EU in shock as UK’s subterranean Mars is triggered

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The continental media, especially German and French, are putting the blame for the Brexit debacle squarely at the feet of the EU bureaucracy and saying it’s a wake-up call. Whether that will sink into the feather-bedded, gold-plate-pensioned civil service mentality is questionable.

What is showing on the EU chart at the moment is Solar Arc Uranus square the Sun within 6 minutes of a degree (one tenth) – which is certainly a severe enough jolt. The tr Saturn square tr Neptune is also hitting on the 10 degree Pisces EU Sun/Moon midpoint this year. Tr Saturn can mean separation or divorce here; and Neptune the undermining of associations. Tr Saturn hits it one more time in July this year and tr Neptune continues on into early 2017. So it could loosen more relationships along the way.

The UK 1801 chart on a more considered look does have Solar Arc Sun exactly square the 8th house Mars, exact in three months’ time.  The anxiety is that Brexit will hit the financial services industry, in London and also Edinburgh badly. Tr Saturn is quincunx that Mars at the moment and tr Neptune will soon sextile Mars.

Mars in the 8th does represent business and international finances, but also at a psychological level points to a good deal of buried anger, which is clearly getting a sharp elbow at the moment.

The Solar Arc Midheaven will square Mars late in 2017 for another sharp shock.

What’s interesting astrologically is there is little happening to the UK MC or Solar Arc MC for such a momentous event. What is being keyed up is the Aries North Node in the 7th which at 14 Aries is opposition the UK Sun/Moon midpoint in Libra – tr Pluto returns for a final time this September/Oct to square both. That finishes a longish run of tr Uranus and tr Pluto in hard aspect so there has been an upsurge of wanting to cast off relationships which demand too much compromise. With a 7th house Node, the UK is not good anyway at one-to-one commitment, especially in Aries, which suggest soul development comes from standing alone.  Plus tr Uranus is now moving through the 7th till 2018/19.

Since the Node is on the focal point of a T Square to a 10th house 19 degree Cancer Moon opposition a 4th house 10 degree Capricorn Sun, it means that the tr Uranus square tr Pluto has been pounding right round these planets now since 2013.  The UK like the EU has an incredibly Fixed chart so doesn’t find change easy.  It took a long time for the elastic to snap.  Tr Pluto  in 2017/18 opposes the 10th house Moon which represents the ruling classes and also monarchy. So there will be huge and emotionally angst-ridden pressure for change running through this period.

Not the least of which will come from Brexit voters who now say they feel lied to and wish they could change their minds. What was Cameron thinking about?  He could at least have put a 60% threshold of voters for an exit. Two per cent isn’t enough.

5 thoughts on “EU in shock as UK’s subterranean Mars is triggered

  1. I am in New Zealand, glad to hear this, the EU are not the only countries in the world. Now the UK can build relationships everywhere and make it’s own laws without outside scrutiny.

  2. Regarding the Brexit voters who now say they feel lied to and wish they could change their minds, the same could be said of the 1975 vote. People will always find something to complain about, more so if they have an audience. I haven’t seen the video, but understand they weren’t the brightest, and frankly how far do you go along with this “I was lied to”, “I didn’t understand what I was doing” mentality? They’re adults, not children. According to Sky, the turnout in the 18-24 age group was just 36%, so why are they complaining? I’m genuinely appalled at some of the outrageous comments by young people over this result, I expected better.

  3. Looking at UK’s 1066 William the Conqueror chart, tr Uranus was exactly conjunct. Some astrologers use asteroids Ceres and Eris. These were exactly conjunct tr Uranus, in a quincunx with tr Mars in scorpio.

  4. Pluto by solar arc has hit the UK ascendant and the full Mon on the 20th June was on the MC/IC of the EU chart at 29 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius squaring the EU Ascendant at 29 degrees Virgo. This spectacular combination and Mars in Scorpio about to StD is noted.

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