Financial markets – bear knocks bull off his perch



Sharp drops and volatility in the global stock markets are being blamed on fears about the withdrawal of the stimulus which artificially kept economies afloat in recent times; and to correct an overpriced market. Though, as ever, the markets don’t bear much relation to the health of the real economy, which at present seems reasonably sound.

Stock market charts are notoriously difficult predictors but for what it’s worth. The NY Stock Exchange, 17 May 1792 11.30am has tr Uranus is a jolting conjunction to its Saturn in Aries and opposition its Neptune in March/April, which will raise neurosis to new peaks. Those these influences were also around last year; this is the final hit. The Lunar Eclipse was triggering the Uranus; and the mid February Solar Eclipse will be conjunct the NYSE Pluto – a tense time.

The FTSE First Trade, 3 Jan 1984 10am London, has tr Uranus exactly on the insecure, overly excitable opposition to its Mars, again a final hit of what was around in 2017. With a depressed tr Saturn conjunct the Mercury, moving to conjunct the New Moon from Jan 2019.

The US Federal Reserve Bank chart, 16 Nov 1914 9 am Washington, DC, is in for an edgy time giving the new chair Jerome Powell a short or non-existent honeymoon period. From mid May tr Uranus will make a highly-strung, nervy square to the ResB Neptune; and within seven months (if not before) there is a Solar Arc Uranus opposition the ResB Sun which will be a considerable shock and forced change of direction.

Powell, 4 Feb 1953, is a Sun Mercury in Aquarius opposition Pluto, square Jupiter and trine Moon Neptune (Saturn) in Libra; with a Yod of Saturn sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars in Pisces. It’s a heavyweight chart, though he could be fairly impulsive with a Yod focal point Mars. His Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Saturn through this year which will put him under considerable pressure; with tr Uranus opposition his Saturn in April for a few weeks of even higher tension than usual.

He’s not a harmonious fit with Trump since his Mars squares Trump’s Sun and Moon; and his Pluto is conjunct Trump’s Mars in Leo, so there will be scratchy moments.

On the USA chart tr Saturn is opposition Jupiter at the moment, returning twice before the autumn, and opposing the USA Venus, and then moving to oppose the Cancer Sun in 2019. That needn’t all be financial but it might point towards some economic hard news. The USA is also heading for a Nodal Return this June, which does suggest a need for a re-think about general direction and national purpose. The Nodal Return is a staging point in an individual or a country’s destiny and being in Leo, it does suggest that global leadership qualities are what need to be boosted.

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