Donald Trump – in a cage of his own making * plus Khan


Trump now has his Progressed Moon moving into his 12th for two years and a confidant described him as a lost man: “He now lives within himself, which is a dangerous place for Donald Trump to be. I see him emotionally withdrawing. He’s gained weight. He doesn’t have anybody whom he trusts.” Which is fairly much a perfect description of that influence.

His ‘grown-up’ ministers spend their time patching up his wild statements, often contradicting what he’s said, for example on NATO, and wincing when he makes legal woes over his travel ban worse by giving hostages to fortune in inflammatory tweets about the recent London attack. And he’s now lashing out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not getting him what he wants.

His relationship with HR McMaster, who dented his previously stellar reputation by defending Trump’s over intelligence sharing with Russia, looks completely frustrated and aggravated at the moment with his boss, with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars from early June through till mid July, and returning on an off till late 2018.

Jeff Sessions, Steve Mnuchin (Treasury Secy), Don McGahn (WH counsel) and Kellyanne Conway all have separating Saturn transits to their Trump relationship charts through till late 2017. As do the military chiefs – Mattis, Dunford, Kelly.

Even die-hard supporters like Stephen Miller and Gary Cohn look unnerved and jolted by strong tr Uranus hard aspects to their composite Suns.

Where problems may escalate is mid July to early September this year with tr Pluto square Trump’s Jupiter, which is likely to send him into an over forceful, might-makes-right push. And that returns in November. VP Mike Pence, Gary Cohn and Chief of Staff Dunford, look especially alarmed and confused in their interactions with him then.

Conflict and interpersonal difficulties are to be expected in the hothouse of the White House. But this one seems to beat all previous records.

Add on: Trump’s extraordinary twitter attack on Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor, is turning into a toxic ping pong match with Khan now saying he shouldn’t be invited to the UK.

Khan, born 8 October 1970, is a Sun Uranus in Libra; with a fearsomely determined Saturn in Taurus trine Mars Pluto in Virgo, and opposition Venus Neptune in Scorpio. Khan’s Saturn is conjunct Trump’s MC, so he could teach him to be more sensible and better organised but here Saturn’s critical, put-down side appears to be taking precedence. Plus Khan’s Mars Pluto squares Trump’s Sun and Moon; and Khan’s Neptune squares Trump’s Mars Ascendant – the first is bitterly hostile and the second not mutually supportive. Their relationship chart has similar patterns with a composite outright-dislike on both sides Pluto Mars conjunction bringing a determined and destructive power struggle ; with a differing-agendas composite Sun Uranus. And a chilly composite Venus square Saturn which is getting the deep freeze treatment this year from tr Saturn hard aspects.

The State visit won’t be Khan’s decision but with feelings running high I can’t imagine even the lure of HMQ and a gilded carriage ride down the Mall would be too attractive to Trump, given the reception he’s likely to get. Rex Tillerson got the bird pretty constantly on a recent visit to NZ and he’s not the kingpin.

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  1. The imagery of the Queen giving Crazy Don the cold shoulder (and perhaps sicking one of her corgis on him) is just too delicious. One can only fantasize. Thank you for your Khan/Trump insights, Marjorie.

  2. If Trump wanted ” help the British people” he could start by not selling weapons to the Saudis, the major benefactors, sponsors and enablers of IS in the world! This applies also to the grim, immoral tossers we have had running the UK since the days of T Blair up to and including T May…

      • Completely agree with you both. I know there is a strong side to America that loves to build itself up as the saviour of the day, like some Marvel Comic Superhero (It’s not my intention to be offensive my American cousins 🙂 ), but, here is NO hero to save us from the problem when all along it has been these very politicians, of all sides, in all countries, past and present, that have helped to breed this problem to such a magnitude.

        We are in desperate need of a new political paradigm. Trump, May, Merkel, Putin, the Middle East leaders, etc, and all those before them, are not the lights in the dark that we all desperately need right now. The best we can do is wake up to that fact. The next move is to decide where to go from here as a collective. I personally don’t have a clue but, I wish I did.

    • Interesting news today, according to the Brookings Institute, that there isn’t an arms deal in place. There are many expressions of interest, and most of the original discussions took place during the Obama presidency, but were either dropped or put on hold. So Trump is once again talking out of his hat to play to his base.

  3. Trumps departure from office is craved by, I suspect , the great majority of the worlds population, not just Americans. A small coterie of corrupt businessmen and feudal, backward royalty aside, who actually wants him? He is rightly seen by most as a dishonest, narcissistic cretin and manifestly unfit for high office. Maybe the end will begin when the large numbers of corn fed, dim wad voters that believed his pre election lies wake up and realise they have been had. His cabinet is filled with dodgy billionaires, trough-like nepotism and Strangelove generals, like an orange Idi Amin, but without the charm…what a cock….

    • He is incompetent. Its bad for everyone, for us Americans, the GOP, the world and also for Trump himself as he is now so exposed.

      It’s not a Republican vs Democrat thing, Trump’s never been much of republican. It’s simply that this individual is not capable. We need someone else in the seat, whatever party, just somebody with the knowledge and ability to do the job properly.

  4. Hi Marjorie, Do you see any windows of time where his presidency might end? I think one complicating factor is that he appears to hate the job. What looks like a public defeat—resignation or even impeachment—could look to him like a stroke of luck or victory.

    • of course he hates the job. he figured it would be easy-peasy to bully everyone about. he cannot work as a team – he IS the team. but #notmypresident.

  5. He’s clearly sub par mentally. His inability to comprehend elementary information cannot be explained away for another 3 1/2 years. Something needs to be done.

    • Stop trolling this site, Jessica. This man’s abnormal behaviour is on show whenever he speaks. You are not fine and the world is justifiably worried.

      • Agreed. I do not believe it is fine to have a leader who behaves more like a middle school bully than a statesman. His attitude has shown he is either unable or unwilling to have the decorum necessary as a world leader. I understand that there was a segment of the US population that wanted the antithesis of Obama, and we definitely have that. Can you imagine our prior president tweeting insults to the leader of a major world city in the aftermath of trauma? How would the US have reacted had one of the leaders of another major country had posted some insult on social media in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks? It is not only unprofessional but downright pedantic and embarrassing as well.

        Being the leader of a civilization is quite different than being the leader of a business deal.

        • Trump is trying to help the British people. He doesn’t want to see any more terror attacks kill people. You have had 3 attacks this year. But you attack him. Insanity.

          • ‘Trump doesn’t want to see any more terror attacks kill people’ Jessica says, yet he signs a multi-billion dollar arms deal, which I would say, probably just angered relations between average Western folks and angry jihadists and normal every day Arabs even further, and making us even more vulnerable, not that I condone one damn bit what these terrorists are doing. But, we have to ask deeply why they are attacking certain countries and are the likes of Trump, Blair, Clinton, etc a fundamental part of the problem?

            I’ve often wondered if there was a connection between the USA, UK, Europe, and Russia’s interference in the Middle East, as we happily bomb away innocent people and obliterate their landscapes forcing them to find refuge in other countries to many people’s dislike, being the cause to why these twisted individuals attack us. I don’t think it’s just down to ‘our way of life that they are threatened by.’ Correct me if I’m wrong, but why are these Muslim extremists not targeting Latin America, Canada, China, India, Australia, New Zealand etc, at the rate they are attacking the rest of us in the West? Could it be there is indeed a connection by our useless Heads of State sticking their greedy little fingers in the oil and arms industries in the Middle East?

            Recently, I’ve heard the question starting to be asked of some politicians, and the vast majority are point blank refusing to even acknowledge that there might be a connection, which I think is shockingly naive at best and dangerously arrogant at worst. Knowing this, there is no way in hell, Trump and his ilk and the vast majority of politicians in the Western world, past and present, are doing their best to make sure we are not exposed and vulnerable from future attacks, when I would hazard a pretty clear guess, it’s their kind that are a fundamental part of a very dangerous problem. But, it’s okay for them, they have money and connections. It’s a problem that won’t ever affect them.

        • Jessica, You never replied to the question about your use of ‘liberal’. Did you really mean it to apply to Jeremy Christian?

          • Don’t hold your breath, Marjorie. It was a very peculiar statement for her to make, which insinuated only ‘liberals’ strike out and do malicious, violent, disgusting things to humankind. When in fact, those who are fairly well adjusted, would know, BOTH sides when taken to extremes, are as bad as each other.

            I dare say, when she wrote, ‘you Brits have way more problems with your “leaders”, would indicate, she had actually read the replies on the Jeremy Christian post, because it covers much of what I was writing.

    • I’m an American and we’re not fine with Trump. So please don’t speak for all 320million of us (especially since he lost the vote by 3million). ‘kay – thnx – bye.

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