EU finances – cutting off their noses in spite

ECB 1998ECB 1999



For all the bluster and huff in Brussels – get thee hence and never darken our doorstep again – they are rather obscuring the fact that they are about to lose their second largest net contributor (Germany first). It will blow a considerable hole in EU finances (and banks) which are not in that great a shape to start with.

The European Central Bank (ECB) was agreed on 1 June 1998, got under way on 1 Jan 1999. Both charts look devastated in the time ahead. The 1998 chart with tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting the 10 degree Gemini Sun this year into 2017; and early in 2017 as well tr Saturn in a deflating square to Jupiter.

The 1999 chart, probably the most relevant, has a cataclysmic tr Pluto square Mars in 2017/18; with significant tensions erupting as tr Uranus is conjunct Saturn, pitching the reformists against the status quo-ers; and square the financial Venus, jangling their Cardinal T Square.  Tr Saturn is wending its way in hard aspect round their other (Mutable) T Square of Moon opposition Mercury square Jupiter from early till late 2017 which will be discouraging as well.

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