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Back in the mists of time, the sceptered isle off the European continental shelf, originally known as Albion, was renamed Britannia by the Romans who conquered the southern parts. Where England first started to pull together as a unified kingdom was on 12 July 927 JC, and later on 11 May 973 JC (Nick Campion).

Both charts will have a validity and the 927 one appears to work best with the Brexit referendum. It has a Cancer Sun, Mercury, Neptune conjunct in Cancer square Uranus in Aries – so visionary, patriotic and rebellious. When the June 2016 Referendum occurred tr Uranus was square the Cancer Sun, as it does at the moment as the Brexit negotiations are kicked off; with the Uranus Return also hanging over the decisive moment in time. Tr Pluto opposes Neptune in 2017 giving rise to high anxiety; then tr Pluto moves to square Uranus for a mighty upheaval in 2019 and opposes the Sun Mercury through till late 2020 – for an extended period of challenge with old structures being pulled down. By 2020 tr Uranus will oppose the Jupiter in Scorpio for a feeling of relief and excitement, followed in 2021 by an insecure tr Uranus opposition Mars. The triple conjunction of Pluto, Saturn Jupiter in Capricorn will at various times oppose the Cancer Sun through 2019/2020 – so a defining moment of historical change. Mind you the triple conjunction of Saturn Uranus Neptune in Capricorn of the early 1990s did the same, so maybe that’s when the seeds were sewn.

Relations with the EU were never easy with a hostile composite Mars trine Pluto; and a suspicious Saturn opposition Neptune square Uranus. The latter is being further undermined by tr Neptune in hard aspect for the next three years. And the composite Pluto is being turned upside down in 2018; with major aggravation in 2020/2021 as tr Pluto is sextile the composite Mars.

Relations with Scotland 842 were also always uneasy with a composite Mars trine Pluto Venus Mercury. Tr Neptune is dissolving the foundations at the moment with tr Neptune opposition Mars in 2017; and then moving into full rupture mode in 2020 with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Pluto. Through 2017/18 as well tr Pluto squares the composite Uranus. However to be noted, these influences will have recurred several times over the long union of England and Scotland and it has held together this far with periodic phases of conflict and disagreement along the way.

The England 973 chart has a fearsome and confident Sun Mars in Taurus square Pluto and trine Jupiter in Virgo – which would certainly fit with a ruthless and successful trading and military superpower. Relations on this chart with the EU are disappointed in 2017/18/19; and tipping into outright hostility in 2018/19; with a long drawn out aftermath to Brexit in 2020/1/2/3 with tr Pluto trine the composite Saturn Uranus. Relations with Scotland 842 are on a Neptunian downhill slide till 2019 and tr Uranus will add its tuppence worth of mischief in 2018/19 as it hard aspects the composite Sun square Uranus. Tr Pluto will square the composite Sun and conjunct Uranus in 2022/23 – so post Brexit will be even more unsettled.

The Scotland 16 March 842 JC chart has an Aries New Moon, with Sun conjunct Pluto in late Pisces; and a gritty Saturn Neptune in Capricorn opposition Mars in Cancer square Uranus in Aries opposition North Node in Libra. Certainly a restless, aggressive (military) country, spilling over with initiative, for whom close neighbourly relations were always testing.

That Cardinal Grand Cross was under extreme pressure from the tr Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn during the 2014 independence referendum – which was a Uranus Return (happens every 84 years. The previous Uranus return in the early 1930s was when the Scottish National Party was formed.

2016/17 looks downbeat with tr Pluto conjunct the Saturn; and in a state of shock with Solar Arc Mars opposition the Sun. And the Solar Arc Saturn Neptune has been moving across the Aries Sun (2015 to 2021) so a period of discouragement and some disappointment. With some relief and a positive shift come 2020 as tr Uranus trines the Jupiter. But nothing that looks like a game-changing moment in the years ahead.

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