Donald Trump & the GOP – not a match made in heaven

The Republican Party grandees are gradually coming to realise that they may be saddled with Donald Trump as a candidate, a prospect they’d have keeled over laughing cynically about a few months back.

There are two charts for the GOP – 6 July 1854 and 28 February 1854.  On both, The GOP Neptune in Pisces sits in Trump’s 7th house square his 10th house maverick Uranus, so a highly-strung connection with little trust on either side.  The GOP’s Saturn in both charts sits in Trump’s 10th so the Party will try to discipline him and curtail his wilder excesses.

The relationship charts between Trump and both GOP charts has very visible Saturn Pluto markers which tends to indicate a relationship chained together by circumstances which causes resentment. Which sounds about right. And the composite Neptune opposes Pluto Saturn – so doubt, suspicion, paranoia. With the composite Mars highlighted – so angry.

Over the 2017 Inauguration the tr Saturn in Sagittarius square Mars in Pisces will hard aspect the composite (Saturn) Pluto opposition Neptune which suggests deep gloom. Though that could be argued either way. They are appalled at the prospect of four years of the Donald; or they blame him for losing the election. Whichever – it looks a very unhappy partnership.


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