Swedish mini-Royals – both Sun Neptune in Pisces

Princess Victoria of Sweden has produced her second child, a boy, called Oscar, at 8.28pm on 2 March 2016 in Stockholm. Estelle, her first child, was born 23 Feb 2012 4.26am.

Both children have Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, so dreamers, kind and vague.  Though Oscar has his Sun opposition Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn (Moon) in Sagittarius – so he will have a serious side, be a worrier, not always contented.  Moon Saturn does suggest a working mother and he’ll undoubtedly be closer to his father emotionally.

Oscar also has Pluto in the IC square a 7th house Uranus – so the claustrophobic home life of a Royal may not sit too well with him and he’ll opt for more unconventional partnerships when he matures.  He’ll be quite a party animal with a 5th house Venus in Aquarius and keen to earn money with Mars in Scorpio in his 2nd.


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