctor known by some fans as the man who killed Elvis Presley, has died. In the final seven months of Presley’s life, he prescribed more than 10,000 pills in the singer’s name, including sedatives, amphetamines and narcotics. He was later acquitted of being criminally responsible for Presley’s 1977 death. He had been a brother and father figure to Presley and a central figure in his inner circle, trying with little success to get the singer to exercise and to adopt a sensible diet.

Born 29 October 1927 in Ridgway, Pennsylvania, he was an ultra-determined Sun Mars in Scorpio which was trine Elvis’s Pisces Moon (conjunct Saturn).  GN’s Sagittarius Moon fell just below Elvis’s Ascendant, making him seem like a nurturing figure.  Though GN’s Pluto also fell in Elvis’s 8th so he would also be controlling.

That would certainly fit Elvis’s pattern since he natally had an 8th house Pluto opposition Sun. So he’d attract himself to dominating figures, like his manager, Colonel Tom Parker and GN.

The Elvis/GN relationship chart was tumultuous with hints of ruthlessness – Pluto opposition Jupiter Saturn (Moon) square Mars – so there would quite a tussle between them as to who had the upper hand.


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