Donald Trump – the impossible just got real

It’s certainly an epoch for rank outsiders to sail home as winners. Last July Donald Trump was given a 1% chance of getting the Republican nomination and here we are – the unthinkable has to be thought.

The Daily Beast (admittedly biased) said he acted like a loser after the Indiana win, which cemented him as the GOP nominee, was announced. Even he didn’t expect to win when he set out and the question is – does he actually want it? He liked fighting as the outsider but having to act like a grown-up insider may be less palatable.

May was always the month when it would start to get more edgy and erratic for him. He has tr Uranus square his Mars/Uranus midpoint from May 8th to 28th; and then tr Uranus square his Saturn and Mars/North node from then till June 24th; after which he has tr Uranus square Sun/Mars and Venus/Saturn till early September. Then these influences reverse till late October. All of them are high-tension, irritable, stressful and insecure, prone to outbursts and impulse decisions and comments.

I was wondering on the off chance he won in November whether it would be like JFK who never expected to win and ended up in a panic since he’d been so busy fighting he hadn’t given running a government much thought.  But JFK’s Solar Return for that year has Jupiter in the 10th, generally a success marker.

Trumps’ Solar Return from this June is riddled with strained quincunxes and Yods – with Uranus MC sextile Sun Venus inconjunct a 4th house Mars; and a wide Yod of Mars sextile North Node inconjunct Uranus MC.  Plus Pluto in the 6th house of health. So the pressure will be getting to him.

On the other hand he does have his Solar Arc Sun crossing his Ascendant boosting his profile enormously from now onwards; with tr Pluto square the conjunction of his Solar Arc Pluto to Jupiter right through till the Inauguration and beyond. Plus his Solar Arc Uranus squaring his Midheaven.  So the astrology is clear that his life is changing direction radically no matter what happens.

The fight with Hillary Clinton, presuming she continues to garner votes, will be nasty.  Their relationship chart has an eye-boggling composite Mars conjunct Sun on one side and Pluto on the other with Pluto conjunct Saturn – and that is bitter hostility. With a composite Moon (HC on 8am BT) opposition Saturn Pluto square Jupiter which is bleak chill and a fight for the upper hand.

HC’s Uranus is conjunct his Sun; and her determined Mars Pluto in Leo is conjunct his 12th house Pluto – so it’ll get underhand.

He’ll be an inflammatory runner (already has been) given that his Gemini Sun is conjunct the USA 1776 Mars; his Saturn in Cancer is conjunct the USA Mercury and opposition the USA Pluto so causing gloom and resentment. His Neptune squares the USA Venus Jupiter – promising much but slippery. That added to his Jupiter conjunct the USA Saturn square USA Sun – fills out a picture of a candidate who is selling the hope of making America great again.

The Trump/USA relationship chart has a powerful and controlling composite Sun trine Pluto but sextiling onto Saturn hints at a less than rapturous match. The composite Moon (USA 11am) opposes Mars – so angry women which makes sense given his contemptuous and demeaning comments to date which are only likely to worsen when he faces Hillary as his main rival.

Trump’s adviser has suggested that UK PM David Cameron apologise for calling him ‘divisive, stupid and wrong’ last December. That relationship is, if anything, worse than Hillary’s with Trump. A composite Mars Pluto conjunct Sun all square Saturn – is implacable dislike. There would be a sugar-coating of faux-charm from a composite Venus Mercury Jupiter but it wouldn’t extend very far.

11 thoughts on “Donald Trump – the impossible just got real

  1. Is there anyone else who sees Trump and Sanders as being similar? Both are anti-free trade, both isolationists, both demagogues, both using resentment to sell themselves (Sanders blames it on Wall Street and 1 %-ers, while Trump blames it on the immigrants.) There is much wrong with this country, and that comes out in the dialogue. Some of these issues need to be brought up. Trump seems to attract people who will be empowered by associating with his personal success, while Sanders is empowered by being an old guy who appeals to youth, both very egotistical. Sanders though is more consistent than Trump, who changes so much to suit the situation. It’s very funny that Sanders complains of Koch Bros money without complaining of Soros monetary influence over so much policy. Don’t see how Trump could win. As a reality TV Star, he’s very entertaining.

  2. Chris, I wasn’t saying I thought Trump would win in November. Indeed his Solar Return is quite different from JFK’s when he unexpectedly won. Different personalities obviously. But he’s remaining pretty bullish throughout, up to and over the Inauguration. His outrageous chutzpah has paid off so far though that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t backfire at some point. There’s a good deal of water – and rough stuff at that for Trump – to flow before we get there. What I do know is that if you get too personally invested in a result you usually get the astrology wrong. Standing back and being detached is tricky but crucial astrologically speaking.

  3. “…. If Marjorie Orr is implying Trump is going to win…I have to disagree with her; ”

    I do not feel Marjorie is saying that. There are many possibilities here, only by looking back after the event can you most accurately connect the dots.

    “As for Bernie Sanders, he is causing trouble by not dropping out. We can’t even focus on the general election because he keeps getting in the way”

    I prefer to read about the astrology of the situation.

  4. @Jay

    I’m a minority too (I’m Latino) and I’ve had it with the Trump and the Sanders supporters. I’ve always supported Hillary Clinton but I didn’t have a problem with Bernie Sanders and his supporters in the beginning – not until they started showing their true colors. I’ve noticed that many of Sanders’s supporters have more contempt for Hillary Clinton than they do for Donald Trump. That infuriates me; Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve that kind of disrespect. So, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if many (perhaps even most) of Sanders’s supporters pull the “protest vote” this November because they didn’t get their way. Fortunately, Hillary Clinton has enough support to win the election this fall. She is doing extremely well among us minorities (Thank God) and women.

  5. I am sick to my stomach that we have enough people in this country to vote for Trump as the Republican nominee.

    I am voting for Hillary Clinton, and wish Mr. Sanders would drop-out now. The path ahead is difficult enough, there is too much at stake, and as a minority, I am tired of the angry whites (Trump supporters and Mr. Sanders supporters) making life more difficult for us.

    I hope and pray that Chris’s Mom, the astrologer is right.

  6. Chris,
    Glad to know that the stars–according to your mom–aren’t favoring Trump all the way. As for Sanders, I stand by what I said in my earlier post. He’s absolutely right when he says Hillary has been compromised by her Wall Street ties. Raking in millions for her speeches….I mean, puleeze. That left a very bad taste in my mouth and that is precisely why I switched my primary vote to Sanders. In the end, I think most Bernie supporters will jump on the Hillary bandwagon, terrified of a Trump presidency. I know I will.

  7. @ Julie,

    The stars do not favor Donald Trump all the way. My mother is an astrologer (she’s been studying astrology for over 40 plus years) and I can assure you Trump doesn’t have all of the best aspects for him to be the next president. My mother and I also do Tarot and numerology. Still, Trump falls flat. If Marjorie Orr is implying Trump is going to win…I have to disagree with her; perhaps she’s not looking at progressions. Perhaps she’s interpreting things differently. As for Bernie Sanders, he is causing trouble by not dropping out. We can’t even focus on the general election because he keeps getting in the way. I wish he would dropout, endorse Hillary Clinton and encourage his supporters to support her too (I doubt many of them will based on the behavior I’ve seen from many of them). Fortunately, Hillary Clinton is now starting to attract many traditional Republicans who are angry and embarrassed about Trump being their party’s nominee. I went to my Twitter account the other day and I read an entire conversation between a large group of former Marco Rubio supporters. They were all saying they were supporting Clinton now. So, that will help Hillary Clinton a lot. As for the most fanatical supporters of Bernie Sanders (many of whom are White Independents), I’m sure many of them will write Bernie Sanders’s name in on the ballot, vote for Jill Stein or simply not vote at all. Frankly, I don’t care what they do. Hillary Clinton has already won the traditional Democrat vote (I’m a traditional Democrat) and she’s attracting supporters from other sides.

  8. I’m a Bernie supporter, but I’ll vote for Hillary come November. Sen. Sanders is not a trouble maker. He is conveying a very legitimate and important message, and I’m hoping that he will have a major influence on the content of the Democratic platform. As for Trump…..oh my God, I can’t even begin to fathom…… He would be such a huge embarrassment for the U.S. Alas, the stars appear to be in his favor all the way. OH MY GOD.

  9. It’s horrible; I can’t believe this is happening. Fortunately, Hillary Clinton will be my Democratic Party’s nominee and she is the ONLY candidate who will be able to beat Donald Trump. Hillary only needs 163 more delegates to be the nominee; she’ll get them…she doesn’t even have to win any more primaries or caucuses to get them either. Now, if we can only get that little trouble maker – Bernie Sanders to dropout, things will go more smoothly. Maybe Hillary Clinton should just quietly offer Bernie Sanders some position in her Cabinet…just to get him out of her hair (and ours). I know he’d take it.

  10. I’m shaking my head. Unexplanable why Americans want this type of person. My artist friend is quietly making overtures to friends in the UK about sponsoring her. But, what to do with her cats?

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