Florida – reeling from one disaster after another



Florida is in shock after the Parkland shooting coming only 18 months after the Orlando nightclub rampage and Hurricane Irma last September. It’s been a devastating couple of years as first the tr Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces hit on the Florida Pisces Sun in 2016; with a ‘shocking-collision’ Solar Arc Mars square the Sun; then tr Neptune returned to conjunct the Florida Sun over Irma and is back for this teenage atrocity. Neptune has one more undermining and confusing conjunction in November/December this year before moving on.

This year as well sees tr Saturn square the Florida Uranus Jupiter from now, off and on till early December; which will be jolting and discouraging. There could be ructions in March with a hot-tempered tr Uranus trine Mars running, which also hits on the Trump/Florida relationship chart. That chart takes an even bigger dunt in July and onwards; worse in 2019. But there’s no real sign of a revolution on the streets.

Florida doesn’t have a chart that will budge easily with a do-or-die determined Mars trine Pluto and four Fixed planets. But there will be pressure for change starting in 2019 running through 2020. Jupiter in Sagittarius from November this year onwards through 2019 will help to lift spirits.

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  1. Marjorie,

    thank you so much for writing about this. As a Floridian, I know change isn’t going to come easily here in Florida. Our state legislature is overwhelmingly dominated by the Republicans – we have 40 State Senators (23 are Republican, only 15 are Democrat) and we have 120 House Representatives (76 are Republican, only 41 are Democrat). Our Governor’s Mansion has been controlled by the Republicans since 1999. The Junior U.S. Senate here in Florida has been controlled by the Republicans since 2005. And, we have 27 U.S. House of Representatives here in Florida – 16 are Republican, and only 11 are Democrats. Plus, all of the other major Florida Govt. offices (Commissioner of Agriculture, Chief Financial Officer, Florida Attorney General, etc.) are controlled by the Republicans too. U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is about the ONLY major Democrat left still representing our state (which is why it’s imperative we keep him in office).

    So, I wasn’t at all surprised when the Florida State Legislature voted against banning the sales of extremely dangerous firearms the other day – most of the Republican Florida State Legislators are in the pockets of the NRA and many of them have “A+” ratings from the NRA and have received donations from them as well.

    However, the energy here in Florida is strong. People here are angry and are demanding change. These students, young people, teachers, etc. are really organizing and they’ve been putting a lot of pressure on our corrupt Republican Governor Rick Scott.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  2. The commander in Tweet is back at it; denouncing students as conspiracists/actors. My god, can he sink even lower?

    Florida politicians have outright refused to consider AR-15 bans, claiming “porrn” is more dangerous than assault rifles. There are long name lists being publicised of republican politicians on the NRA payoff list. So much glory for the GOP.

  3. It does feel like young people have had enough, some of the Parkland survivors are going to Washington next week. Perhaps there is a critical mass now, with so many atrocities and the fact that social media allows like minded people to support each other. It would be wonderful if this became the beginning of the end of the NRA’s hold over the politicians.

  4. Interesting thing is that The Parkland Survivors are fighting back against that “prayers and thoughts” matra , and are given airtime. I think this happened with Sandy Hooks, too, but it didn’t pick up. Some social media indicators show there has been a sharp turn agains NRAs unsustainable stance on sales of semi-automatic assault weapons and evidently a non-existant control process since Las Vegas. Although much of The US gun violence is, in fact, related to unlicensed guns, the deadliest incidents tend to involve AR-15.

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