Elton and Mum – two stubborn Moons



Elton John’s mother has died, happily just reconciled to her son after a seven-year feud. She had refused to drop old friends with whom he’d fallen out, and said “I’m not a person to be controlled or told what to do.” As a result of their estrangement Elton did not attend the funeral of his stepfather in 2010, of whom he had previously been fond. His mother was exceptionally supportive of his early musical career and accepting when he came out as gay.

Sheila Farebrother was born 25 March 1925 to a mother born in the workhouse and her father was a WW1 veteran and groundsman. She was a rebellious Sun Uranus in Pisces sextile a determined Mars in Taurus; with a tough Moon Saturn in Taurus.

Elton, 25 March 1947 4pm London, has an 8th house Aries Sun, a pointer to his much-loved grandmother. His Sun is trine a tough-minded and depressive Saturn Pluto in Leo in his 12th and opposition a musical Neptune in his 2nd house of finances. He has a happy-childhood Jupiter in Scorpio in his 4th, which makes the rift all the more surprising.  His 7th house fiery Mars Mercury in Pisces is in a volatile square to Uranus in his 10th, so he is liable to erupt when anything interferes with his plans.

His mothers’ Mars in Taurus is conjunct his midheaven, a testament to her efforts on his behalf to get his career rolling. But her Sun Uranus were conjunct his Mars which would make for a fairly combustible mix at times; and her stubbornly determined, never-let-on-when-she-was-hurt Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn opposed his equally stubborn Moon in Taurus.

Their relationship chart was a real mix of pluses and minuses with the composite Sun opposition Saturn square Jupiter and trine Pluto, so it would always blow hot and cold.  With Pluto also square Mars indicating an underlying power struggle for the upper hand.

When the rift happened she was on her Uranus Return with tr Pluto square their composite Sun and tr Uranus opposing Saturn and about to conjunct the composite Sun – a testing time.

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