Egypt and Israel – the alliance under strain

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Relations between Israel and Egypt by all accounts have become closer since Al-Sisi took over as Egyptian president. The two countries have a shared determination to stamp on Hamas and other jihadist groups operating in the Sinai, bordering both countries, with increasing military, intelligence and diplomatic co-operation. Sisi is determined to keep the Muslim Brotherhood and allies firmly at bay; while Israel is keen to divide and if not conquer then distract the Middle East by allying with ‘moderate’ or at least anti-Iran Arab states.

Which makes it all the stranger that Sisi led the UN resolution to condemn Israeli settlements, only to withdraw it under pressure from the new Trump administration, which includes amongst the new intake some who are pro-settlers, including Jared Kushner. It may be that it was a faux gesture on Sisi’s part to appease Egyptian public opinion which is hostile to Israel and pro-Palestine. And his Presidency chart, 8 June 2014 11.18am Cairo, is certainly moving into its most unstable few months as the Solar Arc Pluto moves to square the Uranus, exact in 3 months’ time.

The relationship chart between Egypt, 14 March 1922 10.43pm GMT Cairo, and Israel certainly looks very fraught and under extreme pressure through 2017. In February tr Pluto will square the composite Mercury, moving on in March to square the composite Mars – so heated arguments of a toxic variety. Tr Uranus will conjunct the composite Sun in March which is a separating influence, moving on to square the composite Pluto from late April which will turn all former diplomatic relations volte face. At an outside stretch, they could together be facing a situation of extreme danger together. But a shouting match and hostile moves by one side or the other seem more likely.

It was thought that Al-Sisi and Netanyahu had forged a special bond, both being strong, not to say dictatorial, rulers, with avowed aims for stability. But tr Pluto is opposition the composite Uranus on their relationship chart this month turning everything on its head; with more bumps and jolts through 2017.

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