Esther & Lorraine – a tale of two sofa sisters

The tragi-comic pantomime mid Brexit of the Tory leadership election has thrown up colourful, criminal misdemeanours on the drug-taking front and now an unseemly spat between a breakfast television presenter and one of the contestants who was once was a sofa colleague. There are whispers of professional jealousy. It’s all a storm in a teacup but entrancing the media who are bored witless by the rest of the shenanigans.

Lorraine Kelly, 30 November 1959 10.45 am Glasgow Scotland has been a breakfast screen presence since the early 1980s. She’s an enthusiastic Sun, Jupiter, Mercury in Sagittarius in a determined square to Pluto with a sharp-tongued Mars Mercury in Scorpio in her 10th in a risk-taking square to Uranus.

Esther McVey, 24 October 1967, was a GMTV presenter during her media career and then stood for parliament, latterly taking over George Osborne’s safe seat, and becoming a Cabinet member. She’s a Sun Scorpio on the focal point of an exuberant mini-Grand Trine to Jupiter in Virgo trine Mars in Capricorn; with a hard-edged Mars square a self-reliant Saturn in Aries.

It’s definitely an abrasive relationship with Esther’s Mars conjunct Lorraine’s Saturn; Esther’s Sun conjunct Lorraine’s evasive Neptune; and Esther’s Jupiter Mars Sun hitting on Lorraine’s 8th house controlling Pluto.

The relationship chart has a power-struggling composite Mars square Pluto and a suspicious composite Sun Neptune square Saturn. Not well designed to be best mates, for sure.

There’s nothing much on Esther’s chart (minus birth time) to suggests success ahead this year or next. Though tr Pluto square her Solar Arc Jupiter will give her the confidence to keep pushing.

Pic Chris McAndrew


One thought on “Esther & Lorraine – a tale of two sofa sisters

  1. Thank you for Lorraine Kelly’s birth time. Saturn in Capricorn conjunct ascendant, I never would have guessed that. However, she has been doing breakfast television for an extraordinarily long time, remarkable when you think of all the big presenters and franchises and relaunches she’s seen off. The New Moon/Jupiter in Sag comes through, but that ascendant sure has staying power. For all the fluffy chat and sofa cushions there must be some steel there. The Mercury retrograde is seen in her spin-off show which has gone through many different names and rebrands itself.

    I think what amused a lot of people was that Lorraine Kelly recently claimed some sort of tax reduction, successfully arguing that she is performer called Lorraine Kelly portraying the character Lorraine Kelly, but she still couldn’t pretend to like Esther McVey.

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