Extinction Rebellion – activists walking their talk



The activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) has threatened to shut down London until the end of April by blocking roads in protests in order to draw attention to climate breakdown. Two days of disruption so far have seen 120 arrested and many tens of thousands of workers had their travel plans disrupted.

XR was set up in 2018 with one hundred academics signing a call to action over climate change, biodiversity loss, and ecological collapse. A declaration was issued on 31 October 2018 when it was deemed founded as a civil disobedience movement. Activists have pledged a willingness to be arrested and go to prison, similar to the mass arrest tactics of the anti-war Committee of 100 in 1961. They take their inspiration from grassroots movements such as Occupy, Gandhi’s independence movement, the suffragettes, and Martin Luther King. It wants to rally support worldwide around a common sense of urgency to tackle climate breakdown.

Laudable aims but if they put livelihoods at risk in major cities and cause chaos they won’t be popular.

The 31 October 2018 chart has an exact Venus in passionate Scorpio opposition a reformist, rebellious Uranus at zero degrees in Taurus square a leadership Leo North Node – with Venus conjunct the Sun and the Node possibly conjunct the Moon. So its start certainly keys up Uranus’s entry into earthy Taurus. With progressive change pointed up by Uranus trine Saturn in Capricorn.

The Sun is also trine idealistic Neptune; but with Neptune   in aspect to both the Mars/Saturn and Sun/Pluto midpoints, there’s a possibility of it all petering out after a while, since it lacks vitality and doesn’t have the stamina to overcome the resistance in its path.

For all that there is a notable 17th Harmonic which usually suggests leaving a legacy for history, so something will stick.

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  1. The earth is a large organic constantly changing item, there is not really an awful lot humanity can do to stop the evolution of the earth.
    They would be better to try and improve international cooperation at all levels. However mankind being the type of animal he/she has become, ie very very self centred for most (not all) it is most unfair of these ‘protesters’ to wreck others existence because they think they are right and everyone else is wrong!!!!!

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