Dubai fire – ominous portent

There are concerns that the fire on New Year’s Eve in Dubai in a high-rise hotel near the Burj Khalifa (largest skyscraper in the world) may have spread more rapidly because of flammable building materials. If so it will be a headache for the other towering blocks which are the Emirates pride and joy.

The Address Hotel which went up, was opened on 9 September 2009, on the Saturn in Virgo opposition Uranus square Pluto. Saturn had moved by Solar Arc to close the square to Pluto to exact when the fire struck; with Solar Arc Uranus less than a degree away from the exact square on the other side of Pluto. So a critical point for the hotel.

The Marina Torch which went up in flames early in 2015, was opened in May 2011 and had more or less the same with Solar Arc Pluto exactly square Saturn; and Solar Arc Uranus approaching the square to Pluto on the other side.

The Burj Khalifa, opened on 4 January 2010, also has similar in four/five years’ time when Solar Arc Uranus moves to square the BK Pluto and then oppose the BK Saturn. And in three/four years’ time the Solar Arc Saturn will square and Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the BK Sun as well.

Dubai, 8 January 1820 chart, does have Solar Arc Sun conjunct its Mars now which is a shock or collision of sorts. And tr Uranus is set for its final square to the Capricorn Sun from later this month with tr Pluto conjunct the Dubai Sun picking up late February, running till late 2017. So it is facing a very challenging time, perhaps for other reasons, but perhaps symbolised by these scary fires.

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