Duke of Westminster – unwanted riches and charitable largesse

Duke WestmisterHugh Grosvenor


The Duke of Westminster, Britain’s richest aristocrat, who once said he’d prefer not to have been wealthy, has died suddenly aged 64. He owned the freehold of much of London’s most expensive property in Belgravia and Mayfair, including the American Embassy. His business empire, Grosvenor Holdings, owned shopping centres around the UK, including Liverpool which transformed the centre, as well as commercial interests abroad. When he inherited the estate in 1979 it was debt laden and he turned it into a several billion pound concern. He had strong charitable interests in the NSPCC (child cruelty), gave foot-and-mouth farmers a sizeable donation and was a driving force behind the new Rehabilitation Centre for wounded soldiers due to open in 2017. In recent years he’s been plagued by depression and had breakdowns.

Born 22 December 1951 he was a Sun Sagittarius (unless a very late night birth in which case he’d be Capricorn) with his Sun trine Pluto; and an uncomfortable collection of (Moon) Saturn Mars Neptune in Libra, suggesting a less than lyrical childhood. His Saturn Mars (Moon) opposed Jupiter in Aries squaring onto Uranus in Cancer – so definitely innovative. His Mercury in Sagittarius was trine Pluto, sextiling onto Mars Saturn – so he’d take his duties seriously, but feel constantly frustrated when plans hit snags which they frequently would. It would also put a good deal of stress on his Mercury causing mental pressures. Over the past eighteen months he’d had the tr Uranus square tr Pluto in hard aspect to his Mars Saturn, which would be very challenging and strained.

His heir, Hugh, 29 January 1991, is a different temperament with an Aquarius Sun opposition Jupiter, sextile/trine Mars in Gemini – confident, impulsive, talkative. He also has the highly-strung and innovative Uranus Neptune and Mercury in Capricorn.

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  1. Looks like hugh’s got Pluto transiting his descendant/Saturn/nn soon (he has a Cancer rising). We’ll see how that manifests. He never ended up with Harriet. But Im sure he learned some valuable lessons from his Saturn return.

  2. Hi . I have been looking at Hughs chart recently and I’ve noticed that he has a few important transits coming up. Saturn transiting the 7house. His 1st saturn return, shortly followed by saturn conjunct the sun also in his 7th house. Marriage possibly? His composite with girlfriend Harriet has sun, mercury, saturn, Uranus, neptune all in Capricorn. Jupiter and saturn are currently in Capricorn and jupiter will go through Hugh 7th house next year. I feel this will be a big 12 months for Hugh.

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