Elizabeth Montgomery – try, try, try again at the altar


Actress Elizabeth Montgomery was best known for Bewitched, a multi-award winning 8 series television run in the late 1960s/early 70s. She was married four times – the first lasted under a year, then seven years and ten years and finally she hitched up with actor Robert Foxworth whom she was with for over 20 years. Practice makes perfect.

She was born 15 April 1933 4.38pm Los Angeles, to film star Robert Montgomery and a Broadway actress mother.

She had a feisty, charming and unpredictable Sun, Venus, Uranus in Aries in her 7th house of close relationships square a controlling Pluto in the 10th. A Sun Uranus conjunction finds close relationship tricky because of the compromises they require; and that is doubled up by having Uranus in the 7th. But a 7th house Sun needs a relationship and Venus there would be good at attracting affectionate connections. Once in a committed relationship her 10th house Pluto would pose problems since she would dislike sharing the driving seat.    NB. Much married Liz Taylor had Venus Uranus in Aries square Pluto as well.

Elizabeth’s final partner, latterly husband, actor Robert Foxworth, 1 November 1941 11.23 am Houston, Texas, was an unlikely match for a triple Aries with control issues, since he had a Scorpio Sun square Pluto, so would be pretty unbudgeable. But his Venus in Sagittarius was in an affectionate trine to her Sun, Venus, Uranus with his enthusiastic and light hearted Jupiter sextile her Aries planets. And his Aries Moon was in her 7th house of relationships, admittedly alongside his Mars, which would offer support and make it argumentative at times.

Their relationship chart had a power-couple composite Sun opposition Pluto Jupiter which was sextile/trine Saturn. As long as they focussed on pulling together in their public image all would be well; but if Pluto Jupiter turns inwards into the relationship there’d be a struggle for the upper hand. Jupiter would help smooth rough edges; and Saturn gives longevity. There was also a supportive and affectionate Moon Venus in a sparky trine to Mars.

I’m not surprised it took so long to find what she needed and it’s often said of Aries they need to mature and have the rougher edges knocked off before they get sensitive to the requirements of relationships.


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  1. Montgomery has a fire GRAND TRINE in her natal Chart, namely, Sun in 7th, partners, ruling 11, love received, TRINE, Mars, in 7th, partners, ruler 11th, loveability, ability to be loved by someone, TRINE asteroid SISYPHUS, repetition, try, try, again, again.
    Astrologers who don’t use asteroids are at a huge disadvantage as asteroids increase interpretation vocabulary 15,000 times normal Tropical astrology. There are 15,000 asteroids with dictionary meanings whereas Tropical astrology can only rely on a 10 word vocabulary.

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