Dwayne & Lauren – a Leo Sun Venus wedding

Dwayne Johnson, mega-successful Fast & Furious blockbusters actor and retired wrestler has married his long-time girl-friend Lauren. They’ve been together since 2007 and have two children, aged 3 and 1.

He was born 2 May 1972 6.02pm San Leandro, California and she was born 8 September 1984 in Massachusetts. He has a partnership-oriented 7th house Sun Taurus trine an amiable Moon Jupiter in Capricorn with a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Gemini in an ultra-determined (don’t mess with me) square to Pluto. She’s a Virgo Sun with fits well with his earthy Sun and Moon; with her Venus in Libra which goes well with his airy Venus; and she also has Jupiter in Capricorn.

It’s not all seamless since her Saturn in obsessively conscientious Scorpio opposes his Sun; and her excitable Mars Uranus in Sagittarius sits on top of his Neptune opposition Saturn – so she’ll alternately restrain him and stoke him up.

Their relationship chart has an exact possessive composite Sun square Pluto; with the Sun also in a live-wire trine to Uranus and sextile Mars. The latter probably helped by him having an exacting career. There’s a sensible, cool but enduring composite Sun Venus conjunction. The composite Jupiter isn’t much integrated apart from a wide opposition to the Sun.

They picked a Sun Venus conjunction in Leo for the wedding day in sunny Hawaii to make it picture perfect.


2 thoughts on “Dwayne & Lauren – a Leo Sun Venus wedding

  1. Dwayne is another Venus/Mars conjunction in the news. Mike Pence, Jeff Epstein, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and Ghislaine Maxwell, all noted by Marjorie this week. Dwayne has put Venus/Mars to better and more productive use than the rest of that motley crew.

    Congrats to him for his steady relationship and the step up to marriage!

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