EU 2019 – financial turmoil will upend certainties



The EU faces similar crises to the UK in 2019 with its 4th house Capricorn Sun catching both the tr Saturn and Eclipse conjunction in January. Major decisions about their path ahead will come force majeure; and mistakes will need to be faced and rectified with the Cancer July Eclipse in opposition to the EU Sun.

Where the astro-destinies differ is that tr Uranus will be elbowing the central configuration of the EU chart from this April onwards for several years ahead. That’s much earlier than the UK economic shake-up which doesn’t really kick in until early 2021. The EU has a financially-minded Earth Grand Trine of a Taurus Moon trine Pluto trine Sun, formed into a Kite by Moon opposition Neptune. Tr Uranus will be opposing the EU Neptune from mid this May onwards, bringing a highly agitated mood, confusion, losses, a paralysis of will. And that is a forerunner to the even stronger indicators of economic/financial  turbulence in 2020 with tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house EU Moon and square the EU Uranus.

The Solar Arc Pluto also joins in to add to the financial turmoil and torment as it conjuncts the EU Neptune, exact in June 2019 but probably in effect before then.

Additional pressures will come from late March through April with tr Uranus  trine the Solar Arc Midheaven and the EU Pluto, which will magnify the sense of crisis and the need to take a new direction.

Uranus demands the capacity to adapt quickly to rapidly changing circumstances and the ability to consider new approaches – neither of which the EU is well-designed for. The basic chart is incredibly Fixed, stubborn, unyielding; is also over-hopeful financially with a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter Neptune conjunction; and is ruthlessly controlling with a dirty tricks mentality when all else fails. None of which will appreciate Uranus, the torch bearer arriving to shine light on hidden places or acquiesce easily to its demands for change.

2020 will be panicky with old certainties undermined as tr Neptune squares the 3rd house Saturn; as well as Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct Pluto which threatens to destroy reputations if far-reaching adjustments are not put in place. Plus  the destabilising tr Uranus in hard aspect to the EU Moon and Uranus running on into 2021.  So a critical phase.

What is intriguing is that of the leading European countries, the one seemingly most at odds with the EU is Germany. Unsettling influences started affecting the EU/Germany composite chart this year as Merkel’s star faded, and relations will become bumpier and more aggravated through 2019 till 2021. If a recession does hit, which looks inevitable, the EU have few remedies left and Germany will almost certainly refuse to foot the bill for the poorer nations.

Of the others Spain appears to be next most at odds with disappointment and dissatisfaction running rampant in 2019 through till 2022.


3 thoughts on “EU 2019 – financial turmoil will upend certainties

  1. As mentioned in an earlier thread the EU is a bureaucrats idea of what it means to be European, shorn of most of its historical and cultural nuances. No surprise that one of its biggest fans is Tony Blair who has a similar fantasy based year zero mentality about what it means to be British. Sadly the past cannot simply be wished away by treaties. The one size fits all mentality was bound to run aground sooner or later, particularly when the system came under political and economic strain post the 2008 financial crisis. In particular the unyielding EU 1993 Maastricht Treaty chart which has no planets in mutable signs was bound to struggle with major change. Over the next few years transiting Uranus is going to oppose the EU Maastricht Sun in 2020 and the EU Maastricht Mercury, Mars and Pluto from late 2023 through 2024. That would look likely to shake the Maastricht concept of a political and monetary European Union to its core.

  2. I think that the EU will disintegrate in the next decade and will be replaced with regional military and economic alliances (NORDEFCO, etc). How messy it will get depends on the quality of the leadership on the continent, which at the moment is quite weak and diffused. In Germany, Merkel is on the way out and their government is likely headed towards a shakeup in leadership. France is facing similar issues, as are other European countries, many of which are dealing with rising nationalism amidst weakening economies. This is very dangerous dynamic, which is also beared out in the transits they will be experiencing over the next several years. A big risk in this type of situation is that in the event of a major political or economic crisis, it will likely be difficult to forge consensus on solutions and be able to execute. That is when intractable conflicts leading to wars often begin. The past 70 years of relative peace on the continent has been a historical aberration. One wonders if we will “revert back to the mean” on that equation.

  3. “What is intriguing is that of the leading European countries, the one seemingly most at odds with the EU is Germany.”
    Wow, Marjorie. I remember reading another astrologer’s column about Germany being the likely cause of the end of the EU and I refused to believe it. Germany is the creator and the engine of the EU. I would be shocked and aghast if Germany really does end up destroying the EU for financial reasons, especially after lecturing other countries about EU ideals.

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