Escape with a camera crew in tow


Escape to the Chateau isn’t quite the Truman Show but it’s a documentary series that followed Dick Strawbridge and Angie Adoree through their three-year renovation of a 45 room French castle, which hadn’t been lived in for forty years. Running water, heating and electricity had to be installed in time for their wedding and they continued after to build an events and wedding business there.

He’s an ex-Army officer, engineer and environmentalist, born 3 September 1959 in Burma; while she runs a Vintage fashion/hospitality business, born 7 April 1978.

He has his Sun, Moon, Pluto and two other planets in Virgo so is very earthy and meticulous; while she has her Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aries, so is fiery and inspirational. Aries and Virgo are not an intuitively good mix. But both are New Moon babies so relatively self-sufficient; he has a controlling Sun Pluto, while she has a Sun opposition Pluto; both have their Saturn in aspect to the other’s Jupiter which is probably a balancing factor; and both have their Venus in an earth sign. So in a way they have markedly similar character traits despite being different sun signs which will help them understand each other.

Their relationship chart has a well-integrated composite Sun in a sensible and enduring trine to Saturn and dynamic sextile to Mars; as well as being in a possessive square to Pluto; and an affectionate conjunction to Venus. Depending on birth times it’s also possible that there is a composite New Moon which makes for a complementary relationship in which both feel more whole when together.

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  1. Love their show here in pacific northwest USA. Couple is so creative and industrious and taken on a huge challenge with The beautiful old castle. Hope to see many more episodes here

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