Donald Trump University – a no brainer

There are lawsuits pending against Donald Trump for his now defunct Trump University (after early complaints renamed hastily as Trump Entrepreneur Initiative). See url:

His Solar Return for June 2015 does have Pluto in the 9th which can be legal wrangles as well making him more opinionated than usual. What might upset his applecart is tr Uranus square his Saturn in Cancer in late May/June and September which will be a considerable jolt for his future plans and his place out in the wider society.

Plus all the success/confidence and over-confidence influences focus around his 2nd house Jupiter with tr Pluto square and Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Jupiter. Pluto Jupiter can certainly bring a tremendous boost but it can prompt individuals to think laws don’t apply to them and backfire badly.

He’s got a fair run of high anxiety/insecure and enfuriating influences which could push him into over-reacting, from early May consistently right through till the election as tr Uranus bounces off several Mars midpoints.

Trump University as it was launched on May 23 2005 has Venus in Gemini opposition Pluto square Mars (conjunct Uranus) – which is seductively persuasive and ruthless. There’s high anxiety on that chart from mid this month onwards; with a major jolt as tr Uranus squares the Saturn in Cancer (exactly same degree as Trump’s) late May into June this year.

Just as a footnote: What Chris Christie was doing supporting Trump is anyone’s guess since they are hardly well matched. CC’s Sun Pluto in Virgo squares Trump’s 10th house Uranus; CC’s Mars in Cancer is conjunct DT’s Mercury; and CC’s Uranus is conjunct DT’s Mars Ascendant. So really at cross purposes. That translates in the relationship chart to an argumentative composite Sun Mars conjunction in an aggravated-dislike square to Saturn

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  1. Seems Trump is really having the legal and party troubles now. Don’t know how he can get away with it if he continues in the race.

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