EURO – facing its biggest crisis in 2017



The EURO chart, 1 January 1999, will be under extraordinary pressure, the worst in its short history,  from Feb 2017 till late 2018, with tr Pluto square the Euro Mars, so it’ll be boxed in every which way causing major angst and considerable fear. And there’ll be a series of major upsets when tr Uranus starts to square the Euro Venus from late April and conjunct the Euro Saturn from mid May onwards, on and off till March 2018. The warning signs will be there from late this December with tr Saturn moving round the Mutable T Square, conjunct Mercury and square Jupiter and then opposition Moon, repeating the whole process in the autumn of 2017.

One possible catalyst could be the political situation in Italy, which is facing a referendum on December 4th to push ahead reforms which may see PM Renzi step down if he loses which it looks likely that he will. Italy is considered one of the biggest threats to the survival of the euro, with eye-watering debt and banks filled with non-performing loans. A Renzi resignation would make markets look again at the state of Italy’s banks which could push the eurozone crisis from its current chronic state to an acute one. On a worst case scenario, Renzi goes, and a new populist party takes over which has pledged to hold a referendum to leave the euro, which was what Berlusconi threatened before he was toppled. Several other European countries also desperately need a more affordable currency, but are stuck inside the euro straitjacket.

The European Central Bank (ECB) chart 1 June 1998 is facing an undermining tr Neptune square its Gemini Sun in January 2017. But also has a bullishly confident Solar Arc Pluto square its Jupiter, exact in early 2017, which could cause them under pressure to throw away the rule book; followed late in the year by a reckless Solar Arc Mars square Jupiter. Plus a whole raft of discouraging Saturn hard aspects to Solar Arcs in 2017.

Matteo Renzi, 11 Jan 1975 2.45pm Florence, Italy, has a Capricorn Sun picking up the tr Uranus square in the final days of this month through Dec/Jan 2017, so there will be a major disruption in his life; with an aggravated setback tr Saturn conjunct his Mars in January 2017. He may, of course, lose the referendum and decide not to resign, though even he was talking of breaking regulations and baling out the banks.

Brexit may be the lesser of EU worries as 2017 proceeds with France and German elections to be held, with all populations distinctly restive and inclined to kick over the traces.

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  1. Forgive me for being so politics oriented, but could I request you to have a look at charts for Geert Wilders and the Netherlands? The Dutch general election is on 15th March.

    “there’ll be a series of major upsets when tr Uranus starts to square the Euro Venus from late April and conjunct the Euro Saturn from mid May onwards” – That sounds to me like a Le Pen victory. Would it be worth looking at the Le Pen/Euro chart to see if they affect each other at all?

    It seems to me that the Founding Six members of the EEC (West Germany as then, France, Italy and the Benelux countries) are all due to have elections/referendums this coming year and it seems that they have taken a dislike to their offspring and that dislike will make itself known in their elections. When the founders of a project damn it, it may be time to pause and reflect on why that is the case.

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