EU – heading into white water rapids



There’s an uptick in the mood in Brussels from early November to mid December on the EU chart with tr Pluto trine their Jupiter/Uranus midpoint (at the same time as a considerable amount of aggro); and a bigger sigh of relief from early December till mid February 2019 as tr Uranus opposes their Jupiter. Whether that’s delight at finally getting rid of Perfidious Albion for good. Or a slight reprieve as disentangling the spider’s web is pushed back two years, isn’t too clear. Plus, of course, a reality check from tr Saturn conjunct the EU Sun in late December but that will pass quickly.

Where their jangles start to pick up a head of steam is from late March to mid April 2019 which will bring them down to earth with a bump to recognise a difficult situation with tr Uranus opposition the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint (a false-happiness bubble bursting).

There’ll be a fair amount of upheaval and disruption mid April to early May as tr Uranus trines the 12th house Pluto – on country charts even soft aspects tend to act like hard. Could be secrets being catapulted into the open or behind-the-scenes power players getting a sharp elbow in the ribs.

April also sees tr Neptune opposition the Mars/MC which is failure, unable to proceed, lacking will power and decisiveness.

The (almost certainly) devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the 2nd house Neptune comes exact in June/July, but will be in effect before then, which will be major financial concerns.

The EU elections in late May have tr Uranus opposition the 2nd house Neptune – high concern, trepidatious, fanatical.

The next EU Parliament 2 July 2019 happens on the day of a Solar Eclipse in a worrisome/obsessive Saros Series, with a downbeat Cancer New Moon opposition Saturn; and an explosive, outspoken Uranus square Mars Mercury. Tr Uranus is then starting to oppose the Sun/Pluto midpoint which is associated with an adjustment to radically new circumstances – reformers, rebels, fanatics. That runs on into 2020.

From early 2019 tr Uranus is also moving into the EU 8th (depending on house system) for seven years which will be a roller coaster ride economically. The UK catches it from mid 2019 onwards, as does Germany. So moving into erratic, unpredictable times where international finance is concerned.

The EU (and UK, German) also has the transiting Saturn Pluto moving through the 4th for the next two years for domestic and internal tensions and perhaps hardship.

Where the major shake up for the EU comes is 2020/2021 with tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house financial Moon and square the 11th house (future plans and legislators) Uranus. Plus a  ‘shocking collision’ Solar Arc Mars square the Moon and opposition Uranus in 2021 – of which there will be forewarning across the summer and into the autumn of 2019 with Solar Arc Mars square the North Node.  By 2020 as well the Solar Arc Midheaven will conjunct the 12th house Pluto for another grind-to-a-halt moment with perhaps dirty secrets being brought into the light of day. Also, as if that wasn’t enough, in 2020/21 tr Neptune will square the 3rd house Saturn for a time  of panicky uncertainty and paranoia.

It’s all going to rock n’ roll for three years or so.

4 thoughts on “EU – heading into white water rapids

  1. So, astrologically, Britain is in trouble within or outside the EU. On a practical side, I am hoping at the end of the troubled period, UK will be in a better position to recover outside than within EU(like the financial and euro crisis of the last decade was easier to handle being outside EMU).

    Thanks for your insights Marjorie.

  2. The EU progressed Mars is currently conjunct transiting Pluto at 19° Capricorn. It will be exactly conjunct transiting Saturn at 20° Capricorn when the annular solar eclipse occurs on 26 December 2019. This is the last eclipse before the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020 at 22°Capricorn. It will be exactly conjunct transiting Mars in March 2020 just a couple of days before the Aries Ingress in 2020 and will be squared by transiting Mars in Aries between August and December 2020. This looks like more than just local difficulties with Brexit .

  3. Thanks Marjorie, although sadly the astrology seems to confirm my fears..

    I notice that there were far-right protests and riots in Germany today. There’s a lot of bad feeling towards globalisation there too, for now it’s being channeled by xenophobic football hooligans (remember when football hooliganism itself was dismissed as an “English disease”? I think Brexit was called something similar).

  4. Thank you, Marjorie, for this post and for the quickness of your response.

    You have mentioned that both the UK and the EU will have financial turmoil from 2021 (approximately). Will that be limited to the UK & the EU (i.e. post Brexit headache) or will it be a global financial crash again? A recession is overdue now anyway and financial exerts have predicted one by 2020 at the latest.

    Once again, thank you.

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