Donald Trump – speaking the unspeakable

Donald Trump continues to trumpet off tune and continues to rise in the polls (whatever they are worth since they’ve been continually wrong everywhere over the recent past). Even the Republican Party is wincing about his ban-all-Muslims from entering USA speech.

He doesn’t have a particularly horrific chart but does have a loudmouth Mars in Leo conjunct his Leo Ascendant so he undoubtedly likes the sound of his own angry foghorn. His Sagittarius Moon is outspoken and his Gemini Sun Uranus will enjoy being provocative. Maybe he’s just found a productive furrow and will continue to plough it while he’s getting support.

Given the uncertainty of a world still shaken by the financial crisis, rising gun crime and the chaos of the Middle East, he’s giving voice to a section of the population unnerved by the inability of out-of-touch political leadership (not just the USA) to do anything sensible about myriad problems and their inability to speak honestly.

Born 14 June 1946 10.54am New York (ADB), he does have a left hand chart so he’s not good at understanding the ‘other’ point of view with the exception of his family.

His chart does clash with the USA’s since his Sun Uranus are conjunct the USA Mars and his Mars opposes the USA’s Aquarius Moon so he was always going to be a stirrer of difficult issues, drawing ire towards him but also exposing underlying aggravations.

His relationship chart with the USA suggests an emotionally intense, toxic-debate mood running right through 2016. And with tr Pluto in a pushy square to his Jupiter from early 2016 on for two year he’s not going to suddenly get humble or sensible. He’s going to notch up the volume by several scales. He may trip himself up through over-confidence but with his Solar Arc Pluto conjunction his Jupiter, which is hugely successful, over the election and inauguration, I would wonder.

His relationship chart with the GOP looks bad tempered this January and panicked from June onwards. The Republican 6 July 1854 chart equally looks confused and mentally off balance through 2016.

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