Fleetwood Mac – a constant rocking drama



Fleetwood Mac have fired Lindsey Buckingham, their lead guitarist and a vocalist, who had already baled out once before for a decade only to come back.

Fleetwood Mac described by Rolling Stone: ‘The crew that loves breakup drama more than any other six or seven bands combined.

It’s a new dysfunctional chapter for the fivesome who wrote the book on packing up and shacking up.

Any band can explode a time or three, but only these guys could break up continuously for 40 years, putting each other through untold agonies and then always coming back together for more punishment.

Permanently mismatched, yet permanently linked.’

They are a strong-minded and argumentative bunch. Mick Fleetwood, 24 June 1942, a Sun Jupiter in Cancer has Mars Pluto conjunct in Leo. Christine McVie, 12 July 1943, also a Sun Cancer has Jupiter Pluto in Leo square Mars in Taurus maybe opposition a Scorpio Moon. Stephanie Nicks, 26 May 1948, a Sun Gemini square Mars in Virgo, has a Saturn Pluto conjunction and her Mercury conjunct outspoken Uranus. John McVie, 26 Nov 1945, a Sun Sagittarius trine Mars Pluto in Leo.

Lindsey Buckingham, 3 October 1949 1.53am Palo Alto, CA is a Sun Libra with Mars Pluto in Leo on his Ascendant.  He’ll be fine, indeed bouncing come 2019/2020 with tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter in Capricorn. His relationship with Mick Fleetwood was always fraught with a hostile composite Pluto, Mars.  He was solo for his missing decade and will no doubt be so again.

As to the others, it looks a bumpy ride through 2028/19. But for them that’s normal.


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  1. Guitarist Mike Campbell signed on to replace LB on tour at least. Steady guy, was with Tom Petty for 50 years! Also Neil Finn is supposed to tour with them. Both talented artists and seem to be a whole lot less volatile.

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