EU 2020 – economy in a spin

The EU is heading into three years of turbulence, mainly financial, but with existential questions also being posed. Economists certainly think the EU economy will slow down in 2020 for the third consecutive year. There are also major divergences over multifarious policies with in some cases west versus east; in others, north versus south or left versus right. Finding agreement is becoming increasingly difficult especially on budgetary matters, since calls for Germany and the Netherlands, who are in a stronger financial position, to embark on a fiscal stimulus are unlikely to meet with agreement.

There has already been panicky confusion earlier this year with the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the EU 2nd house Neptune with tr Uranus in opposition; and at the moment the Solar Arc MC is in a blocked (and seething)  conjunction to the 12th house Pluto as the reality of Brexit (and eventual withdrawal of UK’s contribution) becomes inescapable. As with the UK, tr Uranus is trine the EU Pluto from this December UK election and through January 2020 for a definite shift; as well as tr Pluto being trine the Solar Arc Midheaven. So the winds of a change of direction with less control in Brussels (12th house Pluto) ahead.

Tr Saturn will damp economic confidence and enthusiasm as it squares the 2nd house Jupiter in early March, July and again in November. Tr Neptune will square the 3rd house Saturn from late March and through April, late August and September, and early 2021 – for uncertainty, indecision, inability to reach agreements, perhaps also transport problems being 3rd house. There’ll be a tremor of financial anxiety in March as tr Uranus opposes the 2nd house Neptune; but where the real rock n’ roll starts is from early July through till late September as tr Uranus is conjunct the 8th house Moon and square Uranus, repeating April 2021 and January 2022 – and that will produce jolting changes in the arena of international finance, with perhaps a natural disaster or two it being 8th house. The Solar Arc Mars will also square the 8th house Moon and oppose the Uranus in 2021/22 for a shocking upset or series thereof.

The Solar Arc Neptune is also in a debilitating conjunction to the EU Sun in late 2022/23 – so it’ll be a longish phase of mishaps, missteps and internal disagreements. Though not as lengthy as for the UK since tr Uranus moves out of the EU 8th by 2024 which should stabilise finances. The UK’s erratic finances will run on till 2027.

The ECB chart and especially Christine Lagarde’s Term chart, 1 November 2019, indicate 2021 through 2022 and into 2023 will be high-stress, disappointing and seriously challenging times.

2 thoughts on “EU 2020 – economy in a spin

  1. Dear Marjorie,

    Could you add a supplementary post focusing on Germany, France and Italy in particular?

    Another astrologer has suggested that Quitaly is likely the next exit after Brexit and that Italy will back the UK outside the EU. Are there signs of that in the near future?

  2. Whether we like it or not, Global Economy is now so interwoven that when one strong market experiences interruption, all the rest follow. So it makes sense we see similar developments on different astrological charts, it’s only a matter of finding the “catalyst”.

    And it seems to me that EU is going first here, by astrological influences? It makes a lot of sense, since Germany has a very engineering and manufacturing based economy. They have strong internal markets, as well, but fared better than more service based UK economy in 2008 credit crunch. Now, I think it will be reversed, in a sense.

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