Don and Vlad – at loggerheads


Are Trump and Putin about to fall out of the bro-romance? It’s an intriguing notion floated by Haaretz which points to Trump’s reversal of the bring-troops-home-from-Syria order to leave some USA soldiers to guard the oil fields. Russia regards the oil as war booty and was furious, accusing the U.S. of illegal activity – stealing $30-40 million a month, money that rightfully belongs to the Syrian regime. Trump says he’s considering signing a deal with ExxonMobil to run the oilfields with one practical outcome being it could finance continued aid to the Kurds, without affecting U.S. coffers. According to Syrian websites, Russia had been awarded most of the franchises for producing oil by Assad with Iran getting little of substance.

Trump double-crossing and stealing from his best buddy. Who’d have thought?

Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Pluto conjunction which suggests a controlling connection that is significant for both. But once the purpose of the coming together has been fulfilled the parting of the ways with Plutonic relationships is usually long drawn out and bitter. And the synastry is very challenging with Putin’s super-control-freak Pluto conjunct Trump’s Mars and Ascendant; and Putin’s Mars in Sagittarius conjunct Trump’s Moon opposition Sun.

There will be a disappointing dip in the mood between them mid this November to mid December; with this December Capricorn Solar Eclipse opposing the composite Uranus – and next June’s Cancer Solar Eclipse conjunct the Uranus – so there will be a major turnaround in relations. There’s also muddles and mayhem at the moment till mid November – and aggravation from late January 2020 onwards. With other Neptunian swamps lying in wait through 2020.

It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that it could pull apart to the extent that there’s payback from the Russian side. And wouldn’t that be interesting?


4 thoughts on “Don and Vlad – at loggerheads

  1. What’s interesting is that this comes from Haaretz. We can, the very least, say Israel starts to feel edgy due to Trump’s erratic behavior.

  2. Well IF this is the case….Ohhh the Pentagon!….Don’t get angry(that he’s pulling troops out and abandoning the Kurds), get strategic.
    If one were to observe a live MRI scan of Trump’s brain under normal circumstances it would probably show activity akin to a 6 year old with A.D.H.D. But mention financial opportunity to him and watch that activity light up like a Christmas tree. All the Intel briefings had to say was the oil is at risk, then watch Trump flip like a light switch(fixated on Middle East oil since the last Irag war).
    “Putin who?”

  3. A fascinating set of possibilities here! Neptune oil, gas, poisons and scandals…..we will have to wait and see how that manifests. We have no way of guessing what kind of Kompromat exists, if any. But almost impossible to believe there isn’t any at all.

    • Also Neptunian: nukes. Since the US has accused (right or wrong) Putin of violating the old Cold War nuclear agreement, and with Donny Drompf withdrawing from the pact (out of Trumpian spite or a fit of breath-holding) this could be one-upmanship with Putin making a test demonstration of his impossible-to-track hypersonic cruise missles.

      Just one nuke can ruin your whole day.

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