Donald Trump Jnr – the apple doesn’t fall far



Donald Trump Jnr now says he did meet with a Russian lawyer, closely associated with the Kremlin, who had promised compromising material on Hillary Clinton, which flies in the face of a stream of earlier denials from himself and others in the Trump campaign. Media and political circles are in a furore though how much it will impact on Trump’s fan base is questionable.

Trump Jnr was born 31 Dec 1977 in New York, was regarded as a loose cannon through his father’s campaign and beyond with highly questionable tweets about refugees and gas chambers. He criticized the London Mayor after the Grenfell Tower fire; applauded the man who promoted the false Pizzagate conspiracy; and some years back was slammed for an African hunting trip after photographs appeared of him holding a dead leopard and beside a slaughtered elephant. He appears to be far right in politics; and has continued, according to insiders, to have a strong sense of entitlement.

He’s an ambitious Sun Venus in Capricorn, with his Sun square Pluto, so under a controlling father, which will breed contempt in his attitudes to others; with his Sun quincunx Mars in Leo which in turn squares onto Uranus – so he will have problems with impulsivity and anger.

His Sun Venus fall in his father’s 5th house – so a good father-child bond; though his Pluto is conjunct senior’s Jupiter, so they probably egg each other on unwisely into overly ambitious schemes. And his Mars is conjunct senior’s Pluto which does suggest some aggravation. Junior’s Saturn is conjunct senior’s Ascendant and Mars, so again a friction point which could impact on senior’s image.

Their relationship chart is by no means without problems with a cruel or unfair composite Mars Saturn, suggesting one side of the relationship discounts the other’s needs which will breed resentment. Saturn Mars squares Neptune, so there will be doubts and suspicions between them; and an overly confident composite Mars Jupiter, again suggesting they’ll tempt each other to go sailing into unwise ventures together.

Junior does have some Neptunian sinkers through the rest of this years; but is also suspiciously gung ho till late 2018. So it’ll be water off a duck’s back.

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jnr – the apple doesn’t fall far

  1. When Mars is conjunct Pluto in a relationship, as in this case, who usually has the upper hand? Or is it forever a fight for control?

  2. I think things may get quite a bit more hairy for Jr. sooner than later. I wonder if the current NN in Leo (Dharma) sitting on top of Jr.’s Mars points to a future reckoning that both he and his father (Mars/Asc. in Leo) will face.

    • Certainly the Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees conjunct Mars at 11 Leo will rattle up his Mars – and this could be the start of it. Not sure stupidity is a defence when it comes to what some are called treasonable activity.

  3. Senior and Junior could stage an orgy in the Rose Garden and the Trump base would think it charming.(“So glad our president is enjoying himself.”)

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