DUP – anti-abortion, LGBT, Climate change with a few creationists



A government of ‘certainty’ was how Theresa May described her future hoped-for support from the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party. And good luck with that.

The DUP are anti-abortion, anti-same-sex marriage, have previously appointed a climate denier as environment minister in Northern Ireland, and have several ‘creationists’ among its senior members. Lord preserve us. They are pro-Brexit and pro-open border with the Republic of Ireland; and anti-cutting winter fuel allowance and losing the triple-lock pension.

Their leader Arlene Foster, 3 July 1970, is a tough, combative Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars in Cancer; with a Half Grand Sextile of Saturn in Taurus opposition Neptune, sextile Mars, sextile Pluto. So not a push over.

Her relationship chart with Theresa May is dire with a composite Sun Venus opposition Saturn square Mars, with Mars opposition Neptune – outright dislike and undermining. Strange bedfellows.

3 thoughts on “DUP – anti-abortion, LGBT, Climate change with a few creationists

  1. I have always disliked Corbyn who seemed feeble and too far left. But he has truly pulled himself and his party together and won our admiration for that. I like Theresa May very much and feel she is a good woman in the old fashioned British way which appeals to my generation. She is religious, rational, elegant, calm and yet tough and, yes, stubborn which can be useful at times. But her election performance…well, there wasnt one. It was lukewarm to say the least and disappointing. Strange that Corbyns chart didnt seem that good for the election and after when he was clearly jubilant. Yet she had good Jupiter vibes. Only goes to show Jupiers tendency to hubris can bring one crashing down and is always around at death!

  2. It would do more for her tarnished reputation to just hang in there as they are rather than gang up with a socially backward political party. But, she is so stubborn to have one upmanship over Corbyn, and look like she is in control, that she can’t see how short sighted and damaging this partnership with the Dark Ages party is to her and the Tories.

    Silly, arrogant woman.

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