Elizabeth & Wallis – Royal Wives at War

The late Queen Mother’s dislike for Wallis Simpson, who caused the abdication of Edward V111, was well known and continued for decades as she blamed her for undermining the monarchy and hastening the death of her husband, George VI.  Wallis referred to Elizabeth as “the Dowdy Duchess” and “the fat Scottish cook”, and Elizabeth dismissed her as “that woman”. All of which is meat and drink for a drama documentary on BBC tonight – Royal Wives at War.

Wallis Simpson, 19 June 1896 10.30pm Blue Ridge, Pennsylvania and the Queen Mother, 4 Aug 1900 12.52am (?)

Wallis Simpson had a social-butterfly Sun Venus in Gemini which the Queen Mother’s Neptune Mars was conjunct and the QM’s Saturn opposed. So definitely a sour chemistry with the QM putting her down and blocking her every which way. Wallis’s Saturn in Scorpio was also conjunct the QM’s Scorpio Moon – so it worked both ways. Interestingly the QM’s Uranus was exactly conjunct W’s MC – so she was the catalyst for major, unexpected changes in Wallis’s life, sending her off into lifelong exile with her husband, the Duke of Windsor.

Their relationship chart was also explosive with a composite Mars opposition Uranus which was sextile/trine the composite Sun; and a resentful composite Saturn opposition Pluto.

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