Dylan Farrow – ignored, disbelieved, tossed aside



Dylan Farrow has given an interview in which she stands firm about her allegations of abuse aged 7 by her adoptive father Woody Allen (denied by him). She talked about her outrage of years of being ‘ignored and disbelieved and tossed aside.”

A housekeeper initially raised concerns with her adoptive mother Mia Farrow about Allen’s behaviour towards Dylan, with whom he seemed to be obsessed; and a divorce was imminent. He immediately sought custody of three of the children, including Dylan, and had started an affair with an elder adoptive teenage sister, whom he subsequently married. The custody judges’ full ruling, in which he award custody to Mia Farrow, makes bracing reading. He slammed Allen’s inadequate parenting skills, lack of insight into the effects of his actions on the children and the judge concluded that the abuse of Dylan had most likely, though not provably, happened. (I can email it to anyone who’d like to read it.)

Dylan, 1 July 1985, is a feisty Sun Mars in Cancer on the focal point of a Yod to a Jupiter sextile Uranus; so will be volatile and stressed. She’s also got Venus in Taurus opposition Saturn in Scorpio widely square Jupiter – emotionally shut down but softened by that focal point Jupiter in Aquarius.

Her Pluto in Scorpio opposes Allen’s Uranus, so she has the capacity to turn his life upside down; and her Uranus is conjunct his Sun, saying the same – not happy in the same space. Her Venus opposition Saturn hooks into Allen’s Aquarius Moon as well as his Mars opposition Pluto, so she would arouse strong feelings in him.

Their relationship chart is combustible with a Yod of Mars sextile Uranus inconjunct Sun; a chained-together and resenting it Saturn trine Pluto, and a struggle for-the-upper-hand Pluto trine Jupiter as well. The composite Moon may square Mars for more anger.

Poor kid to have to drag this all up again.


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  1. I was a teenager @ the time, I really thought Woody Allen would be put in jail & his career would be over. I couldn’t understand why was he allowed to escape Justice, but maybe now he’ll pay for his crimes.

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