Eclipse jitters sending sparks in all directions

The loaded Eclipse season approaching fast with two Lunars and one Solar spread out through June and early July appears to be stirring the celestial ether ahead of time, as is often the case. Coronavirus may be ebbing pro tem but there are crises flaring up left, right and centre.

Hong Kong is descending into violence with angry demonstrations against China’s move to tighten control of the territory. There’s an escalation of tension between China and India over their Himalayan border with troops massing on both sides. The EU are caught between a rock and a hard place trying to put together a multi-billion euro recovery fund against heavy resistance from northern nations who won’t stomach a debt union. The UK is in political turmoil with the ruling party tearing itself apart over a ministerial aide. Trump is falling out as per usual with everyone, but most notably Twitter, on whose platform he relies for his rancid OCD spoutings.

The June 5th Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees Sagittarius will oppose Trump’s 10th house Uranus which will give him a considerable career jolt. It also impacts the Twitter 21 March 2006 start chart with considerable aggravation, stirring up the Twitter Mars at 16 Gemini opposition Moon square Uranus Mercury. The EU’s 3rd house Saturn in Sagittarius and UK’s 3rd house Mercury in Sagittarius are also in the line of fire so will be respectively gloomy and highly strung – with veritable tower of babel discussions raging. It’ll shake up Canada’s Venus in Gemini for an emotional shock; and Australia’s Uranus in Sagittarius opposition Pluto in Gemini leading to financial disruptions.

The 21st June 2020 Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Cancer is associated with difficulties, restrictions, inhibitions, separations and illusions. Bernadette Brady remarks in The Eagle and the Lark that this eclipse brings blocks and ’the individual is prone to misjudging his or her strength and is best advised to wait before taking any real action.’ It was around previously in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930 and 1912.

Located to Leh, Ladakh, India this chart puts an aggressive Mars on the Descendant and the New Moon conjunct the Midheaven, so it will be a critical region. This Eclipse is conjunct the India Mars exactly so will tend to bring a combative mood. See previous post May 19 2020.

This June Solar Eclipse also falls opposition the Hong Kong Midheaven at 2 Capricorn stirring up domestic woes in the months thereafter. It is also conjunct the EU last degree Gemini Midheaven for a good going predicament about future direction. Boris Johnson’s Government chart from December also catches it in opposition to the Jupiter which could suggest a laissez-faire approach will cause problems and an arrogant dismissal of criticism even more. Canada’s late Gemini Moon will also be conjunct which does suggest an emotionally unsettling few months ahead, taken together with the Canada Venus being rattled as well.

The second Lunar Eclipse on July 5th at 13 degrees Capricorn will be pivotal for the USA since the Full Moon is exactly on top of the USA 1776 Cancer Sun. And located to Washington, DC it puts an aggressive Mars on the Ascendant square Mercury on the IC, so what follows will be running controversies and heated debates. Located to London it’s also marked up as noteworthy with a lacklustre, dithery Neptune on the Midheaven – as key Brexit decisions are due.

These are just a few pointers. Do pitch in with any others and I’ll add them in and keep an eye through the next several months to see how they play out.

23 thoughts on “Eclipse jitters sending sparks in all directions

  1. Trump has mobilized the military in DC. Insurrection Act of 1807? He always wanted to be a strongman. Soldiers firing on citizens won’t be pretty at all. The press will also be targeted. Lunacy follows.

  2. This Solar Eclipse will be within a degree of my Ascendant (1 Cancer). I presume that means that it will trigger all my angles. I wonder what that means for me.

  3. It is interesting to note that the EU council meeting , which is expected to discuss the EU financed grants/loans is on 19th June, close to the 21st June eclipse. With a follow on in July.

  4. Regarding Mr. Trump, your comments “which will give him a considerable career jolt” …… Marjorie can you provide a bit more explanation. Is this career jolt negative for him? For me jolt can mean a negative or a positive jolt.
    not an astrologer but enjoy your remarks.

  5. The June 21 eclipse at 0 Cancer will be conjunct Elizabeth Warren’s natal Sun-Uranus conjunction. That should be about the time when Biden selects her as his running mate.

    • I don’t think she will make it. Biden will definitely be looking for someone who will be able to serve 4 years as his VP (because I think he will retire after one term) and then 8 years as POTUS, and even if Warren is in a very good shape and still have I think two living much older brothers, she would be firmly into her 80’s by the end of this cycle.

      She might take a Cabinet position, though, or become Senate Majority Leader in increasingly likelier event that Democrats take both houses. I think this would be her preferred position, too, since she is such a policy orientated person (something I can identify with) and is probably incredibly frustrated with Republicans now sitting on progressive legislation.

      • Those who are speculating about Biden’s VP selection should remember he has stated on MSNBC that his choice would be a woman who was a candidate against him for the nomination, because he wants extensive experience at the federal level. That would take out Whitmer, Demings and Abrams. Klobuchar is now out of the running as well because she’s a former AG from Minnesota who was reluctant to prosecute police officers, regardless of whether Chauvin was one of them or not.

        That leaves only Harris and Warren. One will be VP, the other will be AG. Harris appears to be the one slated for AG since she has that experience in California and Amy is out. By elimination, you get Warren for VP. The coming June 21 eclipse is conjunct her natal Sun-Uranus conjunction so she is due for a big surprise.

        I don’t think personal chemistry is a big issue for Biden. He is a good man who knows he can win this, who is running out of time and who wants to make the wise choice of a person who can be an effective President at a moment’s notice in a critical time. I think that choice has obviously been Warren all along and the rest is political theater to create interest.

  6. Not remotely an expert with eclipses but I notice that the June 21st eclipse lands on Jair Bolsonaro’s South Node and squares his Sun at 0 degrees of Aries. His Sun conjuncts Brazil’s 1822 natal Pluto also at 0 degrees of Aries. Brazil’s Neptune/Uranus conjunction in Capricorn (which conjuncts Bolsonaro’s North Node) will oppose the eclipse. Cannot help but feel very concerned for Brazil.

    • The 7th September 1822 Brazil national chart has Uranus at 3 Capricorn and Neptune at 2 Capricorn. Both were hit by the 26 December 2019 Solar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn. As you correctly point out they will be opposed by the solar eclipse on 21 June 2020.

      The Lunar Eclipse on 5 June at 15 Sagittarius will square Brazil’s health conscious Sun at 14 Virgo which will be opposed by transiting Mars at 14 Pisces

      Brazil’s Pluto at 0 Aries will be in the cross hairs when it squares the 21 June 2020 Solar Eclipse at 0 Capricorn. Uranus by transit will be conjunct Brazil’s Saturn at 9 Taurus at both eclipses and on the Cancer Ingress.

      More globally it is worth noting that the previous Solar Eclipse at 0 Cancer was on June 21 2001 before the 911 attacks.

      The Lunar Nodes are now in mutable Air Gemini and Fire Sagittarius so things may start to combust now. The December 2020 and the 2021 solar eclipses are also going to occur in those signs just as they did during the War on Terror and the run up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The Coronavirus may not be the only thing to worry about particularly with those tricky Mars in Aries transits coming up later this year.

    • Looking closer there is definitely a link here in the eclipse cycle to the immediate post 911 period. The 21 June 2020 Solar Eclipse at 0 Cancer is part of Saros cycle 137. The previous one in that cycle was at 19 Gemini in June 2002. The 20 December 2020 Solar Eclipse at 23 Sagittarius is in Saros Cycle 142. The previous one in that cycle was at 11 Sagittarius in December 2002. The North Node was in Gemini and the South Node was in Sagittarius during those 2002 eclipses as well

      • Thank you, Hugh. The post 9/11 connection is interesting. I’m just an amateur so I didn’t know about the Saros cycle which has given me a new field of astrology to investigate.

          • Thank you Marjorie and Hugh – eclipses are fascinating, and I’m always trying to learn more about them and their effects. The links with the 9/11 eclipses is a curious one too. New York City’s chart for 1st January, 1898, has Neptune at 20 Gemini. June 2002 eclipse at 19 Gemini. Pluto and BML are at 13 Gemini, December 2002 eclipse at 11 Sagittarius. New York’s Venus and Mars are conjunct at 29 Sagittarius, so the upcoming 0 Cancer eclipse falls opposite them.

          • Thank you for the book recommendation Marjorie.

            Jane, looking at the 9/11 natal chart, I see Mars is also at 1 degree of Capricorn so will be opposed by the eclipse.

          • Thank you VirgoFlake – another layer to this picture. I think New York City has been engaged in a fierce battle with the Coronavirus, and noticed the Mercury for NYC 1898 is 22 Capricorn – a very sensitive degree this year. Nodes are 27 Capricorn/Cancer, square a Moon at 26 Aries. I have not tested this chart with other events or eclipses, but think it is probably a valid chart to examine. It has four planets in Sagittarius, and Neptune and Pluto in Gemini, plus BML. I thought of how this might be reflected in the old song “New York, New York, so good they named it twice”.

        • To be honest I know relatively little myself. The previous Saros 137 eclipses were in 1984 and 1966. The latter is interesting because it occurred as the US involvement in Vietnam escalated rapidly that year. 382,010 men were drafted into military service By the US in 1966, the highest total during the Vietnam War. Oddly Vietnam seems to have been impacted by the previous Saros 137 eclipse in May 1948 as that was the year of the Halong Bay Agreements in June 1948 that led to the unification of Tonkin and Amman which eventually led to the first Indo China war involving France. Again It seems the eclipses echo down the decades. Lots for investigation there.

  7. Hello Marjorie
    I have a reverse nodal return. I’m 64. My NN is 16 Sag. 4H. I do believe my difficult family relationships, adult offspring, are finally settling down. I’ve hoped for this for many years. Not sure how the eclipse works on this. Time will tell. Ps I’m. Cap 24 5H. Got a feeling I the new dynamic is tied up with Pluto and saturn. The complexities of astrology new to me. What a year!

  8. With the GOP and DNC national conventions occuring, one can best prepare with plates of cold cuts, cases of beer, and large bowls of popcorn. It’ll be a real 3-ring circus. Twitter might actually shut down from the sheer volume of Drompian action.

    On an equally serious topic, Russia and the US facing off in the air over Open Skies failures. I predict one irretrievable collision of sorts. Same the the US Navy foolishly challenging PRC in the Spratly Islands. It’s a little late for the US to exercise any muscle-flexing. The Navy’s muscle-building days are done.

    • I was chatting it up with my next-door neighbor (naval officer) about whatever. I quietly asked about issues in the Spratlys. He quietly responded that American navel ships now being sent to that region are more than capable of dealing with even the most extreme threats. PRC won’t risk something so blatant as dropping a pocket nuke. “Bad for everyone’s business” was his reply.

      We chatted briefly about Russsian subs hanging around Nordic waters. About a year ago, there were rumors of Russian subs patrolling just off the coast of Sweden, Norway, and Scotland. There were some brief news articles about supposed ghost submarines…but their presence was real enough. After a few deliberate sonar pings, the submarines turn and sailed deeper into international waters.

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