Emma Jung – martyred to a ‘great’ marriage

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Emma Jung, the long-suffering wife of psycho-analyst Carl, is the subject of a biography – finally, after all her years as the neglected one, forced to suffer his infidelities and the humiliation of the menage a trois he set up with his ‘muse’ Toni Wolff.

Born 30 March 1882 10.45pm Schaffhausen, she was the second richest heiress in Switzerland, which was of great assistance to a young professional struggling to make his name. Her early married life she spent at Burgholzi, an asylum for the insane and through all the years that followed she kept the domestic ship afloat since she loved him and wanted to keep the family of five children together.

She had an Aries Sun and Venus in the 5th (her nickname was Sunny) square an intense Mars in Cancer in the 8th; with a powerful Jupiter Pluto on her Descendant which was what she attracted as a partner. And given that her Node fell on her Ascendant she would have problems forming a strong identity of her own. Jupiter Pluto squared her Leo Moon, so she’d be possessive and inclined to look on the bright side. Uranus on her Midheaven certainly designed her for a life out of the ordinary and she herself was a therapist.

Her relationship chart with Carl Jung (26 July 1875 7.26pm Kesswil, Switz) had an affectionate Venus Sun conjunction in the 5th house of children; sextile an expansive Jupiter in the 7th house of relationships – so enough positive to keep the flame alight. But there was also an unkind (cruel) composite Saturn opposition Mars square Moon; and a disappointing 4th house Neptune. On the synastry there are Saturn Moon crossovers which leads to coldness and longevity.

Carl Jung did have a Leo Sun Uranus in his 7th with Uranus square his Taurus Moon – so he was never likely to settle to 24/7 domesticity.

Toni Wolff, another wealthy Swiss and initially Jung’s patient, also subsumed her life to his, publishing little herself, but was pivotal in helping him to define and refine his ideas. She had Neptune Pluto in the 10th opposition a 4th house Mars Jupiter squaring onto a 7th house Pisces Moon – emotionally sensitive and fragile, dependent, other worldly.

Her Mars Jupiter was conjunct Carl Jung’s midheaven she would help his career; and her Virgo Sun Venus Mercury Uranus fell in his 8th so she would tap into his deeper layers.

Her relationship with Emma was not surprisingly difficult with a buried-anger Mars in the 12th square Saturn conjunct Sun – teeth gritted. The composite Moon conjunct Neptune and Pluto was in the 8th – so there would be a vast reservoir of resentment that went unspoken.

Being married to a great man comes at a price.

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