Donald Trump Jnr – can he remember what he said?




Donald Trump Jnr, apparently not the sharpest tool in the box, has been subpoena-ed by the Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee to appear for additional closed-door testimony as part of their Russia probe. Mueller decided he didn’t have the wit to be part of a conspiracy with Russia; but Democrats have been saying they believe he lied under oath at his last committee hearing in 2017 which would be a crime. Though its not clear whether his lawyers will allow him to testify.

Born 31 December 1977 5.20 pm (memory) West Palm Beach, Florida, he’s a very Jupiterian Capricorn with his Venus – and widely Sun as well as Mercury in Sagittarius all opposition Jupiter in slippery Gemini on his Ascendant. Plus his Mercury is conjunct Neptune which has a tendency to evasiveness.  With his Pluto in the grandstanding 5th house as well as wayward Uranus which is conjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint, so he demands attention and likes freedom in relationships. Not a settled marriage prospect.

He looks panicked and uncertain exactly now (early April to 20 May) with tr Pluto square his Saturn/Neptune midpoint – Ebertin describes this as depression or torment.  That influence returns early 2020 and off and on till late year. He is getting jolted as crises blow up in this June, and that again repeats this fall and into 2020.  Tr Pluto is now moving through his 8th house  for a decade plus ahead which can be very stuck and trapped especially financially; tr Saturn won’t improve matters as it now starts to follow suit through his 8th until early 2022. Even without the financial effect, it always feels dark and heavy have outer planets moving through the 8th.  2020/2021 look scary, high-risk, extremely stressful and blocked with tr Pluto square his Sun/Mars midpoint and opposing his Progressed Mars.  2020 from mid year also has the high-insecurity, shocking tr Uranus square his Mars and that runs into 2021.

If his birth time is sound then this July till September looks more than edgy with his father as tr Uranus opposes their composite Moon, repeating in 2020; with worse to follow in 20221/22 as tr Uranus squares the composite Saturn and opposes Neptune.

Junior’s relationship with Jared Kushner looks on a straight downhill slide in 2020 from April onwards; and that’s a point where Jared himself looks mighty jangled as tr Uranus square his Mars.



4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jnr – can he remember what he said?

  1. Both Don Jr. and Eric shoot African wild animals and gleefully pose for photos with their dead prey, smiling from ear to ear–as if they’ve accomplished something heroic. Sick.

    • I’ve read of female nature “sportists” who gleefully kill trout and small furry creatures with a massive compound bow. So we can’t exclusively say it’s a masculine thing. Mister President throws his colleagues under the buses, endorses separation of foreign children from their parents at the US border…afterwards, the children are “misplaced”.

  2. Is Junior the one who shoots beautiful African wild animals and cuts off the tails of slaughtered elephants, or is that Eric?

    Ghastly family.

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